A Brief Guide to Understanding the Different Types of Addiction Treatment Centers

When you’re battling addiction, it’s important to get help that is tailored to your needs.

That’s why when it comes to types of treatment, there are different centers that offer different types of therapy. You want to conquer your addiction, so it’s important to choose the most appropriate treatment center for your particular challenge.

Read on for our guide to the different types of treatment centers.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

When you check into an inpatient treatment center, it becomes your home for the duration of the treatment.

Yes, this will limit your freedom, but it comes with many benefits. There are doctors, counselors, and specially trained nurses on hand round the clock.

You’ll receive a comprehensive treatment plan, that may include medication. You’ll also be able to focus without distractions on your treatment.

You’ll also be away from all your usual triggers, making a relapse extremely unlikely. And there’ll always be support on hand to help you through difficult moments.

Especially if you are struggling with a severe addiction, and possibly if you have co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental health difficulties, a stay in an inpatient treatment center could be the best type of treatment for you.

Outpatient Treatment Centers

If you’re suffering from a mild addiction, then an outpatient treatment center could be one of the best types of treatment for you.

Patients attend the outpatient center during part of the day. When they are there, they engage with the kind of counseling and therapy sessions that inpatient treatment centers offer.

The advantage of outpatient treatment is it is less disruptive to your normal routine. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t help you to get away from triggers in your daily life.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization sits somewhere between inpatient and outpatient care.

While you may be provided at times with accommodation, you usually stay at home and then engage with intensive therapy during the day. It is unlikely that you’ll be able to continue with your regular routine while participation in this.

The advantages are that it takes you to a large degree away from potential triggers, offers more intense therapy but doesn’t mean leaving your home or family for the duration.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

If you’re working with the dual challenge of addiction and a mental health disorder, you’ll understand that you can’t treat one without treating the other.

A specialist dual diagnosis treatment center will likely be the best option for you. That’s because they understand how mental health disorders and addiction interact, and have comprehensive programs to treat them.

Learn more about this treatment before deciding whether this could be right kind of treatment center for you.

The Takeaway: Choosing the Right Types of Treatment Centers for Addiction

No two people’s addiction is exactly alike. That’s why it’s important to work with your doctor to make sure that you choose the right types of treatment for you.

Whether you choose residential treatment, or in the community, you will find that the intensive program offered will help you to beat your addiction once and for all.

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