Top 5 Features for Successfully Designing Parenting Blogs

Nobody ever said parenting would be easy.

But parenting blogs like yours create a community of support that is a lifeline for many parents.

Do you already have some fantastic content that helps parents with everything from how to put on diapers to the big questions of being a parent?

In the competitive market of parenting blogs, it’s no longer enough just to have great content. You need to have great design too.

The best parenting blogs have certain design features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading to find out our top 5 tips for successfully designing your blog.

  1. Parenting Blogs Branding

When the homepage of your blog first comes up, it should clearly and concisely reflect your brand.

Before anyone has read any of your parenting blog posts, make sure you have shown what you’re about with titles, images, and design.

Parents have to trust you and your advice. Maybe include a picture of yourself looking relaxed with your children?

If you don’t want to include a picture of yourself, then include a relevant image that interests and appeals to the visitor.

If you do include a photo, make sure the image looks professional. You want to give your readers a positive impression, a poor-quality image certainly doesn’t achieve this.

  1. Endorsements And Previous Publications

It’s important that parents trust you enough to take your advice and suggestions.

You can add credibility to your blog by displaying the logos or endorsements you’ve had from other media websites and organizations.

If you’ve had your articles published with a media outlet the reader recognizes they are more likely to have confidence in what you have to say.

  1. WayFinding Options

The best parenting blogs have a wide range of topics covered.

The many categories about parenting and raising children makes it difficult for visitors to navigate themselves around your website.

By creating a wayfinding design this allows users to find the content they want effectively. This also means that users are more likely to explore your blog for longer.

  1. About The Author Section

Creating a successful parenting blog is as much as forming a connection with your reader as it is about providing interesting and useful content.

You readers need to believe that you are a real person who is going through, or has already experienced, the same parenting challenges as them.

By including an about the author page on your website, you allow your readers a window into your life. They are more likely to read your content if you include a design feature like this.

  1. Most Read Widgets

Adding a “most read” or “most popular” widget allows people to immediately see what your most read blog posts are.

They are much more likely to click on this post if they know tones of other parents like them have already done so.

With these five tips about features for a successfully designed parenting blog, you can increase traffic to your site and get parents reading your posts and sharing your content.

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One thought on “Top 5 Features for Successfully Designing Parenting Blogs

  • October 21, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Branding is key. Get that down to be memorable. Like the rocking brand you have here 🙂


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