Why Online Businesses Should Include Videos On Their Marketing Strategy

We live in an ever-changing digital world, and you always need to adjust your strategies to come up with new and innovative ways to grab the attention of your potential customers online.

To set yourself apart from the rest of the competition, one of the essential mediums that you can tap into is video marketing.

Do you know that 97 percent of marketers say that videos have improved user understanding of their products and services? Also, 81 percent of users are convinced that they want to avail of a service or buy a product after watching a brand’s video.

If these numbers are not enough to convince you, here are seven benefits why video marketing is worth the investment:

  1. Video marketing boosts your conversion rates and sales

Videos enhancing your conversions isn’t merely just a theory or a hypothesis. It has been backed by numerous industry studies. Videos are excellent because it makes users stay longer, and they’re more likely to click on another link (or source) once the video is over.

As a result, it increases overall engagement. There’s also an increased chance that it will convert to a sale, users signing up on the email list or something else of value.

Here’s the thing, people prefer to watch a video rather than reading blocks of texts about your organization, products, and services.

Videos give a lower barrier of entry for visitors, and they’re likely going to stick around if something is compelling and exciting about your company and what you offer. As a result, it boosts your e-commerce conversion rates and sales.

  1. Videos provides an excellent return on investment

Approximately 83 percent of businesses say that video marketing provides an excellent return of investments. While video production isn’t necessarily one of the cheapest and easiest tasks, it does pay off in the long run.

Aside from that video editing tools are improving, and becoming more affordable. Even smartphones can create decent videos as of the moment.

Keep in mind that your videos don’t necessarily have to be perfect. Instead, focus on explaining clearly your products and services.

  1. A video builds your brand’s credibility and trust

Trust is the very foundation of conversions and sales. That’s why building credibility and trust should be one of your leading business goals.

After all, the whole concept of content marketing should be focused on building trust and long term relationships. So let people come to you by providing them with compelling and valuable information.

Videos engage people and ignite emotions. Even promotional videos can help develop trust as well. Ideally, if you want to create a useful marketing video, present your products in conversational form.

As a result, it creates a more individual approach, making potential customers more confident to purchase your products online.

  1. Video marketing improves your search engine rankings

Videos increase the time visitors spend on your site. Long exposures create trust and signals search engines that your website has excellent content. You are 53 times likely to show on the top results of Google if you have a video embedded on your site.

Also, optimize your videos on Youtube for SEO. Try writing catchy titles and exciting descriptions as much as possible. Then add a link that leads to your website, products, and services.

Given that Google now owns YouTube, there’s a high likelihood that videos have a significant effect on your search engine rank.

  1. Videos are great addition to email marketing campaigns

Make sure to incorporate your videos in your email marketing campaigns. Do you know that having an introductory email with a video in it increases a click-through rate of approximately 96 percent?

It’s true ‒ email marketing can grow your business. Videos are excellent if you want to rise above your competitors and send your message across.

  1. A video increases your online presence

Videos are an excellent way to tell your brand story. If you want to create a type of content that makes a lasting impact on your viewers, adding a video on YouTube is an obvious choice.

YouTube makes it possible for other users to embed your videos on other sites, allowing you to share your message with others easily.

So focus on providing valuable content to your users, and other people will do the marketing for you by sharing your message to their networks. As a result, you’re establishing a steady online presence by exposing your brand to more people.

  1. Video marketing boosts social media engagement

Videos are a great way to encourage social shares in various social media networks, especially with the rise of new features.

For instance, Facebook has launched the Live Video, and 360 Video. Instagram has Instagram Stories, 60-Second Videos and utilizes Instagram TV to drive user engagement. Twitter has Periscope, and YouTube is considered the second most popular social network in the world.

Remember to keep videos entertaining and fun as possible to encourage social shares. Try to remember that people share videos because of the emotions it sends them and not facts. Social shares increase the traffic in your site.

Wrapping up Video Marketing for Businesses

The type of video that you create varies depending on the nature of your business. Whether its product demos and introductions or ‘elevator speech’ type of videos, make it as compelling as possible, instantly grabbing your viewer’s attention in the first few seconds.

Continue to focus your efforts on creating high-quality video content, and you’ll reap the results in the long run.

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