Why Should You Buy Wooden Island Legs?

The global revenue from furniture sales will likely be around $294 billion by 2022. One segment of this industry that took off in 2020 was the furniture parts market. Many took an interest in redoing their old furniture by simply replacing some parts.

One aspect of a kitchen remodel that you can consider is to revamp the kitchen island with brand new wood island legs. The choice of shape, size, and material should be such that it fits right into any décor and home.

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If you wonder if it is worth buying new legs for your kitchen island, here are some reasons you must consider.

  1. It is Cost-Effective

First, simply replacing the legs is much more cost-effective than replacing the entire table. Table as a whole would cost so much more to replace. Also, after years of use, you get comfortable with the table and have an emotional connection to it. Therefore, it makes sense to switch out only the legs.

  1. It is Eco Friendly

With the increasing awareness of protecting the environment, it would be an eco-friendly decision to use the same tabletop and only get new wood island legs. So leave the top board as it is and change the legs only.

Wood can take about a hundred years to decompose if the table is left as it is. Also, getting another table would mean another tree being cut down.

  1. Gives You A Stylish Look

Being the most used, kitchen island can become tiresome. You can do a little dress-up by getting new legs for the kitchen island. By showing less leg, you can give your island a stylish appearance. In addition, mixing different furniture styles can result in a contemporary and unique art form.

Using scroll legs instead of simple highlanders can notch up the island and make it a centerpiece. Scroll legs have scrolls on top and bottom, each curling in a different direction, taking you back to the Restoration era. Imagine the contrast you can create by using classic legs in a modern kitchen.

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  1. Can Replace Damaged Legs

Your kitchen island legs can be damaged due to many reasons. However, you do not need to buy the entire new table. You can change the legs to get wood island feet. Damage can be due to moisture content, wear and tear, bumps, or age. No matter the reason, a damaged leg can be dangerous as you face the risk of the entire table toppling over. Therefore, switching legs is the best idea.

  1. Wide Choice

You can give your table great looking legs and make it highly functional without much effort. For example, you can pick from flute, spiral, trumpet, or Marlborough shapes of legs. The type of wood also varies from soft maple, hard maple, cherry, pine, and oak.


Present-day homes call for contemporary furniture. Changing the legs of your kitchen island and getting stylish wood island legs can give you a piece of furniture like no other. Order your set of table legs today.

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