How to Use Wine Barrel Furniture in Your Home

Ways of Using a Wine Barrel Furniture in Your Home

Oliver Goldsmith, the Irish novelist, reportedly said, “I love everything that’s old, -old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine.”

He might have added old wine barrel furniture to that list. This furniture is a wonderful way of upcycling these wine storage containers.

When you are decorating your home, why not consider introducing a few pieces of quirky wine barrel furniture. Read on to learn about:

How you Can Use Wine Barrel Furniture in your Home

Why Wine Barrel Furniture?

Wine barrels are traditionally used for fermentation and then storage of wine. They are also used for whiskey and beer too. They are built to last often with oak and metal hoops.

These barrels have a long life, but inevitably when that life comes to an end, they are disposed of. Here is where the wine barrel up-cycling comes in. They can have a continued long life as furniture in your home.

How you Can Use Wine Barrel Furniture

Barrels come in many sizes, and this means wine barrel furniture can come in all sorts of sizes too. If you love wine, having a re-purposed barrel in your home is a great way of celebrating that. They are a great conversation starter too.

If you have the skills, you could create a piece of wine barrel furniture yourself. Getting hold of a barrel is not easy. Try a winery, brewery or distillery to see if they have any old barrels they want to dispose of.

The craftsmanship of the furniture maker enhances the craftsmanship of the barrel maker or “cooper.” Beautiful design and beautiful wood, working together to make a distinctive piece of furniture.

  1. Dining Table

The obvious piece of furniture to make with a wine barrel is a table. Almost without any work, an upturned barrel is a table of sorts. Sitting on high stools with friends by an upturned barrel you just have to have glasses and a bottle of wine.

With a little design and skill, adding a table top to the barrel makes it possible to sit with knees under the table top. Instantly it becomes a more practical bar table or even a dining table.

Matching the wood finish and color of the top and barrel is the key to creating a complete “look.”

Using more than one barrel extends the size of table you can have. Even just two barrels can support a substantial table top. Use recycled wood or thick glass for the top.

Clean up the barrels. Treat them with a wood preservative for a simple outdoor table. Sand, stain, and varnish for a more refined indoor table.

  1. Side Tables

Smaller barrels or even one that has been cut crosswise can make a pair of side tables. Leave any printing on the barrels to keep the authentic winery feel. Staining or varnishing can bring out the natural grain to great effect.

Cutting a panel out of the side of the barrel creates a cubby for storing things. More sophisticated yet, attach the removed panel with hinges to create a useful cupboard. This means you can hide away the contents.

  1. Bedroom Furniture

Two barrels placed apart with a connecting table top in matching wood makes a statement dressing table. You need space for this piece, but it lends itself to a rustic feel. Add small barrels, as bedside tables.

A barrel cut lengthwise can be converted into a useful trunk. Hinge the top and place the bottom half of the barrel on feet. Alternatively, use a hinged flat top so your trunk doubles as a table.

Other rustic elements in the bedroom help create an integrated look. The winemaking theme can be followed through to the decor with pictures of vines and grapes. Your bedroom can double as the venue for a Bacchanalian party in honor of the Roman god of wine.

  1. Wine Drinkers Furniture

It seems logical to link wine barrel furniture with wine. A wine barrel can be adapted as a wine store. Start with a shortened wine barrel.

Make wine bottle shaped holes with inner sleeves in the top of the barrel and stand it on its side.

This basic wine rack perfectly links the history of the barrel to the present-day enjoyment of wine.

A barrel with the side cut out, and shelves added makes a handy drinks cabinet. Place a small round top on the barrel, and you have a wine drinkers table with drinks built in. This bistro look can be repeated a number of times to create your own wine bar.

  1. Dog House

If you’ve ever been “in the doghouse” for excessive wine-fueled revelry, then you’ll appreciate this next idea. A dog house or dog basket is another great wine barrel furniture idea.

Stand a large barrel on its end and cut out part of the side. Decide how big the entrance needs to be depending on the size of your dog. Fill the inside with blankets and cushions to make a cozy dog house.

Cut a barrel from top to bottom to make a couple of half-barrel dog beds. Some feet attached to the bottom will stop the dog bed from rocking. Fill the bed with soft bedding.

Recycle and Reclaim Wine Barrels

Whether you are doing a DIY job or buying someone else’s reclamation work, you are supporting a worthy recycling project. The stylish antique look is great but so is the fact that you are helping reduce waste. Old oak is precious and versatile.

Re-purposing a barrel to make a durable piece of furniture means that it can go on to give many more years of service. Having a piece of furniture that is part of wine-making heritage also has a special significance if you love wine.

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