Top 4 Rehabilitation Centers in the United States

Top 4 Rehabilitation Centers in US

Are you one of the millions of Americans currently struggling with addiction?

Have you finally had enough of allowing your addiction total control over your life, and are ready to make a change?

If so, you know just how important the rehabilitation centers you begin to research will be in your recovery. How can you pick the center that fits with your personality, but also has experience in treating your specific addiction?

Read on to find out.

In this post, we’ll tell you where you can find the best treatments for alcoholism, opioid addiction, cocaine abuse, and even treatment for young addicts.

Best Rehabilitation Centers in the United States

  1. Caron Pennsylvania

Is your teenager or young adult in need of treatment?

If so, we know it can be especially harrowing to think about how the rehabilitation centers you’re considering will shape the course of a young addict’s life.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a rehab Pennsylvania center like Caron.

They specialize in addiction rehab for teenagers from the ages of 13-18, as well as young adult treatment for those ranging in age from 19-25.

One of the biggest benefits of this center?

They offer on-site schooling, so your child won’t have to worry about falling behind in their education just because they need a little help. This means that, once they’ve graduated from the program, they can almost immediately return to school, usually right where they left off.

This also helps to protect the privacy of a young adult or teen struggling with addiction.

Another wonderful feature of Caron Pennsylvania?

They also offer family education. As a parent, it’s easy to blame yourself for your child’s addiction. These family-oriented classes are designed to help you understand the real reasons behind your child/teen’s addiction, as well as how you can create the best environment possible for them when they return home.

  1. Solutions Recovery Center

Are you or someone you love currently struggling with alcohol?

If so, you’re not alone — however, far too many people attempt to quit drinking cold turkey and without any assistance.

This doesn’t just increase your chances for a relapse, it’s also incredibly dangerous.

That’s why it’s so important to find rehabilitation centers that are equipped and experienced in helping alcoholics.

Addiction Solutions of South Florida (also known as Solutions Recovery Center) is one of those places.

It has one of the highest success rates for helping people to overcome their challenges with alcohol in no small part because it strives to create a home-like environment, where addicts feel comfortable and can re-learn how to live their “normal lives” sober.

It also offers individualized counseling, detox programs, physical fitness routines, and even (supervised) access to the beach. Especially if you’re interested in making nature a part of your treatment, we know you’ll love Solutions Recovery.

  1. Orchid Recovery Center

Are you interested in rehabilitation centers that cater strictly to women? Do you feel that a more holistic approach — in addition to standard treatment — would be more effective for you?

Do you specifically struggle with opioid abuse?

If so, we know you’ll be able to be at peace at Orchid Recovery Center.

Orchid uses a variety of methods to help you to both understand and address the underlying causes of addiction. They work to help you heal not just your mind and body, but also your spirit.

You’ll begin by correcting your body, by learning how to make your own nutrition-packed meals designed to replenish what drug abuse took from you. Then, you can enroll in yoga classes to help you learn how to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in art therapy, to both build a new skill set and access your creative side.

Finally, you’ll also receive hormone education and therapy, to help you understand where you are in your hormone cycle and the role hormones play within addictive behavior.

  1. Sunrise House Treatment Center

Do you currently suffer from a cocaine addiction that’s destroying your career, relationships, and life?

Often, what started as a “party drug” you did occasionally can quickly turn into a full-blown addiction before you’re even aware of what’s happening.

Usually, cocaine abuse is best treated by going to rehabilitation centers that offer individualized in-patient care.

One of the most effective rehabs for cocaine addicts is the Sunrise House in New Jersey.

Especially if you think that the 12-step program is something that would be effective for you, we encourage you to learn more about this facility. You’ll begin your stay in the detox home in Sunrise House, where you’ll be under near-constant medical supervision.

After that, you’ll begin the 90 days of treatment, which will consist of both individual and group therapy sessions. You’ll also talk about your family history, which means that this center focuses especially on the involvement of the addict’s family as a part of the recovery process.

They also offer a variety of unique and thorough aftercare options, so that your transition out of the center is as easy as possible.

What Else Should You Expect From Rehabilitation Centers?

We understand that the decision to begin researching rehabilitation centers isn’t one that you’ve taken lately.

We know you’re likely feeling a combination of many things: fear, anxiety, perhaps even excitement. No matter which center you choose to check into, be prepared to do the bulk of the work yourself.

No one will be able to beat your addiction but you. Remember, rehab is about giving you the tools you need to stay clean and sober — but you need to be the one to open that toolbox.

Need additional advice about rehabilitation? Have more general health and wellness questions?

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