Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in the World (2021)

Strategically, it will be ideal to associate with one of the largest and the best insurance companies recognized worldwide.

It is imperative to identify the right insurance company that can cater to your specific requirements. For this a little research may be necessary to understand the finer points of the different insurances they offer.

Nowadays, the times are uncertain with all kinds of risks lurking around the corner. They generally come unexpectedly and can create a huge financial burden.  They may manifest themselves in the form of ill – health, accidents, loss on account of property issues and theft etc.

In order to reduce these risks it is best to be associated with the best in the insurance business:

Ten Best Insurance Companies Around the World

Here is an updated list of the top 10 insurance companies in the world in 2021 that one can consider:

  1. AXA





Going by statistics alone, AXA is the single largest insuring company. Its network spreads across 70 countries, although it is a conglomerate of different insurance companies that joined hands about 200 years ago.

It operates out of Paris with branch offices in countries where they have a presence. Forbes Magazine reported that AXA’s combined insurance revenues crossed 125 billion Euros recently. Forbes is an international media company and considered to be an authority in the genuineness of its reported content.


Japan Post Insurance




The Japan Post Insurance is a subsidiary of the Japan Post Holding Co., Ltd. being completely government owned and it takes advantage of its post offices network throughout Japan to distribute its different insurance products.

The company went public a couple of years ago to become the largest insurance company in Japan.


Prudential PLC







Prudential PLC has its headquarters in London, UK. It has a massive client base on account of its numerous acquisitions and caters to about 24 million customers.

Having started out as a company that gave credit to individuals and Corporations to enhance their businesses, it gradually entered the insurance sector.

Its tie up with ICICI Bank and CITIC has placed them well in Asia to participate in insurance products.


Generali Insurance






Generali is an Italian giant insurance company having started out in 1831. It operates mainly in the European and American continents and in some parts of the Middle East.

It is considered as one of the ‘Most Intelligent Organizations’ according to MIT which is a reputed magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has received an Independent Press Award.

Presently, it operates out of more than 60 countries with its revenues in insurance premium alone aggregate to more than 70 billion Euros.


ING insurance company





The Dutch based ING group is a multinational insurance company with its income from gross receipts exceeding $ 150 billion every year.

With operations in 70 countries it services more than 48 million individuals and financial institutions. Its gross revenue exceeds $ 56 billion with interests in Asset Management, Banking and Insurance primarily.


Allianz SE






The Allianz SE is a German bank with large interests in the insurance sector. It is head quartered in Munich, and has a client base spread across 70 countries with 1.8 billion Euros in assets.

Although, it also deals in different products that include property and asset management, its insurance sector is considered to be one of the largest among all banks and related institutions.







MUNICH RE GROUP is a major corporation that operates out of Munich, Germany. It covers all areas of insurance under one of its subsidiaries, the ‘ERGO Insurance Group’.

There are about 45,000 employees in its health care and insurance sector. The Group has reported a profit in excess of 3 billion Euros recently.


United Health Group






The United Health Group is based in Minnesota, United States with two unique business platforms, one for health services and the other caters to health benefits.

The Group has branches in about 125 countries with more than 85 million people under its wing.

It is one of the ‘Most Admired Companies’ in the insurance sector for more than six years at a stretch. An updated list of the most recognized companies worldwide is published by ‘Fortune 500 which is one of the highest rated reporting agencies.’ The United Health Group has announced a profit in excess of $ 157 billion.


Berkshire Hathaway Insurance





One of the leading American multinationals is Berkshire Hathaway which operates out of Nebraska, United States. Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors of all times got deeply associated with this company and is mainly responsible for making it one of the largest companies in the world, dealing in insurance products.

Berkshire Hathaway now has a wide range of fully owned subsidiaries from retail to railroad to confectionery, vacuum cleaners, jewelry etc.


China Life Insurance Group






The China Life Insurance Group is the largest in China and is also a huge institutional investor in the Chinese Capital Markets.

Presently, it has seven major subsidiaries that are involved in life insurance, property, asset management, casualty investment holdings along with some operations outside China.

It is listed on both the New York and Shanghai Stock Exchanges.

The Importance of Obtaining an Appropriate Insurance

The main objective of getting an insurance cover is to protect you from unforeseen expenses that may arise from an accident, loss to property or ill health. You can never predict when a catastrophe may spring a surprise on you. Having a suitable insurance protection will always stand you in good stead.


The top 10 Insurance Companies of the world understand the importance of customizing their products to cater to the individual needs of people from all walks of life.

Insurance can be a complex business especially when the target audience all around the world can be largely varied.

This can work to your advantage as every individual can get his/her insurance requirements custom made to satisfy their own specific needs.

Not many people have the same insurance requirement. Insurance companies understand this and can be flexible to cater to your needs.

Identifying the Target Audience

Most insurers operate all around the world. Many of their clients are located in countries with emerging economies.

As far as these companies go, understanding the needs of these people is the key to stay ahead of other insuring companies.

  • Most of the customers in these countries are daily wage earners.
  • They earn $3-$10 at an average a day.
  • Most of the money earned by people in this group is irregular; they may be laid off for a short period at any given time.
  • Being below the poverty line in many instances make them at a high risk category.
  • Insuring them can be a daunting task.

To Conclude

However, you can target your own specific insurance needs by taking advantage of these variations to obtain a unique insurance deal to satisfy all your needs.

Although, there is uncertainty all around, you can protect yourself from some of the major risk factors that you think may arise in your life.

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