How to Write Kick-Ass, Engaging and Catchy Blog Titles

What would you say if a fellow writer were to ask you how to get a write-up on the first page of search engine results? You’d probably recommend error-free writing and catchy titles for maximum clicks. You’re right; framing engaging and catchy blog titles is an important segment of immaculate writing. Their uniqueness is what compels readers to click on your article, read, and ultimately share it.

When your work gets shared on social media websites and search engines, it’s the title that readers see first, not the content.

Attention-grabbing blog titles intrigue the readers and push them to dig deeper. The reasons behind this phenomenon are quite simple. They’re compelled to do so because:

  • They’re looking for content they can relate to. In other words, they’re in search of information that can be used to one’s personal interest, or advantage.
  • They’re searching for answers to questions and mysteries. Your readers are humans after all, so you can expect them to be inquisitive about anything and everything.
  • There are so many things happening around the world, every minute, and every second. So, it’s natural for them to tune in and stay updated.

Whatever be their reason, your responsibility as a writer is to fabricate the best blog titles for gripping blog topics. Here’s how you ensure that you get it done.

Blog Writing Done Right: Here’s What You Will Learn About Forging Catchy Blog Titles For Articles

  • Blog title ideas and how to nail them
  • Blog titles generators: Are they worth a shot for catchy titles?

Here’s How You Frame Kick-Ass, Catchy, And Engaging Blog Titles 

Title Ideas That Walk The Walk

You can come up with good blog titles that ensnare readers’ focus, but if the rest of the article doesn’t deliver what the title promises, it’s no good.

For instance, a title such as: “Dominate The Skies In A Jiffy With This Flying Manual For Beginners” is great for would-be pilots.

You’ll even mention the best flying school there is for novice fliers. But the truth is, flying is a skill that can’t be learnt in a jiffy. Articles that fiddle with readers’ expectations are sure to attract negative reviews that tarnish writing credibility.

Instead of framing over-the-top titles, opt for those that are in line with the text. So, if you really feel that flying can be learnt with ease, you can go for a title that reads something like “Flying 101: Proven Methods To Acquiring A Pilot’s License In X Days”, the “x” denotes a number.

Notice how the title sounds more realistic and promising than its previous version. Blog titles framed in this manner won’t disappoint your readers, and are also cohesive with the rest of the article.

Topic vs Working Titles

Before you start writing, you’ll know what you’ll be writing about. Your work can be based on anything. This is what you would call a topic. Basically, it’s a word, or a combination of words, or a sentence.

It gives you a basic idea of what you’ll be writing about. However, you should note here that a topic gives you the freedom to deviate—a bit—from the central idea. This results in a number of blog titles you can write about.

For instance, take “English grammar” and “Writing”. You can choose either topic and write separately, or combine the two.

On the other hand, working titles focus on a specific subject, resulting in a blog post that revolves around a central theme. To make this clear, you can frame working titles for “English grammar” in the following manner:

“Ten English Grammar Mistakes To Avoid At All Times.”

“Learn English The Right Way With These English Grammar Lessons.”

See how these titles vary. The first one’s a rule-book for avoiding grammar mistakes while the second’s a grammar lesson for beginners who want to learn English.

You’ve Almost Got It; Now Go Have Fun

How to Write Kick-Ass Engaging and Catchy Blog Titles

When it comes to blog titles, ideas that might seem unconventional to some writers shouldn’t be kept aside for review.

If good blog titles or catchy titles for maximum clicks is your objective, make a list of catchy titles (however funky they might sound) and fit them in your article, one by one.

But as you do that, keep your audience in mind at all times. You’ll have to judge if the titles you’re fabricating resonates with your readers’ thoughts. If you keep your blog post visually attractive and interesting, readers will flock to your article like ants to sugar.

Here are a few ways you can play around with the titles:

  • Don’t shy away from using strong words in your titles. Words, such as “scary”, “embarrassing”, “frightening”, “warning”, and the like should be placed to make a bold statement. However, you should moderate their frequency of usage—preferably low or average. You can check out a list of power words that’ll make your write-ups stand out.
  • There are some words that internet users use a lot. For example, video and photo. If you can frame titles using these keywords, the possibility of your blog post showing up at the top with the best increases.
  • Alliterations make title framing easy, and fun to read. They’re simply a repetition of same-sounding words. For instance, “Buyers Beware”, “Everything, Everywhere” are some alliterative samples that exude quirkiness and are fun to pronounce and remember.
  • Your blog titles should also end up as questions. What this does is that it draws the reader and makes entire affair appear conversational

Catchy Titles Generator: A Blogger’s Bestie?

Now, this is debatable. Should you let online blog titles generator handle title-framing, or do it yourself?

Well, it depends. You shouldn’t only worry if your readers will love your article, and click on it or not. There’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that needs to be taken into consideration as well because it’s going to help your blog posts get better ranks on the Google search index.

With plenty of bloggers online writing about a similar topic time and again, you’ll have to bring your A-Game. You can take a look at catchy titles examples, pick a few from the list, and create your titles. Alternatively, you can employ online title generators and let them work their magic.

To Conclude

That’s just about it when it comes to framing titles for your blog posts. Always remember to keep your readers in mind whenever you start writing a post—keep them hooked and don’t give them any chance to complain.

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