Wardrobe Essentials That You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe Right Now

Everyone watches you at the presentation, meeting and even during casual chats. Nothing beats a well-groomed and hygienic person. Let us look at some quick fashion tips for men, and if you do not own one, you can add them to your wardrobe right now

  1. The first one on the must-have list is the suit.

The suit should be of the same fabric as that of the pants.

Preferably choose a woollen fabric for the richness of the feel. Moreover, the woollen material is perfect for evening and day wear.

Pay attention to the fit. If the shoulders are falling off or too tight, it will show and will not look good.

The length of the suit should not be too short or long; The best size is below the buttocks.

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For style, also choose the classic two-button suit. Well, if you have got a good height, a three-button suit would also do well. But for the standard average person, a two buttoned suit works the best.

Besides black, there is a range of colours which you may choose from. For example, one can choose brown, grey, and even maroon colours. The sleeve length should be till the wrist and not beyond it.

Team the suit with a formal shirt. White is the best colour that goes well with all shades and is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. Pink, lavender, blue are also good colours for a shirt.

Things To Add To Your Wardrobe Right Now

  1. The second fashion tip for men is while going for a layered look – jackets or blazers are a must-have. You could choose from faux leather, leather, flannel and denim material for the jacket. A Nehru jacket with a jewel colour or dark beige shades goes well when adorned over a kurti with jeans, salwars or churidars for the traditional look.
  2. The Third fashion tip for men on the list is a Kurti for traditional wear. The kurti generally is with a V shape neckline or a Chinese colour. White or maroon are the standard colours. Short kurti a little below the waist length also looks excellent when paired with jeans, rugged denim or chinos.
  3. Though this is the fourth on the list, it is an essential part of the ensemble. An Accessorized formal suit with pointed toe formal shoes and the same colour belt looks great.
  4. The fifth and the last on the fashion tips for men list is bags. Yes, bags! The briefcase is of yesteryears; however, today, we all carry a laptop, and instead of a knapsack, a laptop bag is a must. While going for meetings or conferences, leather or faux leather laptop bag with pockets for a charger would be just fine.

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A traditional backpack for an everyday commute that can hold a hydrator and tiffin would also come in handy during a weekend getaway. Finally, a duffle bag is airy and just right to carry sweaty gym wear.

I hope your wardrobe is filled with these must-have essentials & the fashion tips mentioned above help you organize your closet.

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