Top 8 Types of Lawyers and How They Can Help Your Case

8 Different Types of Lawyers and How They Can Help You When You Need One

The United States legal services industry is forecast to generate $110 billion in revenue — a world-leading figure. This shows just how in-demand attorneys are in the country.

Even so, there are still millions of people who have never found the need to hire an attorney.

Good for you, because chances are good you’re a law-abiding citizen living a quiet life.

Sorry to break it to you, though. Sooner or later you’re going to need an attorney. And no, you don’t necessarily have to break a law to need one!

In this article, we’re telling you about the different types of lawyers (in no particular order of importance) and how they can be of help.

8 Categories of Lawyers and How They Can Support Your Case

  1. Estate Planning Lawyer

Two things are certain in life: taxes and death. The only difference is tax season comes around every beginning of the new year, but death continues to be a sneaky bastard.

While the former is easy to navigate, the latter is often an emotional and complex issue, but one that must be faced.

How would you want your money and property to pan out after you’re gone? Go to charity? Let your favorite child have that prized vintage car?

If you’re like 60 percent of Americans, you have no will, which means you have no control over how your property will be distributed. The probate courts will decide.

If you’d love certain assets to go to certain people when you inevitably die, it’s time to hire an estate planning lawyer and work out a sound estate plan.

  1. Tax Lawyer

Taxes aren’t that simple, after all. Not with almost every new administration attempting to overhaul the tax code.

When tax season comes around, millions of Americans struggle to give Uncle Sam what duly belongs to him. Between making time off their busy schedules and filling out the paperwork, the task is never easy.

That’s why tax lawyers exist. At a small fee, a tax lawyer will file your tax returns, advise you (and your business) on how to minimize tax liability and represent you during an audit.

  1. Business Attorney

Starting a successful business and being your own boss. The American Dream.

However, transforming an idea into a solid, profitable business is never that simple – at least not in a country that doesn’t rank in the top 3 in the Ease of Doing Business Index.

If the allure of self-employment gets to you, you’ll need a business attorney to successfully establish your enterprise. This lawyer will help you fill out the paperwork, choose a suitable business structure, handle business contracts and ensure the business adheres to various federal, state and local laws, among other responsibilities.

  1. Personal Injury Lawyer

Every year, about 37,000 people in American lose their lives to road accidents. Over 2 million sustain injuries or become disabled.

If you’ve never been involved in an accident – we’re not wishing you bad luck – but, yeah, the stats say it’s coming. The average American will crash their car 3-4 times!

If you’re ever injured in an accident, a personal injury lawyer will come in handy, especially if the accident wasn’t your doing. The lawyer will negotiate accident settlements on your behalf and represent you in court in the event the case goes to trial.

Personal injury lawyers also help victims of workplace accidents, as will worker’s compensation lawyers.

  1. DUI/DWI Lawyer

You absolutely must never drink and drive.

That said, out of ignorance, false self-belief in one’s driving skills, lack of DUI checkpoints, or any combination of these factors, some drivers still get behind the wheel while in a state of intoxication (It’s important to state that intoxication doesn’t begin when you hit the blood-alcohol concentration limit. It begins as soon as your first drink).

Should you get caught drunk driving, as you likely will, call a DUI/DWI lawyer.

The lawyer will defend your dishonorable ways in court so that you aren’t slapped a steep fine, or your license isn’t suspended/revoked, or you aren’t charged with a DUI felony.

Sometimes police officers will break the law when administering a DUI check or wrongly issue a traffic ticket. A DUI lawyer will ensure justice prevails.

  1. Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Sometimes you’ll go for a routine visit to the physician’s office and, due to professional incompetence or negligence, get misdiagnosed or receive treatments/medication for a wrong disease.

That is medical malpractice, and a medical malpractice lawyer will help you bring a case against the physician and their practice. If there will be a need to negotiate a settlement, the lawyer will evaluate the damages you suffered, put a monetary value on them, and lead the negotiations with the physician’s legal team.

  1. Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy cases are declining, but that’s not stopping 800,000 people or so from filing.

With many Americans living from paycheck to paycheck, losing a job, making a bad investment or facing a huge healthcare bill can quickly push you into debt.

While most Americans manage debt without filing for bankruptcy, there are times when it becomes necessary, especially when your lenders want to seize your property.

During such times, a bankruptcy lawyer will be your go-to professional. They will evaluate your situation, determine the type of bankruptcy to file, and handle the paperwork. They can also devise a debt management plan to get you out of debt.

  1. Family Lawyer

Divorce is what typically comes to mind when you hear “family law.” But a family lawyer is much more than a legal professional to help you wind up your marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A family lawyer will help you navigate issues of prenuptial agreements, child guardianship after your death, spousal abuse, and parental responsibility among others. A good family lawyer can turn out to be a close confidant, a guardian of your most intimate family secrets.

You Could Need One or More of These Types of Lawyers

The vastness and complexity of the law make it impossible for the average person to sort out legal issues on their own. You’re going to need a lawyer, specifically a lawyer who specializes in your area of legal need. Thankfully, we’ve told you about the most common types of lawyers and what they can do to help your case.

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