Top 15 Most Evil And Worst People The World Ever Saw

There are several evil people around the world, who have been responsible for some of the most terrible genocides, wars and killings. Here is a list containing the worst person the world has ever seen. These are people who have committed crime on an unfathomable level, wreaking havoc on the people around them.

Human beings can easily turn from a saint into a scary person. These are the people who inflict pain on others and are actually monsters in the shape of humans. They terrorize and torture others for their sadistic pleasure. We hear of so many such people even on a daily basis. Here is a list of some of the famous historical villains.

15 Evilest and Worst People the World Has Ever Seen

#1. Dreadful Historical Villain Adolf Hitler – Germany

Adolf Hitler - wicked and evilest person in the world(Source:

There is absolutely no need to explain who this sociopath was. Due to the war that Adolf Hitler caused, 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust and more than 70 million died due to the world war. He was one of the most cruel people that lived on this earth.

  • The leader of Nazi Germany is easily one of the vilest and nastiest of men in history.
  • He was indicted for several war crimes.
  • Adolf Hitler is infamous for his extermination or concentration camps, committing mass genocide. People were starved, gassed, raped and beat mercilessly with their bodies being cremated in huge ovens.
  • He was a supporter of eugenics and felt that anyone who did not have German or perfect genes did not deserve to live. Adolf Hitler can be called as one of the worst persons to ever live on this planet and the worst dictator of all time.

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#2. Vlad the Impaler – Romania

Vlad the Impaler - evil people around the world(Photo: Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons)

Vlad was the prince of Wallachia (now the southern part of Romania), living during the Ottoman empire expansion in Europe. He is one of the vilest creatures of history, being a bad and bloodthirsty tyrant with a frenzied lust for blood.

  • He was also known as Vlad Dracula, being a sadistic and dreadful madman.
  • He was given the title of Tepes, meaning the Impaler.
  • He used to impale enemies through their torso using large staked and then erected the stakes in the ground. It would be done either vertically or horizontally, with thousands being impaled simultaneously. They would then die in agony.
  • Once, Vlad even impaled 20000 people in a single day, easily the wickedest thing to do.
  • Once he nailed some Ottomans’ turbans to their heads, when they did not remove it in his presence.

 #3. Joseph Stalin – USSR

Joseph Stalin - worst person the world has ever seen


Joseph Stalin was the ruthless and fearsome dictator of USSR, murdering millions of people during his reign.

  • He unlawfully conducted the Great Purge, when millions were sent into forced labor or kidnapped and executed. He purged the Communist Party by killing his own generals, commanders and admirals!
  • His prison camps are infamous. Prisoners would be thrown into boxes that were infested with bugs and the parasites would drink their blood
  • Joseph Stalin had all the wrong views, disregarded life, claiming that Death is the solution for all problems, no man, no problems!

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#4. Albert Fish – America

The Boogeyman was a serial killer and a cannibal. Albert Fish used to kill and torture children. He was finally executed using the electric chair.

  • He was a frightful and deranged person and would choose mentally handicapped people or African Americans.
  • Albert Fish was a psychotic justifying that God told him to commit the crimes.
  • One of his most gruesome crimes was Grace Budd.

#5. Saddam Hussein – Iraq

Saddam Hussein - evilest leaders in history (Picture:

One of the world’s evilest dictators responsible for mass massacres and sentencing many to death. Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq and an alarming, tyrannical despot and one of the wicked president in the world.

  • The US suspected that this sinful man connected with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. He was captured, found guilty and was sentenced to death by hanging.
  • He used poison gas to kill several of his countrymen, being one of the evilest leaders in history.
  • Once he punished an entire town with 1500 people, including children being taken to prison and tortured. He destroyed the Dujail town.
  • Saddam Hussein is also known for many other crimes, the Anfal campaign, using chemical weapons against the Kurds, invading Kuwait, lighting up oil wells and releasing oil barrels into water sources, amongst others.

#6. Jack the Ripper Serial Killer – Great Britain

Jack the Ripper Serial Killer Great Britain(Image:

Jack the Ripper is well known as the killer of Whitechapel prostitutes of London in 1888, with hundreds of documentaries and books written about him. This criminal is history’s most notorious serial killer.

  • He is known for 5 murders or the canonical 5.
  • He was also given the name of Leather Apron by the media.
  • The name Jack the Ripper was given by himself in a letter beginning with the words, Dear Boss, and written in a blood red ink, promising several more murders to come.
  • The police never found his identity but there were many suspects of this urban serial killer.

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#7. Idi Amin – Uganda

Idi Amin - Uganda - worst dictator of all time(Source:

Idi Amin was the evil President of Uganda ruling ruthlessly for 8 years, killing around 300,000 civilians.

  • He was responsible for the economic decline of Uganda.
  • He conducted mass executions of Christians in Acholi and Lango, also killing anyone opposing his regime.
  • Idi Amin finally fled in 1979, when his reign of terror came to an end. He lived comfortably in Saudi Arabia, never being punished for his evil crimes and died of multiple organ failures in the year 2003.

#8. Ivan the Terrible – Russia

Ivan the Terrible - Russia - famous historical villains


Ivan IV, an autocrat, ruled as the Tsar of Russia in 1547.

  • He was mentally unstable, suffering from depression as well as paranoia and committing extreme acts of violence.
  • He once ordered Nikita Funikov, his treasurer, to be boiled in a cauldron and he hung Viskovaty and started hacking his body pieces slowly.
  • Ivan IV used to drink, rape women and throw their bodies to bears. He also robbed and beat up farmers and was involved in murders, massacres and burning of Novgorod and Pskov.
  • He used to carry an iron pointed stick for beating bludgeoning people, drowned beggars in a lake, amongst other atrocities.
  • Ivan IV finally turned into a paranoid psychotic and started ordering wholesale executions.

#9. Gilles De Rais – France

Gilles De Rais - France - Worst People the World Ever Saw(Image:

Gilles De Rais was the first serial killer known to history. He was a French nobleman who turned into a mad murderer.

  • He killed many innocent children.
  • He was interested in Satanism and magic, which influenced him to commit the heinous crimes.
  • His cleric asked him to offer body parts of children for summoning demons. He thus started killing and mutilating small boys and offering them to Barron the demon, to gain power and money, in the year 1432.
  • Gilles De Rais would pamper and dress his victims in beautiful clothes, feed them meals and wine, perform illicit, sexual acts with them and then brutally murder them by slashing the throat or beheading them.

#10. Elizabeth Bathory – A Cannibalist – Hungary

Elizabeth Bathory - A Cannibalist - Hungary(Photo:

She is the most infamous female serial killer of all times. A Hungarian noblewoman, you can call her the female counterpart of Vlad the Impaler. Elizabeth Bathory was also called The Blood Countess said to have killed more than 650 young girls!

  • It is said that she used to ask her henchmen to pick up virgins in the nearby villages and bathe in their blood, believing that this would keep her young.
  • There have been many witnesses claiming that they saw her torturing and killing the young virgins.
  • After the trial, Elizabeth Bathory was bricked up in her castle and food used to be delivered to her through a slit. She died after four years of confinement.

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#11. Osama Bin Laden – Afghanistan

Osama Bin Laden - worst person to ever live on this planet


Osama Bin Laden was the son of a billionaire magnate, but embraced Islam radicalism, became the leader of Al Qaeda and organized attacks against the US and its friends all over the world.

  • Well known for the 9/11 attacks, one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in history. He orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings of New York as well as the Pentagon in Virginia, claiming more than 2000 lives.
  • He was finally killed in 2011, hiding in a Pakistani safehouse.
  • He was on the FBIs list for most wanted person for more than ten years.
  • Osama Bin Laden believed that all Muslims must enter a holy war for creating one single Islamic state and he started the group Al Qaeda to commit acts of terrorism.

#12. Nero – Rome

Nero - Rome - Worst People the World Ever Saw(Image:

Nero was a sadistic and twisted Roman Emperor, famed for fiddling when Rome was burning to the ground during the fire of 64 AD.

  • He threw Christians to dogs; nailed them to the cross; dipped them in oil and set fire to them, using them to light up his garden at night.
  • Nero had peculiar and violent sexual habits. He would tie up the naked bodies of girls and boys, wear the hide of a beast and then satisfy his lust by devouring their body parts.
  • He was finally stabbed by his secretary.

#13. Timur – Tyrant Tamerlane – Modern Uzbekistan

Timur - Tyrant Tamerlane - Worst People the World Ever Saw

Timur was one of the most dangerous humans that walked this earth. He was a Turk Mongol warlord and extremely cruel.

  • He had a strong army for capturing Islamic cities, killing for loot, glory and inflicting pain.
  • Timur was a psychopath who ordered the mass killing of people in Isfahan, Persia, and gave his soldiers a quota for the number of decapitated heads that they had to mandatorily produce. There were 28 towers of skulls, each having 1500 skulls in the city.
  • In another instance, Timur ordered his army to ride over children below 7 years (about 7000) and even rode himself and trampled them.

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#14. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini – Iran

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - Iran - wicked president in the world

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini headed the Islamic government in 1981 and is known for the horrors he inflicted on the Iranians during his long reign of terror. Ayatollah means a major religious leader. He was one of the supreme religious leaders in Iran’s Shiite community.

  • Under his rule, the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested and executed thousands of Iranian citizens, having opposing religious or political affiliations.
  • Some of the shocking practices were raping a woman before her execution, as the Sharia law does not allow virgin females to be executed.
  • Young children were hanged to death from cranes, six of them together. More than 30,000 prisoners were executed in 1988.

#15. Talat Pasha – Ottoman Empire

Mehmed talat pasha - Evilest and Worst People the World Has Ever Seen(Photo:

  • Talat Pasha, the Grand Vizier to the Sultan from 1917 to 1918, gave an order to eliminate the entire Armenian race. Under his orders, the race was whipped and tortured and put to death in concentration camps. They were made to march naked, loaded with supplies and killed.
  • He thus exterminated the whole Armenian population, forced them to rape their family members, killed them using bayonets, hammers and scythes, cut off their sexual organs, burned, drowned and crucified them and beat many others to death.
  • Talat Pasha was killed by an Armenian assassin in 1921, one of the survivors.

Last Word

We all need to take a moment and realize that all these were real men committing horrifying acts of murder, evil and corruption. It is not a figment of the imagination or a horror movie story, but true events that took the lives of so many innocent people.

Apart from these historical dangerous characters, there are also several other men living today who can be called the deadliest man alive. Every one of us also has a different opinion on the worst person in the world right now. They are in the form of a sociopath religious leader, an insane politician, a dictator, a psychopathic serial killer or a corrupt leader. They are human scum who have executed people, incited genocide and even practiced cannibalism. The list of such vile villains and scumbags is a never ending one, because history repeats itself!

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