When is the Best Time to Have Sex?

Sex tends to be a spontaneous  reaction but sometimes its quality depends on at what times you engage in it, the mood of your partner and your age. A deeper look into these basics will help you explore the hidden realities of sex and make you experience maximum pleasures.

Advantages of Having Sex

Besides the normal pleasures, there are other benefits which are both physical and mental, and  include:

  • Helps boost your immune system – According to Melissa Conrad Stöpple on sexual health,“More sex equals fewer sick days”. People who have intercourse frequently have higher levels salivary immunoglobulin (IgA),a substance that helps defend your body against viruses, germs and other foreign materials in the body.
  • Improves sleep – After orgasm, there is a hormone released that makes you feel super relaxed and sleepy. This will make your body rest for sometime and make you have the peace of mind you sometimes long for.
  • Helps burn calories – Having sex is a very good form of exercise. The level of calories burned is far much higher compared to when doing other forms of exercise. This is estimated to be at about five calories a minute, meaning that the more you engage in it, the more calories you burn and this keeps your body fit and active.
  • Lowers heart attack risk – Apart from keeping your heart rate in check, it also keeps your testosterone and estrogen levels in check. People who have sex, experience better relationships with their partners. This in turn helps keep off conditions that might lead to cardiovascular diseases like stress and depression.
  • Lowers risk of prostate cancer in men – In one study conducted in United States and published in Journal of the American Medical Association, it was found that men who ejaculate frequently, at least 21 times a month are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer.
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Best Time to Have Sex

What is the Best Time to Have Sex

Choosing the best time to engage in sexual activities can be a total game changer, right? The best timing depends on your age. This is according to a body and sleep expert. Despite being a spontaneous act, libido tends to vary depending on age bracket. Let us discuss the following timings according to Dr Kelley:

15:00 –             At this time, libido is at peak for the young people in their twenties. Energy is

highest at this time and there is much pleasure.

08:20 –             Dr Kelley says that having sex early in the morning is a good idea. At this time,

testosterone is boosted by morning sunlight in both men and women in their thirties.

22:20 –            When you start getting older, you tend to be more alert and  busy in the mornings. People in their forties and fifties tend to go to bed early and Dr. Kelley recommend that they have sex before they go to sleep.

20:00 –            After  you hit orgasm, a wakefulness hormone called oxytocin is released. This is the reason why people above sixties would want to have sex before they turn to sleep.

Apart from the above timings, there are also circumstances which can determine the best timing. These are:

How to Last Longer in Bed

  1. In the Mornings – This is a perfect way to begin your day. According to sex expert Jessica O’Reilly, not only energy and testosterone levels are at peak in the morning, but the higher oxytocin levels keep you and your partner bonded throughout the day.
  2. Before a Big Presentation – A recent research study shows that people who had sex before big public speaking events are the least stressed. This is because of its effect of calming nerves, lowering blood pressure and reduces stress.
  3. Day 14 in Your Cycle – Around two weeks after your cycle, clitoris tends to grow bigger and easily becomes engorged. This means that you may reach orgasm faster around these days and that your body tends to crave for more action since this is the time that ovulation occurs.
  4. After Physical Exercises – After that exercise your body tends to be active, blood tends to flow faster to the genital organs and so higher reaction to sexual pleasure.
  5. After a Bad Day – According to O’Reilly, angry sex can be a cure to psychological and emotional stress suffered either from workplace or fieldwork. Sex also lowers stress and depression and so improves your mood and lowers your tension.
  6. After Doing Something Scary – After that exhilarating experience and getting adrenaline pumping, your body tends to be in a state of arousal and there is heightened sexual response. This in turn makes you enjoy sexual moments and experience maximum pleasure during the intercourse.

How to Last Longer in Bed

Whether it takes one minute or twenty minute, what we should focus on is the quality and not quantity of sex. Sometimes it takes quantity to get to quality and as a result there may be concerns on how to stay longer in bed to satisfy each other.  Here are a few tips to get you going:

Advantages of Having Sex


  1. Do Regular Exercise – Kegels or pelvic floor exercises help in gaining better bladder control and maintain erections a bit longer.
  2. Change Your Usual Techniques – If you are that person who takes one minute to penetrate, it is high time to change your techniques. Focus on foreplay and concentrate on pleasure more than just orgasm.
  3. Have Balanced Diet – Sex requires energy and therefore you should include a lot of energy giving foods in your diet.
  4. Try Edging – This means that when you are almost reaching climax, try to distract yourself with other activities. Doing this will help you gain better control and continue a little bit longer.
  5. Reduce Alcohol Intake – Alcohol tends to have effect on sensory nerves and as such, you might not be able to maintain that erection for long.

In Summary

Sex matters are very complex and not as easy as you might think. You need to know its fundamental truths and you will definitely have great time in bed.

Now that you have the knowledge, you are welcome into this world of abundant pleasure.

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