What Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer and When Do You Need One?

A criminal defense lawyer performs one of the most important jobs in making sure the law is upheld. They help people navigate the complex legal systems which can change their whole lives.

Everyone is guaranteed the opportunity to have counsel if they end up before a judge. And that counsel does more than just give advice on what a person accused of committing a crime should do. Criminal defense lawyers are also there to let people know that they’re not alone.

It’s terrifying to go in front of a judge, knowing that with the swing of a gavel, your entire life can change. But criminal defense lawyers ensure you are dealt the fairest hand possible, and that the law is followed to the letter. Anyone appearing in court should try to get a criminal defense lawyer.

They’re well educated at some of the most elite schools. And with that education, they can help people navigate some of the worst times of their lives.

Keep reading below to learn why you should get a criminal defense lawyer, and what they do for you.

Preparing For the Trial

A defense lawyer’s work doesn’t just start in the courtroom. First, they need to take a person’s legal case.

Sometimes, such as when a person decides to get a public defender, defense lawyers are assigned the case. Most of the time, lawyers can choose which cases they can take. Firms like Grieco Law Center usually opt to take cases based on the likelihood of getting a favorable ruling, as well as a variety of other factors.

When they decide to take a case, lawyers first interview the client. This may mean meeting a person at the office, or visiting a detention center if the client is being held. During the interview, they get a sense for who their client is, and may clear up preliminary facts about the case.

After interviewing them, lawyers may decide to investigate the case, which means talking to a lot of people. They may ask police officers about how they handled their client, and they may reach out to witnesses to build a defense. They also analyze evidence related to the case.

Defense lawyers can also review a prosecution’s case prior to the actual court date. This gives the lawyer a chance to refute the prosecution’s case by hiring lab work to be done, or anything else that may be necessary to build a defense.

A Good Defense Lawyer Knows Good People

Legal work is rooted in morality. Supposedly, lawyers are upstanding and overall morally righteous people, with a keen sense for right and wrong. And since birds of a feather flock together, they know when judges are also good people.

As such, they may try to sway a case by discussing it with a judge. And since they should have a good sense of telling between good and bad people, they can also aid in selecting the jury. Lawyers can try to have jurors removed if they detect any bias or previous knowledge of a case.

They do this simply by pointing it out to a judge. If the judge agrees that a juror isn’t suited to reasonably decide if a person is guilty or innocent, the judge may remove them. But the judge has the final say during jury selection.

Defense Lawyers May Never Even See Court

Most cases are settled out of court in the modern legal world. That’s because plea bargains have become an easier and quicker way to settle cases than organizing a trial. In a plea bargain, defense lawyers negotiate for a significantly lighter sentence for their clients, in exchange for them pleading guilty.

When a client pleads guilty, they are admitting to having done the crime they’re accused of and accepting the consequences. Prosecutors and judges consider an admission of guilt while trying to decide what punishment fits the crime. By admitting guilt, the client can sound remorseful for what they did.

In essence, although they may have committed a crime, admitting guilt shows people that they’re still a good person. And this results in a lighter sentence.

And a lot of people tend to feel remorseful for their actions. As much as 97 percent of federal cases never make it to court. Yet, that isn’t just because of remorse.

It’s a difficult choice between staying for years in prison by maintaining they’re innocent or saying they’re guilty to spend less time there. Most people are scared enough to just say they’re guilty. However, a good defense lawyer will put together a good plea deal.

Through plea deals, lawyers can guarantee a light sentence for their clients. They negotiate with the prosecution like business people to reach the best deal for their clients. The client has something the prosecution wants – a guilty plea – and a good defense lawyer makes sure it’s worth pleading that way.

Lawyers Argue Like People Breathe

There is no such thing as a lawyer who doesn’t like a good argument. Much of their jobs revolve around crafting well-made arguments to win cases if they ever get to appear before a judge with their client.

A good defense lawyer may build their arguments around the evidence presented before a jury. Sometimes, they may refine their rhetoric to cast their clients in a favorable light. Lawyers may also poke holes in the prosecution’s arguments, tearing down their case.

Lawyers can be like actors. Their arguments must captivate the judge and jury, and it should show that they’re invested in their clients. By being invested in their clients, lawyers hope to make the jury invested in them too.

However, lawyers should also be careful not to show too much emotion when arguing during a case. It’s a careful balance between showing they’re invested and respecting everyone involved in a case. And it takes years of practice to master.

And with those years come expertise. People can rely on lawyers to defend them well because they know their practice well. Whether it’s a sexual harassment case, fraud, theft, or anything else – a good defense lawyer will defend you.

A Good Defense Lawyer Will Make People Feel Safe, Everyone Needs One

When approaching a judge, people will feel confused and scared. The legal system is a complex maze of laws and punishments, and one misstep can ruin someone’s life. That’s why lawyers don’t just help people navigate the system – they help people feel safe.

A good defense lawyer will make people feel safe, no matter what their sentence is. Good lawyers care about people, not just their cases, and they strive to ensure a person understands what is happening to them. That’s why they are critical to the legal system.

Everyone needs a good defense lawyer. They help guide people through some of their toughest times.

Reach out to a lawyer if you may go to court in the near future. And if you have a story about your time with a lawyer that you’d want to share, be sure to contact us here! We are always on the lookout for good stories about good people!

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