Top 10 Worlds Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Own

There are many elegant and beautiful dogs available for dog lovers, but man’s best friend comes at a price. Here are the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world to own in 2017 along with the price of dogs.

You shouldn’t have to pay for a friend, but that rule doesn’t seem to apply when buying the top dog breeds.  You can almost call them designer dogs, as they are most expensive dogs to buy.

Dog lovers are prepared to pay even huge amounts going into thousands of dollars for a particular rare breed or a costly dog. Though the cost of a particular dog breed could vary based on the breeder, I’m listing the top 10 breeds being the most expensive dogs in the world with price.

So, here are the top 10 most amazing dog breeds – be warned as you cannot be on a budget if you want to buy the most expensive dog in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

  1. Pharaoh Hound ($4000)

 Pharaoh Hound - Top 10 Worlds Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Own

It is one of the world’s most expensive dogs. Maybe, the dog hunted gazelles along with the pharaohs, hence the name.

  • Ability to blush, with a deep rose color on the nose and the ears when excited or happy. Enjoys smiling and is the prettiest dog in the world.
  • These hound dogs are royal, graceful and elegant in bearing.
  • Hunting dogs.
  • Adapts well to living in apartments.
  • This most expensive breed of dog is tolerant of hot weather, but vulnerable to cold.
  • Very kid friendly and affectionate.
  • Bred to hunt.
  1. Akita ($4500)

Akita - Worlds Most Expensive Dog Breeds to Own

It is a native of the mountain regions of Japan and ranks among the most expensive dog breeds. They have fluffy tails and a warm coat.

  • Show dogs or therapy dogs.
  • Large head with small triangular or almond shaped eyes.
  • Very loyal to owners and affectionate to family.
  • Has a mouthing habit and likes to carry things in the mouth.
  • Can tolerate cold weather as it has a warm coat, but not very suitable for hot weather.
  • Dominating breed that needs proper training, though it takes some time. They are among the most expensive dog breeds to buy.
  • Natural hunting skills.
  • They are most expensive small dogs and the puppies shed a lot of hair.


  1. Chow Chow ($5000)

Chow Chow - most expensive dog

It is almost the world’s most expensive dog with a warm coat.   It was used as a war dog for warding off attackers, just like a Great Wall.

  • Good companions or show dogs.
  • Large head with a mane like hair, making it one of the most elegant dog breeds in the world.
  • Has the nobility of a lion and the grace of a cat.
  • Quiet and loyal companion, more suitable for older children and suspicious of strangers.
  • Blue black tongue.
  • Not very speedy, but a good walking companion.
  • Can live in apartments, but this expensive dog needs daily exercise.
  1. Tibetan Mastiff ($5000)

 Tibetan Mastiff - most expensive dog in the world

Traditionally used by Asian tribes for protecting the sheep from attackers and developed hundreds of years ago in Tibet. One Tibetan Mastiff was sold for $2 million in China in the year 2014)

  • Working dogs.
  • Large size with a long coat and a beautiful tail.
  • Loving, patient and gentle.
  • Not suitable for families with small children.
  • Never walk without the leash.
  • Not fit for dog sports.
  • Need regular brushing but shed very little.


  1. Rottweiler ($5000)

Rottweiler - most expensive dogs to buy

German breed, used as herders, police and service dogs and for therapy. There are some claims that Rotties are dangerous, some towns ban you from owning one.

  • These double coated, expensive dogs for sale need a lot of exercise.
  • Broad chested with heavy muscles, lots of strength and stamina.
  • Intelligent, fearless, calm, confident species.
  • Natural guarding dog.
  • Large and powerful.
  • It is one of the most expensive dogs, which can gain weight easily by overeating.
  1. Canadian Eskimo ($6000)

It’s a native of Canada and a rare breed, being one of the most expensive dog in the world.  It’s a purebred canine and comes at a high price.

  • Strong, speedy, and athletic with large build and high energy levels.
  • Very protective and fierce in nature.
  • More wolf like, as it is adapted to Arctic life.
  • Working dogs.
  • Needs high protein food.
  • Good for sledding activities and backpacking adventures.
  • Not good as watchdogs or for guarding.


  1. English Bulldog ($6000)

It has an infamous chubby appearance with a bad reputation. Very popular in America, but you need to pay a hefty sum for this sweetheart.

Originated in England and was originally used for bull-baiting, but no longer ferocious and very different from its ancestors.

  • Sweet and loving disposition and friendly to strangers.
  • Easy for grooming.
  • Medium size with thick, strong limbs and stocky legs.
  • Prone to flatulence, greedy eaters.
  • Inactive and prefer to sleep, stubborn and rather lazy.
  • Adapts easily to living in apartments.
  1. Alsatian/German Shepherd ($6500)

 Alsatian - German Shepherd - costly dog

Originally a sheepherder, it is an intelligent breed and used in the military, the police and for searching or rescuing people, drug detection, etc. It is a low maintenance dog and among the top 10 most popular dogs in the US.

  • Very popular breed.
  • Intelligent, working dog.
  • Faithful and courageous.
  • High energy dog needs plenty of exercise.
  • Shed a lot, in fact, they are called the German shedder.
  • Excellent watchdog.


  1. Lowchen ($9000)

Lowchen - top 10 most amazing dog breeds

It was a very popular breed among the nobles during the French Renaissance period. It is a German breed and an expensive small dog, with a beautiful mane, literally translated as a ‘lion dog’.

You can get your money’s worth with this small and rare breed, which is one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

  • Swift and agile, cheerful and outgoing.
  • Small and rare breed.
  • Lion like only in looks, very playful and affectionate.
  • Can live in apartments or a huge estate.
  • High activity and energy levels.
  • Good as a watch dog or a companion dog.
  • Needs regular brushing, but doesn’t shed much.
  1. Samoyed ($12,000, Most Expensive Dog)

 Samoyed - most elegant dog breeds in the world

It’s one of a kind, with a white coat and black lips. The breed is familiar with Siberian climates. The breed was a sled dog, a reindeer herder and lives well in cold weather, with a coat that can resist water.

  • Loving and affectionate, good with children, it’s the most beautiful dog in the world.
  • Loves exercise, is tireless and always alert.
  • Intelligent and dignified family dog.
  • The typical smile and the ultra-thick coat in white are the defining marks of a Sammy.
  • Heavy shedding during spring.
  • Gorgeous coat needs regular brushing.
  • Needs to be busy.
  • Training a Samoyed, which is the most expensive dog ever sold, is challenging.

Round Up

All the prices mentioned of course could vary depending on the bloodline, the locality and the age of the breed. Yet, they are all unique and popular dog breeds.

They are posh dog breeds that are sure to bust the bank. If you want a one of a kind companion, they are the perfect match for you.

With proper training, even the larger dogs can become loving protectors for your family.

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