When Is The Best Time To Send Mass Emails?

Get a better response rate on your mass emails by sending them at key times of the week

Mass emailing is a great marketing tool that helps businesses of all sizes grow their reach and strengthen their relationship with current customers. With email campaigns, some businesses that use mass email will have better success than others. Why is this? A lot of it boils down to following the right rules and etiquette to maximize your delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate.

One of the main factors that many businesses fail to take advantage of is timing. Sending your mass emails at the right time can really improve your email campaign results. However, it isn’t quite as simple as just sending out your emails at a specific time, you need to get a little bit of information about your customers and pull your metrics to really hit your next email campaign out of the park. Let’s find out the best times of the week to send mass emails!

When Should I Send Mass Emails?

Let’s explore some statistics about the best time of the day to send mass emails.

When Should I Send Mass Emails

Graph showing most effective times to send emails. Courtesy of superoffice.com.

Have you ever noticed that most sales and marketing emails are delivered in your inbox at similar times? Well, there’s a good reason for it. There are a few time periods in the work week that garner better open and click-through rates. If you check through your emails right now, it’s likely that you’ll see a few patterns.

Mass emails tend to arrive in your inbox on weekdays from 9-10AM or 5-6PM — and the statistics back it up. Generally, the highest click-to-open rates are around 10AM, 1PM, or 6PM. These are all times of the day when people are most often checking their emails and are most likely to open yours.

It is also important to note that sales promotions tend to do the best in the middle of the day when people are checking their emails during lunchtime.

How Do I Know If I’m Sending My Emails at the Right Time?

There are a few key metrics that will tell you whether or not your emails are being received and opened.

mass email service

By using a mass email service, you can get insight into your campaign’s success.

Though there are a few general times of the day you should send out your mass emails, it is not an exact science. So, if you want to make sure that you are sending your emails at the right time of day, there are a few metrics you should examine. To gather your metrics, use a mass emailing service that will create detailed reports. Here are the most important metrics you need to pay attention to when gathering data on your email campaigns.

Open Rate

If your emails are going unopened, you won’t be able to make any new conversions, drive any site traffic, or build any brand recognition. Once you pull your statistics from your mass emailing service, you might find that there is something not working with your emails. To maximize your open rate make sure that you are sending them at the right time of day and that you are writing inviting subject lines.

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Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate on your mass emails shows you how many individuals clicked on the CTA in your email. If your open rate is high, and your click-through rate is very low, there may be some confusion in the body or the CTA in the email. If your copy or design is confusing, your audience is much less likely to follow the CTA in your message. So, if you’re dealing with a low click-through rate, take a second look at your emails.

Click-to-Open Rate

Click-to-open rate is the most important metric of the three, as it measures the number of people that opened your email and clicked the CTA. Your click-to-open rate shows the percentage of recipients who opened your email and found it compelling enough to click. The reason why this is the most important metric is because it details exactly how many people interacted with your message the way you intended.

Overall, you can use these metrics to determine whether or not your emails are effective and being sent at the ideal times. Your open rate and your click-to-open rate will be the most important factors for determining when to send your emails.

What About B2B Mass Emails?

B2B email timing and organization is slightly different time than direct to consumer mass emails.

What Are B2B Mass Emails

There is a different set of rules for sending B2B emails.

As we’ve discussed the right time to send mass emails, we’ve only touched on direct to consumer campaigns. So, what about B2B emails? B2B emails are more likely to be sent to the people in charge of their business who check their email more often than the average person. So, for any B2B emails, the best time to send is Saturday at 10am.

However, when you are trying to increase your open and click-to-open rate for B2B emails it is important that you research your recipients. On a basic level, you can determine when to send your email based on their job description, time zones, or other factors that could affect when a person checks their email.

So, with the right mass email service and some important metrics, you can determine the best time to send out your mass emails. As we mentioned, the rules can fluctuate based on your industry and your target audience, so you may spend some time trying out different times until you find a time that works. Once you’ve determined the best time of day for your business to send emails, you are well on your way to a successful email campaign.

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