What Is a Compressor Used For? (Top 7 Uses Revealed!)

Thinking about air compressors wondering “what is a compressor used for?” is probably not something many people do in their spare time. However, perhaps it should be, considering this tool can apply to many uses ranging from industrial machinery to throwing a birthday party.

How can you use an air compressor to throw a party? Well, keep reading. We’re going over 7 uses for air compressors that might surprise you.

  1. Nail Gun

Imagine the days of construction where you would literally have to hammer each nail individually. No wonder it took years to build houses back in the day.

Nowadays, we have compressor powered nail guns that allow you to nail over 40 nails per minute.

  1. Easy Auto Repairs

Flat tire? Don’t sweat it if you have an air compressor. Compressors can fill your tires and get you back on the road.

Dusty machinery inside the vehicle? A compressor powered air blow gun will clear any dust or clogs from the car parts.

Rusty bolts that won’t come loose no matter how big your biceps are? An air ratchet tool (powered by a compressor, of course) will have those bolts loose in no time.

  1. Paintball Gun

If you’ve ever gone paintballing, you have air compressors to thank. Compressors give those tiny paintballs enough force to shoot out of the gun and leave a welt on your body for days.

  1. Airbrush Painting

Continuing with the paint theme, airbrushers depend on compressed air to power their tools. Whether you’re covering up a chip on your car or tricking out your motorbike helmet via airbrush painting, a compressor is what’s behind it.

  1. Industrial Uses

We’ve gone over some fun uses for compressors, but the meat and potatoes of this tool are in the industrial applications. Compressors are an essential part of machinery used in:

  • Manufacturing (machines, air blow guns, sanding, etc.)
  • Agriculture (vehicles, farming tools, etc.)
  • Auto repair (pressure washing, screw removal, etc.)
  • Construction (nail guns, powering vehicles, etc.)

Compressors are the unsung heroes of many industries: they’re versatile and power many tools and vehicles.

  1. Scuba Diving

Back to the fun stuff. Scuba diving wouldn’t be possible without air tanks, right? Air compressors are what make diving tanks possible and allow us to dive and breath underwater.

  1. Parties?

We teased you with this idea at the beginning and now we’ll explain ourselves. But just how do compressors help you throw a rager?

Well, they can be used to blow up balloons, power a bouncy castle, start up a snow/fog machine, and help you clean up your yard/garage to host it (air blowers, power washing etc.).

What Is A Compressor Used For? From Powerwashing to Paintball

If you’ve been asking “what is a compressor used for?” perhaps the better question is what it isn’t used for! As you’ve learned here, you can find compressors everywhere from farms to backyard barbecues. Chances are, you’ve used one without realizing it.

Most people view compressors as tools for cars and home improvement. If you want more tips on those topics, check out our blog.

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