The Top 10 Things To Do In South Africa

10 Things To Do In South Africa

The exotic beauty that is South Africa can provide you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you cannot have anywhere else on Earth.

This subtropical location is home to some of the world’s most dangerous and exotic animals, as well as unique cultures, languages, and history.

Moreover, the amazing geography of South Africa includes everything from deserts, to wetlands, grasslands, bush, subtropical forests, and mountains.

But, the diversity of this country goes far beyond its geography, as there are also eleven national languages, all of which hold equal status.

This represents the rich ethnicities that exist in this country that make it such a fascinating place to visit.

Additionally, a vacation or trip to South Africa will provide endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, even for the timidest traveler.

Read on below to discover the top ten things to do in South Africa to make your time there unforgettable.

South African Safari

  1. South African Safari

It is difficult to say that any trip to the African continent is complete without a safari.

There is hardly a better opportunity for wildlife viewing than on a nature safari, as you can safely see magnificent animals up close, but in their natural habitat.

Some possible creatures you may encounter could include lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and much more.

The most important point is that you are with a trusted guide service, as they can also provide you with valuable information about the animals and landscape.

  1. Bungee Jump

The Top 10 Things To Do In South Africa

Are you looking to take your vacation to the next level?

In terms of things to do in South Africa, it is hard to find one that will get your adrenaline going as much as Bungee jumping.

Home of the world’s tallest rope swing, as well as a 709-foot bridge jump, it is difficult to find a better place to excite your senses.

Perhaps best yet, many of these thrill-seeking sites offer spectacular views of the horizon and land.

  1. Swim with Sharks

South Africa’s coast is home to one of the most vilified animals on the planet, which is none other than the Great White Shark.

These seemingly dangerous but beautiful animals can grow over 20-feet long, but research shows that they pose very little threat to humans.

There are also bull sharks and tiger sharks that swim in these African waters, and it is up to you whether a cage is desirable.

  1. Meet the Locals

It can be easy to miss this activity with things to do in South Africa, but speaking with locals can vastly improve the trip.

Locals are familiar with the land, as well as the best things to do. As well, they can share with you their culture and history to provide you with the most authentic experience possible.

Therefore, while in South Africa, remember to embrace the local culture, food, practices, and diversity.

  1. Take a Hike

10 Things To Do In South Africa

If you are the outdoorsy type or the outdoorsy curious, a hike is a perfect option in this country.

With the sheer biodiversity, as well as the breathtaking views, a walk in South Africa will have you thinking of our ancient human ancestors walking in the same footsteps.

One option is Table Mountain, which is a National Park that provides over 300 different trails to choose from.

Kruger National Park is another option that provides plenty of things to do in South Africa, from birding to hiking to picnicking.

  1. Surf the Coast

The act of surfing will almost inevitably make you feel at one with the big blue ocean.

There is an abundance of surf spots along the coast of Cape Town, many of which remain uncrowded and wild.

It is worthwhile to note that there are sharks as mentioned above that tend to swim in South Africa’s waters, but for the most part, they are harmless and uninterested in your surfing activities.

  1. Look Down from Above

A hot-air balloon ride provides the perfect opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of South Africa.

This option could even help you spot other things to do in South Africa, such as trails you’d like to hike.

From above, you should be able to see a great deal of the wilderness that belongs to this country, in all of its untamed glory.

If heights aren’t your preference, other than hot air ballooning, these activities provide you plenty of other options for things to do in South Africa.

  1. Raft the Northern Cape

Things To Do In South Africa

There are very few places in the world in which you can raft in the middle of the desert.

The Northern Cape in South Africa is one of those places. You will enjoy the exotic location and landscape, as well as the culture of the indigenous Nama people.

  1. Kayak with the Crocs

The estuary that is known by the name St. Lucia is a popular canoeing and kayaking spot for visitors.

It offers an up-close and personal glance at the wildlife of Africa, including hippos and crocodiles.

This spot is a UNESCO world heritage site that is celebrated for its beauty. However, it is important to stay safe and come prepared in choosing this option.

  1. Explore the History

There is so much history in this area of the world, for better and for worse. Originally occupied by the British and the Dutch, there has been an abundance of cultural influence.

Additionally, the past few decades have been very formative years for South Africa as a country, and it may be worth it to explore museums and other artifacts from this time period.

As well, there is much older history to explore. From ancient human ancestors to dinosaur fossils, there is enough information to keep anyone enthralled for months.

The Best Things to Do in South Africa

All and all, what you decide to do will depend on your hobbies and interests within and outside of South Africa.

But, this country provides plenty of options for daring adventures and laid-back visitors alike.

The best piece of advice is to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy all the richness that this continent has to offer. You won’t regret these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

For more travel and trip inspiration, check out our post on the ten most beautiful cities in the world to ignite your inner explorer.

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