Top 5 Best Spray Foam Kit Products

While fiberglass insulation lets nearly one-third of your heating and cooling escape your home, spray foam doesn’t allow any air to get in or out.

On top of that, insulation foam lasts about three times as long as fiberglass. All in all, this material is one of the keys to maintaining an energy efficient house.

That said, not all spray foam kits are equally effective or reliable. If you’re working on an important project, you’re better off going with a trustworthy brand.

Want to make sure you’re investing your money in the best spray foam kit possible? Let’s take a quick look at which insulation foam kits will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

  1. Tiger Foam Quick Cure Formula 600 Board Foot

If you’re looking for an inexpensive insulation foam kit that doesn’t need any additional equipment to do the job, start with this one.

Each inch of this product has an R-value of almost 7, the best rating in the industry.

One Tiger spray foam kit covers approximately 600 board feet. It’s packaged with a 15-foot hose and applicator, detailed instructions, and several fan and cone nozzle tips.

  1. Dow Chemical FROTH-PAK 650

The Dow Chemical Company is one of the biggest names in the industry–and for good reason.

They put out some of the highest quality products around.

Fortunately, the FROTH-PAK 650 is no exception.

This spray foam has a Class-A fire rating. Just one kit covers 650 sq. feet. Not to mention, every inch of foam offers an R-value rating of 6.5, and it cures much faster than most competing products.

  1. Foam It Green 602

Want a spray foam that ensures adequate mixing?

Foam It Green has two different-colored sprays, one blue and one yellow. And when they mix well, the foam turns green.

Like its name suggests, one kit will give you about 602 sq. feet of coverage. It has a 7 R-value rating. Plus, it’s not only Class I E-84 Fire-Retardant but also antimicrobial.

The kit also comes with several accessories, including a 15-foot hose, nozzles, and a protective suit with goggles and gloves

  1. Touch ‘n Seal Foam Kit 1000

Is your project significantly larger than average?

This Class 1 fire retardant foam covers about 1,000 board feet. Once applied, it only takes about a minute for the foam to dry, and you have a 15-foot hose to work with.

In the box, you’ll find 10 additional nozzles, both cone and fan. The kit is also packaged with other accessories, such as gloves, petroleum jelly, O-ring, and assembly wrench.

  1. Touch ‘n Foam Pro System 600

This product is one of the best all-around insulation foam kits you can buy.

It’s fire resistant, with a Class A fire rating, and it handles moisture well. It also does an excellent job of bonding to any material.

One kit offers about 600 board feet of coverage. Each inch has a 5.4 R-value rating, and it only takes a minute or so to cure.

Much like other foam kits on this list, the Pro System 600 comes with additional accessories.

These include 5 fan and 5 conical nozzles, as well as some protective gear.

Choosing the Best Spray Foam Kit

When you put so much effort into preparing for a project, the last thing you want is to end up with is off-ratio or shrinking foam. If you’re looking for something high-quality and dependable, stick to one of the 5 spray foam kit brands mentioned above.

Do you have plans for any other DIY projects around the house in the near future? Are you thinking about re-doing your dining room or replacing a window? If so, be sure to head over to the home improvement section of our blog to get more invaluable tips and insight!

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One thought on “Top 5 Best Spray Foam Kit Products

  • January 18, 2021 at 12:21 am

    My wife and I thought it would be a good idea being that we think this home will be our forever home.
    We know the return doesn’t come super fast but are high believers in high efficiency items that save you money. We also purchased a higher seer ac system that works really well with removing humidity in our home in St. Petersburg.

    Another thing that we did was get spray foam insulation for our home as well before getting the ac unit it actually significantly lowered the tonnage we needed for our home.
    We’ve been doing quite a lot of improvements but as I said we do plan on making this the one!

    Between the spray foam insulation and the ac unit our bills have drastically lowered I would definitely recommend looking into it guys!


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