What Is Rehab: All of Your Questions Answered

Going to rehab doesn’t have to be a scary thing. In fact, rehab can, and should, be a place of peace and healing where you shed unhealthy habits and take the necessary steps towards an improved lifestyle.

If you’ve never been to a rehabilitation facility before, you may be wondering, “What is rehab and what can I expect?”

Though each individual will have a different experience, here’s a general idea of what rehab will be like:

  1. What Is Rehab

Rehab, or rehabilitation, is a commitment to a life of sobriety and an overall improvement of one’s life.

Rehab centers are places where rehabilitation takes place under the guidance and direction of an experienced medical staff.

  1. Your Arrival

As you arrive at the rehab facility, you’ll notice that’s it’s welcoming but well secured. Guests to the facility have to check in and out.

Many people worry that a drug rehab center is like a jail, but it’s nothing like that. It’s a safe environment set up to help people succeed in their detox goals.

  1. Meeting Your Intake Coordinator

Once you’ve checked in on your first day of treatment, you’ll meet with your intake coordinator.

Intake coordinators are licensed drug and alcohol addiction counselors who have been specifically trained to work with people with addictions.

They will ask you questions about your substance abuse history and any current medical conditions.

The intake coordinator is there to help you and make sure you’re being placed in the right rehab program for your needs.

  1. Meeting the Detox Staff

Once you’ve finished filling out paperwork with the intake coordinator, it will be time to say goodbye to any family or friends and head to detox.

A detox nurse will take your blood pressure, draw labs and give you some medicine to help you cope with the effects of withdrawals.

The detox nurse will check your vitals every couple of hours and if you’re feeling up to it, you’ll be welcome to participate in the rehab activities that have been scheduled for that day.

  1. A Typical Day

So, what is rehab like after the first day? A typical day starts with waking up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast with others who are in a rehab program.

Group therapy sessions often follow breakfast and are led by a therapist or counselor who will take you through the 12-step program.

These therapy sessions are designed to help you pinpoint what has driven your drug and alcohol abuse and train you to replace these bad habits with positive ones.

During your afternoons at rehab, expect additional therapy that includes cognitive behavior therapy to determine your triggers and sources of anxiety.

You’ll also attend further group therapy sessions to share your struggles with others and work toward emotional healing.

Specialized therapy sessions will be tailored toward your individual struggles. These sessions teach you the stress and anger management skills you need to move forward. You’ll learn various coping techniques and discuss any grief you’re carrying that contributes to your drug or alcohol addiction.

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So, what is rehab? It’s a safe place that provides a life-changing opportunity for you to leave damaging lifestyle choices behind. It’s a place of help and healing where well-trained and caring medical staff are there around the clock to see you through to a substance-free life.

If you want to learn more about healthy recovery habits, contact your nearest rehab center for more information.

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