Awesome Water Saving Tips to Apply In Your Home

Conservation of water has become a very common practice among all eco-conscious individuals especially among those living in areas with scarce availability of water. There are plenty of ways to save water at home which would not only help to lower your utility bill but also result in saving hundreds of gallons of water every year! Let a take a look at a few important water saving ideas which would help to conserve a precious resource.

Simple Ways of Water Saving in and around Your Home

  • Water Saving While Doing Your Laundry

The next time its’ your turn to do the laundry make sure to wash full loads. A resource efficient washing machine can use as less as 15 gallons of water for each load. When the time comes to get your washing machine replaced, always select an energy efficient washer with a low water factor. The lesser the water factor the more is your water saving.

  • Water Saving While Washing Dishes

If you are wondering how to save water while washing dishes then you need to consider investing on a resource efficient dishwasher. A water saving dishwasher would make use of less water per cycle and therefore help in saving water at home. Always wash full load of dishes for maximum water saving. If you are doing the dishes by hand then fill up your sink with water and then go about the task rather than keep the water running. Instead of running water onto frozen foods you need to defrost them overnight.

  • Water Saving by Repairing Leaky Faucet

The tiniest drip from a leaky faucet can lead to enormous amount of water wastage every day. A tap which leaks sixty drops/minute can lead to the wastage of 192 gallons of water every month. This is why you need to go for resource efficient faucets and faucet aerators. If you are wondering how we can save water while using the faucet then ensure that the tap is turned off while you are brushing or lathering your face/hands.

  • Water Saving in Your Toilet

One of the most effective ways to save water is to check your toilet for any leaks. In order to do this you need to add a little food colouring to the tank of your bathroom. Now if the colour starts to surface in the bowl without flushing within half an hour then you can be sure that there’s a leak which needs to be fixed.

Other Simple Ways to Save Water in Daily Life

  • If you don’t intend to waste water while taking a shower then consider insulating your water pipes with special pre-slit foam insulation. A must have item in a water saving toilet, insulating your water pipes would ensure that you get hot water quickly and avoid wasting water while its heating up.


  • You can also go for a 6 litre flush model instead of the typical 18 litres one for maximum water saving in the toilet. One of the most simple ways to save water, this ULV (ultra-low volume) flush model would result in 30% reduction in indoor water usage.


  • Another important water saving tips is to take short showers. When you are looking for easy ways to save water, you surely need to spend a few bucks on the water saving low flow shower heads. Low flow water saving shower head like the Shower Start showerheads and converters would use less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute and automatically pause the running shower whenever the water gets warm.


  • Let’s come to the final water conservation tips of our post, installation of float boosters and plastic bottles in the toilet tank. Insert one or two inches of pebbles and sand in the plastic bottles so as to make them heavy. Now fill them up with water, put the lids on and immerse them to your toilet tank. Conversely you can invest on a cheap float booster for saving at least ten gallons of water per day.

Wrapping it up

Water saving in your house doesn’t require much expenses and effort on your part. Though there are several expensive water saving appliances like drip irrigation, on-demand water heaters, rain barrels etc., the majority of water saving methods come at little or no cost.

If you follow all the water saving ideas discussed in this article you would be able to save an incredible amount of water every year.

If save water save life is your motto then you should also invest on a few basic water saving devices like low flow showerheads, faucet aerators, ULF toilets etc.

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