Why Organic Visitors Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Digital marketing is a multifaceted topic. There are so many fascinating details that make it a truly amazing field. But although we’re able control and strategize about most aspects of the digital marketing machine, we actually have very little control over the people we target.

SEO, PPC, email segmentation and more are all the fancy technical stuff marketers use to get people to take notice of a brand, make a purchase and hopefully tell their friends about it.

It’s pretty safe to say that the ultimate goal in digital marketing is to have people autonomously engage with our advertising campaigns, interact with our social media pages and share our content. These wonderful people make our jobs a lot easier and are called organic visitors.

What Exactly Is An Organic Visitor?

Organic visitors are people who visit your website as a result of general, unpaid online search results. Organic traffic is the opposite of paid-for traffic which defines the visits generated by campaigns like Google Ads.
People are considered organic when they find your website after using a search engine like Google and are not referred by an advert or any other website.

Why Organic Visitors Are Important

Organic visitors play an essential role in the online success of a brand. Research states organic traffic represents over half of the total traffic on the internet.

Not to mention that the entire concept of SEO is primarily focused on organic search traffic to improve the website rankings. Here a few reasons why organic visitors are vital.

  • By implementing effective website SEO strategies you can attract visitors with a genuine interest in your brand. Because these visitors didn’t accidentally click on the first ad that popped up on the SERPS your chances of a successful conversion rate increases.
  • Organic visitors can help you maintain a permanent ranking on SERPS. Here’s how… Over time visitors resulting from the paid-for traffic will slow down if you don’t consistently run campaigns to draw traffic to your website. But if people visit your website by using organic search techniques, you will earn a good spot on search engine results pages. It will also be difficult for competitors to out-rank your performance on SERPS.
  • A large number of organic visitors can increase the value of your website. If your website contains content that’s valuable and informative, visitors are guaranteed to return and recommend your website to their friends. This increase in traffic will get search engines like Google to take notice of your website and give you a higher ranking.
  • Organic visitors save you money. If people are visiting your website as a result of organic SEO strategies you will not need to invest in costly advertising and PPC campaigns. By using carefully selected keywords and phrases visitors will find your web site through the normal online searches. This type of organic driven traffic will allow you to achieve a high SERP ranking as well as improve your website authority and online credibility. You can give your organic traffic an extra boost by using long tail keywords and creating quality content on a regular basis.

Importance of Organic Traffic

How To Increase Organic Traffic

  1. User Experience

Your website’s user experience can have a significant effect on your organic traffic. If your site is a little on the fussy side a simple redesign will ensure that the visitors browsing your site have a positive experience.

Examine your site for minor issues like broken links and missing content and poorly formatted images. These seemingly insignificant things make a great difference in the overall look and feel of your website.

  1. On-Page Optimization

A relatively easy way to improve your organic traffic is to review your website’s content to ensure that your SEO strategies are effective. Asses your on-page optimization by considering the following…

  • Are your keywords optimized for the specific content they were needed to generate traffic for?
  • Did you use target keywords in your title tag, headings, etc?
  • Does your text content contain your keywords in the first paragraph?
  • Does your text content have a natural keyword density?

Going through this checklist for all the pages can help optimize your website.

  1. Content

The easiest way to increase your website’s organic traffic is to create and publish quality content. People and search engines tend to favor content that is relevant and valuable. By publishing unique and engaging content on a regular basis you will increase your SERP ranking and subsequently gain more organic visitors.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to organically increase your website’s traffic. Social platforms are easy to use, mostly free and they offer lots of opportunities for interaction. By encouraging people to share and interact with your posts (by asking a question or sharing a poll) you will gain a lot of organic website visitors.

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