What To Avoid After SMILE Laser Procedure?

SMILE is a commonly known abbreviation for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, one of the laser-based refractive surgeries used to correct myopia and astigmatism. These conditions are quite easy to correct as the most common problem caused by them is blurred vision.

An FDA approved surgery, the SMILE laser procedure, is performed globally and is often considered to be better than PRK and LASIK by many. While the side effects of this surgery are pretty limited, there are certain things you should avoid after the SMILE laser procedure for the best results. Listing them down, here are a few things it’s best to stay away from:

  1. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup products consist of chemicals that can get into your eye and cause an infection after going through a SMILE laser procedure. Avoid applying makeup items like kajal, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. It is also best to avoid eye creams that your doctor has not recommended for at least a week after surgery.

  1. Screen Time

After your procedure, it would be ideal to avoid spending time on your mobile, laptop, or other devices. These activities can disrupt your healing process, and it would take a lot of time for your eyes to heal.

  1. Dust and Smoke

Stay away from smoky or dusty areas, meaning dirty roads, the beach, campfires and even avoid dusting your house for some time. The particles can enter your eyes and cause irritation that can lead to best avoid complications.

  1. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol can often dehydrate your body, which can negatively affect your healing process. Hence, you should avoid having any alcohol for at least a week after your SMILE laser procedure and instead replace that with a nice glass of water.

  1. Driving

It’s best to stay at home after your surgery and avoid any unnecessary driving or travelling for at least 24-48 hours as it can cause dust particles to enter your eyes and complicate your post-surgery healing process.

  1. Reading

Heavy reading should be put on hold as it can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes, leading to discomfort. Give your eyes the time to fully heal first.

  1. Travelling

It would be best if you avoided going anywhere for at least a week. This is suggested not because you won’t be able to travel in a plane, train or bus, but because there is a high possibility that you might have to attend post-operation checkups with your eye doctor.


The SMILE laser procedure is 100% safe and isn’t painful at all. It is a highly preferred option of laser surgery that requires you to rest well after completing the procedure. Make sure you stay at home, stay hydrated, get ample rest and do not strain your eyes in the least.

The healing process begins immediately after the surgery, and it takes a few days for your vision to go back to completely normal. Remember to visit your doctor without any hesitations if you want to go through with the SMILE laser procedure, as it is one of the best ways to correct your vision.

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