Top Tips to Cut Your Chores List in Half

When it comes to running a home, the thing that takes up your time more than anything else is chores. If you leave the housework alone for a week, suddenly you’ve got a mound of chores to complete at the weekend, taking up several days.

While chores are unavoidable, there are measures you can implement to reduce the number of chores you have to do, as well as the time it takes to complete them.

Detailed below are some of the top tips you can implement to cut your chores list in half and enjoy your free time.

Visit the Dry Cleaners

The average American woman spends 17 minutes a day on laundry, which equates to over eight hours a month. With the help of a Hollywood or Westminster dry cleaning service, women could gain an extra day every month of free time.

While it may cost a little extra, the use of a dry-cleaning service will free up your time and ensure that your clothes are receiving the care and attention that they should.

After all, if you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on your garments, the last thing you want to happen is for them to be destroyed in the washing machine.

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Chunk Out the Chores

As previously mentioned, when left alone, the number of chores that are required can spiral out of control. In order to avoid your weekend being plagued by chores and nothing else, you should chunk your chores. This means separating them into daily, weekly, and monthly chores; for the monthly chores, you can pencil these into your diary to ensure these get done.

Chores can seem overwhelming when you look at them in the grand scheme of it all; however, if you take each chore as it comes, this will feel much more manageable.

Set a 15-Minute Timer

15 minutes a day is all you need to cut down the time you spend cleaning at the weekend. Every day, set a timer for 15 minutes and dedicate your time to a singular task. By Saturday, you’ll have completed over an hour of cleaning, removing a huge chunk of what needs to be done in your weekly deep clean.

You don’t even have to clean in this time; you might dedicate it to tidying and organizing, making the cleaning easier when the time comes. Sometimes, putting everything in its place is all that needs to be done to ensure your space looks good.

Include Everyone

It’s not uncommon for all the chores to fall on mom, but this isn’t the most effective way of cleaning a home. Additionally, it’s hardly fair when everyone contributes to making the mess, and everyone should contribute to the cleaning of such.

Chores can begin for the kids from as little as two years old (e.g., helping load the washer/dryer, putting books away, wiping up spills, putting clothes in the hamper, feeding the family pet, putting their toys away, etc.) A list of age-appropriate chores is available here to ensure that you’re not setting tasks that are too complicated.

Delegate Tasks

Once you’ve got the whole family involved, you can start to delegate chores to each individual. You can write everyone their own list of chores that they’ll need to complete and check off.

It’s a good idea to keep everyone in separate “zones” so that they’re not on top of each other during the cleaning process. If you have a family of four, you’ll be able to finish the list of chores four times faster than if you were doing it alone.

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