8 Cool Uses for Embroidered Patches

When you hear the word embroidered patches, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe you think about these embroidered patches as an effective way to cover up a hole in your jeans. Or perhaps you were a girl/boy scout and worked diligently to get one of those coveted embroidered patches for completing a task.

It could be you’ve never given them much thought at all. But maybe you should.

Read on to learn more about their uses.

Embroidered Patches Are a Great Way to Express Yourself

They’re affordable, easy to apply and come in almost any design you can imagine. In fact, just head to the internet and you might be surprised at the huge variety of embroidered patches.

And we’ll give you some ideas for what you can do with them.

  1. Backpacks and Bags

Have you ever mistakenly grabbed someone else’s backpack thinking it’s your own?

That won’t happen if you personalize it with embroidered patches. It’s kind of like putting a tag on your luggage so someone else doesn’t end up with your travel bag.

Beyond the practical side, putting patches on a backpack or other bag is a way to show others a little piece – or perhaps many pieces – of your personality.

You could use patches to demonstrate a team you back or a cause you support. You’re bound to find others who share your passion for these things.

  1. Tablet and Phone Cases

Just as with a bag that looks like every other bag, phone and tablet cases are often meant to just be functional.

But smack a patch on your case and you’re styling. Nobody else is going to swipe your device when it’s branded with a patch.

If your preferred device carrier is fabric, you can iron on a patch that will give it a little pop. But if it’s a plastic case, don’t worry. Simply glue it on and call it a day.

  1. Family Reunion Wear

Perhaps you’ve got a family vacation that involves a reunion coming up soon. So, if you’re planning the usual t-shirts with some over-the-top design, consider toning it down a little this year.

You could come up with an original design for a patch. Buy a surplus of shirts and then iron them on yourself.

Or how about mechanic’s shirts with an embroidered patch that has each individual person’s name? That could be just the thing to make your family reunion really unique this year.

Another option could be family reunion hats with patches. Some people prefer wearing hats. These could also have individual names.

The possibilities are endless.

  1. Koozy

When you’re kicking back after a long day or enjoying a cold soda or beer on the boat, why advertise the company that made your drink when you can advertise yourself?

Adding some of your own “flair” to your drink koozy will make your chilling time all the more entertaining. And it could be a conversation starter.

  1. Artwork

Embroidered patches don’t have to be all about expressing yourself outside your home.

If you’re a big fan of Star Wars, for instance, you can find a huge array of different Star Wars themed patches and apply them to a board or canvas to create an embroidered collage of sorts.

Or maybe you like flowers and would love to add a little more color to your interior. Forget the paint and create some color with embroidered flower patches arranged on bright fabric that you can hang on a wall.

  1. Pillows/Decor

Falling in line with using embroidered patches as more than an outward expression, you can apply patches to fabrics that already exist in your home.

For example, you could spruce up some old pillows with patches. Or you could buy new pillows in solid or patterned colors and create your own special style.

If you don’t want to fully commit, stick with patches on pillowcases. They’re easy to apply. If your tastes change over the years, then you just take the pillowcases to Goodwill and make some new ones.

Another option is adding some personality to a blanket, duvet cover, or bedspread.

  1. Jewelry

We’re not talking about sewing together a bunch of patches to make a necklace or bracelet, though you could do that. After all, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.

The ideal way to create jewelry from patches though is to make pins. A solid base backed with a pin is the starter. From there, you can adhere a small patch to the base and you have an instant accessory.

Pins are an especially nice addition to a coat. You could create a variety of pins to match your mood for the day.

In theory, you could also use embroidered patches to make earrings or even rings, but they’d have to be pretty small. Again, you can custom design patches through various sites if you really want the full array of embroidered jewelry.

  1. Elbow and Knee Covers

We talked above about embroidered patches being something connected with covering holes.

But there’s no rule that says you have to have an actual hole in your jeans to apply a patch. In fact, you could cover your pants completely in patches and make a real fashion statement. They will definitely be one-of-a-kind.

Then there are elbow patches.

Most of us don’t wear our clothes so vigorously as to create holes in the elbows. But again, that doesn’t mean you can’t slap on an elbow patch.

Embellishing a shirt with embroidered elbow patches adds an unexpected surprise. And from a purely functional standpoint, they will protect your elbows – and the fabric that covers them – from additional wear.

Embroidered Patches Are Amazingly Versatile

The embroidered patch is no longer just the domain of scouting or simply the stuff of sports team’s swag.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to express yourself, consider the embroidered patch. They’re simple to apply, easy to find and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

And be sure to check back with us regularly to get more great tips and information on a huge variety of topics. We’ll keep you in the know.

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