Work Outfits: The Best Gym Apparel Ideas for Men


We know there’s a gym culture that borderlines on toxicity. One where there’s a stigma of being a “try hard” if you’re dropping money on gym apparel.

Forget those people.

Getting swole doesn’t have to be a contest of who’s showing the most pain and gain. Shorts and a t-shirt work fine for most routines, But, if you want comfort and style then it’s time for an upgrade.

Guys, Here are the Best Gym Apparel Ideas

What we’re looking for is a combination of:

  • Nice designs
  • Good pricing
  • Comfortability

Here is what we found that matches these criteria.

  1. Long Sleeves

The long sleeve gym apparel, in particular, is perfect for those working an office job. The person needing to look professional but may want to get in a bit of gym time during their breaks.

  1. Thermals

The cold weather won’t slow you down during early morning jogs when wearing thermal pants.

This light-weight, but heavy-duty, gear adds insulation under the rest of your active-wear. Options include a moisture-wicking fabric to prevent attire from smelling like workout stench.

Others won’t see them so basic brands like Champs or Gildan would work fine.

  1. Hoodie Jacket

They’re light-weight and fashionable.

Hoodie jackets found in the athleisure category are keeping up with fashion trends. Yet, they keep their placement in the gym for their warmth.

Take a look for brands like…

  • Modfine
  • Gerlobal
  • Langchen

… for good sportswear at decent prices.

  1. Compression Socks

Compression socks add to pain management for those with varicose veins. These items can help prevent varicose veins from happening, too. They are a must-have item to prevent slippage when doing your workout routine.

Dickies Dri-Tech and Nike Performance Cushion are good choices for compression socks.

  1. Sports Tights

Sports tights provide the ultimate mixture of mobility and comfort. These are high in polyester with a bit of spandex to keep the gym apparel light and unrestrictive.

Some to check out include:

  • DRSKIN Compression Cool Dry Sports Tights
  • Tesla Men’s Compression Pants
  • Defender Men’s Compression Running Tights

Combine these with a compression top to create a great ensemble that you can wear without shorts. Plus, they clean up nice and won’t shrink.

It’s Also About Safety

You know what you’re missing out on by skipping the shorts and tee? Injury.

Gym equipment is heavy machines with many moving parts. They’re quite dangerous if you don’t have the right form. They’re especially dangerous if loose clothing gets caught.

Safety is something you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re picking out the gym apparel. So, factor the workout routines to ensure the items are a good match.

Getting’ Gains, Not Shade

Let others throw shade about what you’re wearing during workouts. All that matters is if you’re showing progress and cutting down that BMI.

You may as well feel comfortable while doing ’em.

What do you think about gym apparel? Which would you choose? Leave a comment with your thoughts down below.

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