Top 10 Richest Arab Families in the World

The latest release from Forbes on the richest Arab family in the world shows Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud leading the pack of rich Arab people. Here’s a list of the top 10 richest Arab families and the Arab billionaires lifestyle details.

Arab billionaires’ net worth has increased by 29.2% compared to last year, and now stands at $123.4 billion. Forbes magazine considers transparent assets of these rich Arabs, but it may not include private fortunes that are not listed.

The net worth is calculated on the basis of company shares that are listed in the Arab world. The net worth of the entire family has been taken into account, rather than just focusing on one individual in this Arab rich list or the top 10 richest Arabs.

Seriously Loaded Richest Arabs

The richest Arabs are known for their glitzy lifestyle, their yachts, cars, dozens of houses in exotic locales, their vaults filled with gold and jewelry, the list goes on. Most of these rich Arabs are into the oil business, with some in real estate as well.

On the other hand, the richest sheikhs are also known for their prolific philanthropy. So, out comes the red carpet for the richest Arab families of the world!

List 0f Ten Richest Arab Families of the World

  1. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud – $18.7 Billion

(Top 10 Richest Arab Men)

He continues to maintain the privileged title of the richest Arab in the world this year as well.

He is unbelievably rich with stakes in real estate; Arab media; global private companies like Twitter and, a commercial Chinese giant and owns several hotels, including the iconic Savoy Hotel of London.

The richest prince in the world is now spearheading the Kingdom Tower, which will be the tallest building on earth, at 3280 ft.

He is the richest Arab man and belongs to one of the royal families of the world, having a western outlook. This made him the perfect investor as far as American businessmen were concerned.

He has about $700 million worth of jewelry being one of the richest royals; he has the 3rd biggest yacht worth $500 million leading a rich Arab lifestyle.

Interestingly, the richest king in the world is known to have donated more than 3 billion dollars through his charitable organization and is a renowned philanthropist.

  1. Majid Al Futtaim & Family – Net Worth $10.6 Billion

(Rich Arab People)

One of the retail Arab billionaires behind Mall of the Emirates, a luxurious shopping resort in Dubai with a huge glass ceiling, comes in second in Forbes’ list.

Majid Al Futtaim & Family also has several other malls throughout the Middle East and North Africa. One of the richest Arab family in the world has a diverse business portfolio with retailing as well as hospitality and real estate.

His is a remarkable success story with a vision to transform shopping and entertainment, operating 21 malls and 12 hotels.

  1. Mohammed Al Amoudi – Net Worth $8.1 Billion

Mohammed Al Amoudi - Net Worth $8.1 Billion

(10 Richest Arab Family in the World)

He is one of the richest sheikhs and built his fortune in the construction business in Saudi Arabia. He then moved on to agriculture, real estate, moving on to bet on energy in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and in Sweden. He holds Preem, a large Swedish fuel company, which is one of his most valuable assets.

One among the rich Arab people, Mohammed Al Amoudi hit the jackpot with the Oromo gold mine producing more than 6 tons of gold yearly.

He has also donated over $1 million for the Clinton Foundation, being one of the wealthiest Arabs.

  1. Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Ghurair Family – Net Worth $6.8 Billion

Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Ghurair Family - Net Worth $6.8 Billion

(Top 10 Richest Arab Families in the World)

He and his brother Saif are leaders of a prominent business family in the UAE, one of the richest Arab countries. He is the founder of the Mashreq bank, with his son Abdul Aziz being the CEO.

Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al Ghurair Family is among the richest family in the world and also into food, real estate and in construction business, thereby ranking among the wealthiest families in the world.

In 2015, he promised to help education programs in Arab countries, by offering scholarships.

  1. Nassef Sawiris – Net Worth $5.6 Billion

(Arab Billionaires)

Nassef Sawiris is a billionaire from Egypt and runs OCI, a nitrogen fertilizer company with plants located in Texas.

He graduated from a Chicago University and has made donations up to $20 million towards the school’s scholarship programs benefiting students from Egypt.

  1. Suhail Bahwan – Net Worth $4.1 Billion

Suhail Bahwan - Net Worth $4.1 Billion

(Top 10 Richest Arabs in the World)

Suhail Bahwan is a story of one with humble beginnings, captaining a wooden dhow and as a businessman hawking fishing nets in Oman. Now, he is the head of one of the biggest private organizations in Oman, with a diverse portfolio including fertilizers; oil; gas; car dealership; etc.

His is the story of hard earned wealth and he has now entrusted the legacy to his daughter.

Though there is nothing humble about his business now, there are many reminders. For instance, you can see antique muskets or dhow paintings of dhows, on the walls of his company HQ.

  1. Abdulla Al Futtaim – Net Worth $4.1 Billion

Abdulla Al Futtaim - Net Worth $4.1 Billion

(Top 10 Richest Arabs in the World)

Abdulla Al Futtaim is one of the richest Arabs and owns the Al Futtaim Group, which is the exclusive distributor for Toyota as well as Honda vehicles in the UAE. He also owns the Orient Insurance and is into real estate as well as retail.

He owns the Superyacht Radiant, valued at $ 280 million and one of the biggest yachts in the world, pointing to the rich Arab billionaire’s lifestyle.

He has not made any public philanthropic acts, though he could have donated anonymously.

  1. Naguib Sawiris – Net Worth $3.9 Billion

Naguib Sawiris - Net Worth $3.9 Billion

(Top 10 Wealthiest Arabs)

Naguib Sawiris is one of the richest Arab from Egypt, heading the Orascom Telecom and Wind Telecommunication. He created the Orascom railway and IT sectors. He is also the 3rd richest businessman in Egypt.

He became the center of world headlines when he claimed that he wished to buy an island in Greece or in Italy and create the infrastructure, so that Syrian refugees get a home. However, the idea never took off.

  1. Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer – Net Worth $3.8 Billion

Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer - Net Worth $3.8 Billion

(10 Richest Arab Families)

Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer belongs to a royal family of Saudi Arabia and is one of the richest monarchs belonging to the richest Saudi families.

He is one of the richest Saudis heading an Almarai, a dairy company having Holstein cows. He also trains about 100 horses in his stud farm near Riyadh.

He has gifted $13 million for the Efta Charitable organization for supporting people with attention deficiency, hyperactivity and so on. He has also donated $ 5 million to build a 50-km road in for villages in Saudi Arabia, being one of the richest Arab families.

  1. Hussain Sajwani – Net Worth $3.7 Billion

(Top 10 Richest Arabs in the World)

Hussain Sajwani is Donald Trump’s real estate partner for the UAE, having built a golf course in partnership. He began with a 38-story residential building and then went on to create more Versace branded ones, handing out a Lamborghini for buyers.

The latest attraction is in his Aykon City construction. You can wear a harness and walk on the Aykon Dare, which is the edge of the building.

Last Word

While Europe was floundering amidst a Recession, the UAE was making waves economically, as is seen by this list of top 10 richest Arab men.  It has an enviable economy, aided by its natural oil resources.

Though the oil industry is its forte, the businessmen here are focusing on other sectors like retail, real estate and tourism, which has resulted in a boom in the scenario.

It has become a dream for commercial real estate and is now a hub for luxury tourism as well, with world-class beaches and malls. It’s amazing how a community struggling with tough climatic conditions has now emerged into great prosperity and mystifying wealth in this dynamic region of the world. Stay Amazed!!!

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