Warning Signs That Your Partner Might Be Cheating On You

Love has no boundaries, but when it happens while you are already in another relationship, it becomes increasingly difficult to bear with an unfaithful spouse. You may think that your partner would never cheat on you, but there’s no guarantee.

The best way to save your marriage if you are ever a victim of infidelity would be to notice the signs of being cheated on early while there’s still hope for your relationship. So, before you are certain that your partner is cheating on you, read on to find out:

Some of the Most Common Warning Signs that Your Spouse Might be Cheating on You

  1. Overly Enthusiastic About Work

Late nights at office, working on weekends, meetings, frequent business trips or other such sudden changes in schedule are often signs that your husband/wife is having an affair.

These excuses work as a perfect backup for your cheating spouse to spend some time with that other person.

Note: It wouldn’t come as a big surprise when we tell you that 27 per cent of men cite ‘business meetings or working late’ as an excuse to cover their affair!

  1. Going Solo all the Time

Couples who are in a happy and healthy relationship try to spend as much time together as they can.

But, if you find your partner spending a lot of time outside socializing without you then it’s a telltale sign of your husband having an affair.

  1. Change in Sexual Activity

A sudden increase or decrease in sexual activity may be the sign of an unfaithful husband/wife. If your husband is getting all the action that he needs from another woman, chances are he wouldn’t be that interested in you anymore.

Most of the times it’s the disinterest in sex that’s a clear sign of a cheater, however it might be different for some couples. A sudden increase in sexual appetite can also indicate adultery.

  1. Emotional Detachment

Being emotionally invested in two people at the same time is hard to pull off, which is why your spouse would create space, so he/she doesn’t get detected easily.

Not talking much, avoiding being alone with you or shying away from PDAs, which wasn’t the case before are some of the ways a cheating spouse would subconsciously do to create distance, so he doesn’t have to feel too guilty about cheating.

  1. Unavailable for Most of the Day

Lately, while calling your significant other, all you end up hearing is “the number you are calling is not reachable” or “the number you are calling is currently switched off”. Does this mean he/she is cheating? There’s a good chance your husband/wife is cheating on you.

It gives them an alibi to continue with their secret affair without having to worry about thinking of different excuses to tell you for being unavailable.

  1. Overly Defensive

When a man or a woman becomes overly defensive about his whereabouts or behavior, it’s a sign that something is wrong. A simple expression like, “Hey! Where were you? I missed you so much today” may irk your partner, because he/she doesn’t want you to know that he/she was being unfaithful.

Sometimes, a cheating partner may also accuse you of being unfaithful without any evidence; just to deflect his/her own guilt and poor behavior.

  1. Picking up Unnecessary Fights

When your partner has been cheating on you from a long time, finding new excuses to get away from you and the house becomes difficult.

So, what would a cheating husband or wife do? The easiest way is to pick fights and go out for a walk or a drive to clear their head. It would easily give them a couple of hours of solitude. It could be early signs of a cheater.

  1. Losing Track of Details

As the lies pile up, your husband would begin losing track of the details. He wouldn’t remember whether he watched a particular movie or did a particular act with you or his lover.

He might reminisce about a time you both had fun playing pool together when in reality you both have never played pool together in the past. Things like these are clear signs of adultery in a relationship.

  1. A Woman’s Institution

When a woman gets a niggling doubt that your partner might be unfaithful, you are probably right.

Note: In a survey it was found that 79 per cent of women can tell when their husband is cheating on them even before they actually catch a cheater.

  1. A Lot of Time Spent Online or on Phone

“My husband cheated on me, but there was no sign of it on his mobile phone.” Have you experienced this before? Sadly, modern technology is making it easier for unfaithful husbands and wives to cheat.

There are various mobile apps and websites that promise private exchange of texts that disappear leaving no trace of communication.

  1. Unjustified Expenses

Have you noticed a restaurant bill for a meal that you never went to with your spouse? Is your husband/wife spending a lot on new lingerie’s?

Sudden increases in lifestyle expenses like these that don’t include you mean that something is definitely wrong somewhere.

  1. Pampering with Gifts and Sweet Talk

While it feels good to be loved and pampered by your other half, a sudden increase in material gifts is probably their subconscious way of covering up the guilt of having spent time elsewhere.

  1. Acquiring New Interests and Tastes

Is your partner suddenly more fond of Chinese food? Or is he suddenly listening to pop music which he didn’t like before?

As your partner is spending more time with his/her lover, the choices of her new partner are affecting his tastes.

  1. Criticizing the ‘Lover’

Some people just can’t stop thinking about their affair, so how do they talk about this person in front of you? The best way is to criticize that individual in front of you. This way if you ever hear anything from anyone about them being together you would just laugh it off.

  1. Keeping you Away from Personal Belongings

When a wife cheats on a husband or vice versa, they often don’t want their companion to go through their personal belongings.

The simple reason being that they are scared of the evidence that might still be in their pockets, purse or files.

Over to You

Have you noticed these signs in your partner recently? It could be that your husband/wife is cheating on you, but before you jump to any conclusion, understand that these behaviors signal infidelity only if they are a departure from the norm.

Remember it’s time to take action if you witness more than a few of the above behavioral changes in your partner. Addressing issues in a relationship early on can prevent future infidelity.

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