Top 10 Best Websites to Buy Organic Food Online in India

Are you looking to buy organic food online in India? Yes, then read on….

The concept of organic farming in India is quickly gaining in popularity. You can find a lot of organic food online and choose from different types of organic food. It is becoming popular not only among farmers but also among consumers, especially the city dwellers.

What is organic farming and what is organic food?

It is simply a system of farming that minimizes impacts on the environment and is done in as natural a way as possible. Organic farming uses natural methods, no GMOs, green manure and biological methods for pest control.

Are you a person who would like to get your hands on the best organic farm produce and other health products?

You are probably well aware of the benefits of organic food. Well, you no longer have to go to all the nooks and crannies of your city to scout around for the best quality organic food.

With the increasing preferences for organic food from Indian consumers, there are several online stores that have emerged offering fresh, healthy organic produce. Check out the top 10 websites to buy organic food products online  in India. You can also buy cheap organic food in India from these sites.

10 Best Websites to Buy Organic Food Online in India

 Buy organic food online in India

  1. OrganicShop: Best Organic Online Store

It is one of India’s largest online shop offering certified organic products and organic food online.

  • This online store features around 14,000 SKUs offered by leading brands of organic products.
  • Products include organic food; clothes; cosmetics; health products and so on.
  • Shipping is done to places all over india, with Free shipping for many of the products.
  • Organic food includes spices and cereals as well as tea; coffee; oils; pulses and gluten free foods.
  • In the fitness category, there are several products suitable for diabetic care and weight management products.


  1. GoIndiaOrganic

It is one of the top companies selling organic products in India. It sells authentic, organic food products that are obtained directly from organic products manufacturers in India. You can place orders online or through the phone. Home delivery is also offered in most of the cities of India.

  • Great organic shop online to buy exclusive food products like Manuka honey; cranberries; acai berries, and other organic vegetables online, which you might not find in local organic stores.
  • All products are tested for quality and safety, based on Indian standards.
  • A great site for purchasing vegan products and other organic food in India.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of health & wellness products, such as digestion and antioxidant products.

Note: Apart from selling organic products, the website also offers recommendations and gives information regarding each product benefits.


  1. Farm2Kitchen

This is one of the top organic food stores online and is dedicated to pure, organic foods and other products. The shop delivers its products to around 262 cities all over India. They offer free organic food online delivery, but only for orders of a minimum Rs.400.

  • Ease of shopping, as you can select from different categories.
  • Select a wide range of products like cereals; grains; dry fruits; baby foods; pregnancy foods; gluten free foods; ready to eat meals; soups; herbal teas; biscuits and a lot more.
  • The site sources products directly from wholesale organic food manufacturers or through their partners from 1,00,000 small/marginal farmers and connects them with you.

Tip: Don’t forget to get your rewards on purchases. They offer gift vouchers and offers for expectant mothers.

Note: farm2kitchen also gives you valuable information about the health benefits of its products. For instance, the Organic Cereal package mentions all the valuable health benefits you receive from the product.


  1. OrganicGarden

It was established in 2012 and is a very popular online destination for organic products, in Mumbai. Some shops lack organic certifications and this could make organic product shopping rather tiresome. Not anymore, with the Organic Garden.

  • All their products are certified with organic certifications from the Indian government body, proving the quality and high standards of the product.
  • Fruits and vegetables are obtained from organic sources in Mumbai, whereas other grocery items are obtained from authentic sources all over the country.
  • You can make a simple search or search through categories, such as vegetables; groceries; spices; exotica; fruits; health & beauty; natural seeds; oats; healthy basket and a lot more.
  • There is also a recipe blog on the site where interesting, healthy recipes are posted to inspire you to cook in a healthy way. Here too, navigation is easy with several categories like Juices; breakfast; special diet; seasonal recipes; kitchen tips and so on.


  1. DownToEarthOrganicFood

  • A wide range of organic food and products are available, including cereals; flours; dalia; atta; spices; garam masalas; edible oils; tea; coffee; sugar; pasta; dry fruits; soups and so on.
  • All products are certified by the Lacon Quality certifications as per the NPOP( Indian government) and the NOP (USDA). It also complies with the food and safety management rules, or the ISO 22000:2005.
  • All products are sourced from farmers’ fields.

Tip: Check out regular offers and discounts.

  • You can also check out the physical store location, if it is present in your city.


10 Websites to Buy Organic Food Online in India

  1. NaturallyYours

  • This online organic shop deals in more than 50 products in 14 categories. They have customers from more than 250 cities all over India.
  • It sources these products directly from organic farmers all over the country.
  • Their major categories include super foods; rice; millets; millet noodles; fluten pastas; seeds; nuts; Ayurvedic, among others.
  • Check out top selling products like quinoa; coconut sugar; goji berries; sunflower seeds; chia seeds etc.
  • The shop also offers a 30 day guarantee for replacement.
  • The site is user friendly and you can find the product you are looking for by searching in various categories like Super foods; staples; Ayurvedic; Bulk Buy where you can buy bulk organic food online; Snacking seeds; and so on.
  • The site also features useful articles related to healthy food and eating habits.



  • com focuses on products for weight loss; healthy living; body care; hair care; skin care and so on.
  • You can select products based on categories like sports nutrition; fitness; vitamins; supplements; wellness and so on.
  • In addition, you can check out the latest trending products.
  • The site also offers customers an option to consult with experts and certified trainers and send in their queries regarding diets; workouts; supplements and other wellness related subjects.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out the latest flash sales and crazy deals of the day.


  1. MyGreenKart

It stocks some amazing organic products.

  • One of the interesting sections on the site is “Shop for a Cause”. These products are associated with WWF, Antarkranti and so on. For instance, Antarkranti sponsors goods that are produced by Tihar jail inmates, with the proceeds going to them.
  • There are several organic and eco friendly products, so that you can make price and quality comparisons before making a purchase.
  • You can buy organic snacks; vitamins; clothing; essential oils; health care products and so on.
  • The categorisation is user friendly and you can find products easily. There are many well known brands available.


  1. Dubdengreen

Dubdengreen was first started about 24 years ago by Jayashree and Ganesh Eashwar. The first products included organic drinks and refreshments, some oils; grains, etc. However, today they have a great range of organic products and deliver to cities like Bangalore and Delhi.

  • A wide variety of food products; drinks; cereals and grains; cosmetics; clothes and a lot more.
  • You can view the product and all the details of its ingredients; nutritional information; storage specifications etc. for each product before you purchase it.
  • They have a physical store in Delhi.
  • They offer certified and branded organic foods and products and also work with farmers who are not certified but follow organic practises, offering these products under the Traditionally organic products.

Tip: Check out the latest updates about additional products to be available at the store.


  1. OrganicIndia

The online shop works with thousands of small farmer families all over India to offer them a sustainable organic farming solution.

  • Check out products like Herbal formulations; Tulsi teas and packaged foods.
  • The site is user friendly and simple. You can sort based on recent arrivals; popular items and so on to find a product easily.
  • The site also has an interesting blog with health and food related articles and recipes related to lifestyle and nutrition.

Note: Organicindia partners with FabIndia, which is a prestigious retail platform for organic foods; clothing and craft items from rural artisans all over India.


Wrap Up

When you make the switch to organic food, one of the disadvantages of organic foods is the higher price. However, the biggest challenge facing you is to find a good organic store that offers authentic products.

Until now, there were very few good options in India, but now It has become very easy to find organic food in shops all over the country. However, the traditional grocery stores still continue to offer only limited options.

If you wish to buy a wide range of organic foods; health products; cosmetics and so on, you can choose from these top online destinations, as they can fill the gap left by your local organic stores. They have products from all the top organic food brands in India.

These online organic stores are also a good option for special category products like dairy free or soy free, vegan or gluten free foods. In fact, you might never have to visit your local organic store ever again, as you can get everything delivered to your home with a click. Feel free to shop for anything organic under the sun! Are you ready?

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