House on Fire: Things to Do After a House Fire

You must know the steps to take when your house burns down so that you can handle the grave situation. If you face a tragedy like a house fire, you will have to rely on emergency assistance for fire victims. Recovery after a house fire is not only time-consuming but also physically and mentally exhausting.

Life After a House Fire

There can be nothing as terrifying as a house fire. Life after a house fire can be extremely daunting and challenging. You would be feeling clueless about how to start life afresh.

You have lost everything in a fire within a few minutes. It is an overwhelming and stressful process to decide exactly what to do after a house fire. You should think with a clear mind instead of spending your time on grieving.

Talking to your insurance agent can help you in that hour. Do not hesitate to take support from your friends and family. If you take a few important steps after a house fire, you will be able to get back to normal life soon.

Things to do After a House Fire

Although rebuilding your life after a house fire is not easy, it’s not impossible. You should not give up hope. Let’s take a look at the things to do after a house fire:

  1. Relocate to a Safe Place

The first thing that you need to do is to relocate to a safe place. It does not matter how much the fire has damaged your house. Staying in your house after the fire will be traumatic for you as it will not let you concentrate on finding a solution.

You should live with your friends and family for a few days. It will allow you to take some rest and think about the next steps. Moreover, you will get the moral support that will give you strength.

If you don’t have the luxury to stay with friends or family, you can take the help of a disaster relief agency. They can provide assistance after a house fire.

The disaster relief organizations will find a place for you where you can stay temporarily. Sometimes, the organizations can also arrange shelter for free.

  1. Talk to Your Insurance Agent

Talking to your insurance agent is one of the most important things to do after your house burns down. You need to file your claim immediately after the accident. Your insurance agent will help you in assessing the damage caused by the fire so that you get the right compensation.

The insurance agent will click pictures of the damaged home to help with the claiming process. You can also take pictures of your home and send it to the agent in case he forgets to do so. It is very important to choose the right insurance company for your home.

Many insurance carriers also provide help for the daily expenses if you have lost your debit or credit cards in the house fire. You may also get help in finding abatement or cleaning services by your insurance agent.

  1. Contact a Restoration Company

A reputable restoration company can help in rebuilding fire-damaged home. You need to clean up soot or water damage after a house fire. Contact a restoration company for dealing with these issues.

You can ask your insurance agent to recommend a few restoration companies. These companies are expert in dealing with such situations. They have connections to architects, engineers, and contractors.

Once you contact a restoration company, you won’t have to worry about rebuilding a house after a fire. From cleaning up soot to boarding up new windows, they will take care of everything.

  1. Separate Damaged Items from Undamaged Items

Do not feel hopeless if you have lost everything in a fire. You need to submit a detailed inventory list to the insurance company after they have inspected your loss. The damaged items are usually covered by insurance.

It is important to separate damaged items from undamaged items to make an accurate list. Include the date on which you had purchased the damaged item, the price, the brand, the model, serial number, and a short description of the item. If the damaged item was a gift, specify it on your list.

If you have the receipts of the damaged items, submit them along with the inventory list. You can request for copies of previous bank statements if you don’t have the receipts. You can also submit pictures of the damaged items if the receipts are unavailable.

  1. Manage Your Finances

One of the most important things to do after a house fire is to manage your finances. Even after a house fire, you have to make the mortgage payments. If your insurance policy covers mortgage, they will make payments to the mortgage lender.

At first, you need to pay the bank. Spend the leftover funds in rebuilding your house. You should replace your debit or credit cards that were destroyed in the fire. If you are not staying in your house for a few months, cancel the internet and cable services.

  1. Do Not Re-Enter Your House Before it is in a Safe Condition

A house fire leaves behind harmful fumes from burned substances. It also weakens the overall structural integrity of a house, making it unsafe. Do not enter your house to recover your undamaged possessions until you get house fire victim assistance.

Until the fire department has deemed the house safe, you should not enter it. Apart from being risky, entering your house soon after a fire can void certain parts of your insurance policy. You will face problems in getting the right compensation.

Wrapping it up

If you have a good insurance policy for your home, you can recover from a house fire soon. The insurance company will take care of the cost to rebuild house after fire. Make sure that your policy covers replacement cost and adequate dwelling cost.

You should save receipts of expensive items in a fireproof box so that they stay safe. Life after a house fire is not easy.

Contact your friends and relatives after the tragic incident so that they can help you. If you know the things to do after a house fire, you will be able to handle the situation.

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