Your Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Chandeliers to Brighten Your Day

The lighting in your home is not merely functional. It also sets the tone for your decor.

Light fixtures are more than what lights up the room. They are a focal point and can make or break the look and feel of your space.

Lighting also affects your mood. Whether you need soft, comfortable light for a place to retreat and relax, or formal lighting in a space to entertain friends, choose your mood for a room.

Then create the best lighting design for it.

With the latest decor trends, lighting is seen. Forget recessed lighting and lamps. Go bold with a chandelier.

Here is your ultimate guide to different types of chandeliers

Crystal Chandelier

This is what most people think of when they hear “chandelier.”

Curved metal arms hang down from the ceiling. Bulbs and crystals cover the metal arms to reflect light throughout the room.

You’ll find these in formal spaces. Dining rooms, large entryways, and formal sitting rooms are perfect for an ornate crystal chandelier.

You don’t need to spend a lot on these chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers might seem expensive, but there are affordable options.

Unless you want true crystals, most of these chandeliers use plastic or glass “crystals.” No one will notice the crystals aren’t real.

Save money on glass or plastic while maintaining a formal look for your room.

Rectangular Crystal Chandelier

Take the crystal chandelier idea big and add a twist.

In your formal dining space, a rectangular crystal chandelier is a conversation piece to chat about over dinner with guests.

A rectangular base hangs from the ceiling. Lights and crystals sit in the base for a unique lighting accent. Use LED lights for energy savings.

Choose from a variety of sizes to compliment the length of your dining table.

Rustic Chandeliers

One of the latest, most popular home decor styles is the “rustic” farmhouse design.

Fitting nicely with this is a rustic dining chandelier or a rustic round chandelier.

These simple chandeliers are inspired by old metal from barns and farmhouses. But don’t be fooled by the look of “age”. These pieces are one of the latest trends for a cozy dining room or breakfast nook.

You can spend a lot or a little on this look for your home. If you have the skills for DIY, check Pinterest and create a rustic chandelier on your own.

Drum Chandelier

This chandelier shape looks exactly like it sounds.

A very simple design, the drum chandelier hangs on a single rod attached to the ceiling. Lights sit inside a round fabric casing to give a soft glow.

This chandelier is perfect for an office space or a study. It’s a casual chandelier intended for a cozy space.

Bowl Chandelier

This chandelier is a semi-formal light found in dining rooms and entryways.

The bowl chandelier is one of the most common chandelier shapes. An upside-down-bowl holds the light bulbs. The bowl hangs from a rod attached to the ceiling.

Get creative with this type of chandelier. Bowls come in a variety of sizes and materials, from ornate to simple.

The center bowl chandelier is a variation on this type of lighting. This chandelier has a larger center bowl with smaller bowls surrounding it.

Empire Chandelier

If you need the most formal of formal chandeliers for a great hall, you’re looking for an empire chandelier.

The large chandelier from The Phantom of the Opera comes to mind when thinking of an empire chandelier.

This fixture commands the attention of the room. It is two sections with more lights and crystals than you can count.

The top is smaller than the bottom and connects to the ceiling. A large bowl completes the bottom chandelier.

Choose an empire chandelier only if the room can handle the look, and the structure of the room can support the weight and wiring for this piece.

Hybrid Chandeliers

As you look for the perfect chandelier for your space and decor, you’ll find many chandeliers don’t fit neatly into one category.

Chandeliers are customizable for unique looks. There are no hard and fast rules for creating a chandelier or choosing a design that works in your space.

A globe chandelier combined with a cage chandelier is a great casual look for an informal dining space or a living room.

Caring for Your Chandelier

One of the biggest challenges with a chandelier is keeping it clean. With small parts hanging out of reach, these light fixtures gather plenty of dust.

Don’t be afraid to choose the chandelier you want for fear of the upkeep.

Clean crystal chandeliers with the light turned off. You’ll want the bulbs and crystals to be cool to the touch. Use a light cleaning solution, like diluted vinegar, to clean without needing to rinse.

For a quick clean, choose a duster like a Swiffer, to trap dust without spreading it over you, your floor, and your furniture.

Before you choose the right chandelier for your room, be sure you measure. How far down can the chandelier hang without bumping heads or getting in the way?

Some chandeliers can adjust for how low they hang. But chandeliers with fixed rods won’t adjust after installation. Measure first.

Many Types of Chandeliers Work For Your Space

Choose lighting that pulls together a room and has that “wow” factor. With hybrids and the latest styles, many types of chandeliers work for your space.

Don’t feel restricted to dining rooms and foyers. Chandeliers work well in bedrooms and offices.

When you decide on a new chandelier for your dining room, you might also decide its time for a whole room redesign. Pick your lighting and design the room around it.

It might feel overwhelming when faced with so many options for the perfect chandelier. Don’t overthink it.

Choose what feels right for the room, fits your budget, and makes you happy.

A happy home is a healthy home. Create an environment that helps you and others live your best life.

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