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Soccer is one of the most talked about sport on the planet with zillions of fans cheering for their team. The richest soccer clubs in the world are generally owned either by a group of shareholders or by billionaires.

In this post we are going to talk about the top 10 richest football clubs so that you get an idea where the richest football players are driving their income from.

While talking about the top soccer teams it needs to be mentioned that the wealth status of a club is a major factor behind the popularity of the team and its performance.

A wealthy football club automatically implies top-notch footballers, a generous allowance for the workers and footballers and of course better facilities. Let us now take a quick look at the top ten richest clubs in the world.

If you want to find out who the top 10 richest footballers of the world are playing for, then this article is sure to provide you with a basic idea.

Top 10 Richest Football clubs in the world 2017

Top 10 Richest Soccer Club in the World- Soccer Mania

  1. Totenham Hotspurs – Value – $1.06 billion

Totenham found a place in the list of richest clubs of 2017 largely due to their magnificent job of securing the third place in the Premier League of last season.

Thanks to this historic win this North London club has quickly become one of the richest football clubs of this year. The vastly enhanced earnings from broadcasting coupled with the a refurbished White Hart Lane by next year is sure to imbibe the Hotspurs with the much needed confidence, at least when it comes to finances.

  1. Juventus – Value – $1.26 billion

With their home stadium in Turin, Piedmont, Juventus is not only one of the most celebrated clubs of the world but also the ninth richest football club in the world right now.

Managed by the Agnelli family, the biggest club of Italy has quickly become one of the richest soccer clubs, thanks to a continuous funding deal with Jeep which led to 1.5 million shirt sales in the last season alone.

  1. Liverpool – Value – $1.49 billion

The Reds who have already garnered 5 European Cups is undoubtedly one of the best football clubs in the world and also happens to be the eight richest football clubs of 2017.

Co-owned by John W Henry and Fenway Sports Group Liverpool is one of the foremost English teams which have made its name into the list of richest clubs.

  1. Chelsea – Value – $1.85 billion

The number seven on our list of top 10 richest football clubs in the world, is the league topper Chelsea.

One of the biggest players of the English Premium League this club has had loads of wins in the last decade. Owned by Roman Abramovich a billionaire from Russia, Chelsea has 1 UEFA Champions League and seven FA cups on their shelves and features some of the richest football players on the planet.

  1. Arsenal – Value – $1.93 billion

The Gunners have secured the sixth spot on the list of richest football club in the world 2017 placing them ahead of their London rivals Chelsea.

The highest grossing club from the Match day Revenue, a season’s ticket to watch one of their games is priced at a whopping £1014.

Arsenal is a club from Highbury, London which has won 12 FA cups so far and is ranked by Forbes as one of the two English clubs with a team worth of over $2.017 billion.

  1. Manchester City – Value – $2.08 billion

This is for the first time that Manchester City has made its way to the Money League top 5 teams. The Abu Dhabi backed club features in our list of top football clubs as a result of their performance in the last Champions League.

After making it to the semi-finals of Champions League they started enjoying an enhanced broadcast revenue amounting to around 215.8 million Euros.

Even if their performance isn’t as great as its revenue, they are expected to remain one of the 5 wealthiest clubs with the richest soccer players.

  1. Bayern Munich – Value – $2.71 billion

German team Bayern Munich which has some of the richest soccer player in the world claims the number 4 position in the list of world’s richest soccer team.

Undoubtedly the best football club of Germany, Bayern Munich has the European Cup, UEFA Champions League and other awards to its credit.

One of the most valuable and richest football team of the globe, Bayern Munich has a real impressive revenue figure amounting to $657 million.

  1. Real Madrid – Value – $3.52 billion

The third among the top 10 richest football clubs, Real Madrid with some of the richest footballer in the world is considered to be one of the most valuable teams of 2017.

Even though they have gone down from the first place to the third, Real Madrid is still in the buzz and is soon expected to reclaim its position as the top football club of our times.

The favorite team of billions of football fanatics, its position among the richest football teams hardly comes as a surprise.

  1. Barcelona – Value – $3.64 billion

Unquestionably our favorite team on the list, Barcelona is the best football team in the world with one of the world richest football player- Lionel Messi.

This club from Spain has won 29 Copa Del Rey cups, 3 UEFA Champions League and 24 La Liga titles. Owned by a group of shareholders, FC Barcelona’s revenue has reached a record amount of $750 million.

  1. Manchester United – Value – $3.69 billion

The Red Devils had always been on the top of the line and for the first time in ten years they have secured the first position among the top 10 football clubs in terms of wealth.

The return to the Champions League along with the bombastic sponsorship deals with Adidas and Chevrolet has surely helped them land up in the first position.

Wrapping it up

Football club rankings keep changing from year to year and the team’s performance along with the sponsorship deals have a lot to do with the fate of these football clubs.

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