Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

In a global population of 7 billion, at least 50% is male. It is fairly difficult to shortlist a few men who are handsome and good looking. However, gathered from various sources of various countries, here is a list of top 10 most handsome boys in the world this year.

Most of us want to create an impression on the world, and wherever we go. Some of us adopt unique fashion sense that makes us stand apart from the work-a-day crowd.

Most men wish to conquer hearts using their looks and personalities. They wear funky looking clothes and adopt the latest fashion trends that complement their personalities.

And boy, when they are handsome, they just take away our hearts just as they walk past. A handsome boy is devoid of arrogance, and can charm the ladies with his rugged looks and kind eyes. Take a look at the following gorgeous men, and feel your heart skip a beat.

List of the top 10 most handsome boys in the world in 2017

  1. Tom Hiddleston

Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World - Tom Hiddleston

  • One of the most handsome boys of the world, Thomas William Hiddleston is an English actor, writer and producer. He was born on 9 February 1981, in Westminster, United Kingdom.
  • This fella is very popular among his female followers because of his ‘charming smile that anyone can die for’.
  • His followers are also die-hard crazy about his inspirational quotes and his extremely vibrant personality.
  • He has delivered an impeccable performance in ‘The Night Manager’, ‘Wallander’, ‘The Hollow Crown’, and many more shows and movies.
  1. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Omar Borkan Al Gala was born on 23 September, 1989, in Baghdad, Iraq
  • He is a poet and a model. His looks also made him an internet sensation, amassing him thousands of followers across the globe, he is easily one of the most handsome boys in the world.
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  • His female fan following is sensational due to his elegant yet sexy Arabic look, and his catchy, youthful personality. Women are extremely fond of his jaw line.
  • As per some sources, he was asked to leave a function in Saudi Arabia because all the female guests of the event were attracted to him and his extravagant looks.
  1. Niall James Horan

Niall James Horan - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Niall James Horan is an Irish singer and songwriter. He is best known as the member of the boy band ‘One Direction’.
  • He was born on 13 September 1993, in Mullingar, Republic of Ireland, and is the youngest member of the list.
  • Even at a young age, he has an immense fan following, not just because of his incredible work, but also his good looks.
  • He has drawn many young girls towards his attractive looks, and his beautiful deep blue eyes. It is not a surprise that he is one of the most handsome guys throughout the world.
  • Niall is said to be very kind and polite towards his followers.
  • Throughout his career so far, Niall has delivered some worth-mentioning songs, like ‘Story of my life’, ‘Drag me down’, and many more.
  1. Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Godfrey Gao is Taiwanese-born Canadian model and actor, and has lately been referred to as the most handsome man by many sources like Forbes.
  • He was born on 22 September 1984, in Taipei, Taiwan
  • He has appeared in many popular TV shows like ‘Odd Perfect Match’, ‘Momo Love’, and many more
  • Gao is said to have a huge female fan following because of his extremely charming looks, and cute smile.
  • Gao managed to be the first Asian based man to model for the iconic fashion brand Louis Vuitton, and has managed to amass incredible love and fame in his youth
  1. Chris Evans

Chris Evans - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor and filmmaker born on 13 June 1981, in Boston, USA.
  • He is popularly known for his superhero roles as the Marvel comic characters, ‘Captain America’ for Marvel Cinematic Universe, and ‘Human Torch’ in Fantastic Four.
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  • Evans is known to have an immense female following due to his simple, yet stunning looks, and his gorgeous eyes. His striking looks and manhood has gained this fella the tag of the most handsome boy of the world in 2017.
  • His haircut has also been a centre of attraction because of its singularity
  1. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Born on 10 January 1974, in Mumbai, Hrithik Roshan is an Indian Bollywood actor and model
  • He is known for many popular movies like ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’, ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, and many more
  • He is considered as the fashion icon of India, and is said to have the ‘perfect body’, with thousands of women willing to give anything for just a hug from him.
  • Due to his gentlemanly style and aura, he has been consistently stealing away the tag of the most handsome boy in India. However, he is now considered as the most handsome boy of the world in 2017.
  1. Noah Mills

Noah Mills - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Born on 26 April 1983, in Toronto, Canada, Noah Mills is a Canadian actor and model
  • He is well known for his work in ‘Sex and the City 2’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Wracked’, ‘A fisher of men’, and many more movies
  • Apart from his magnificent acting, Noah is also popular for his charming and striking looks.
  • Women are said to be head-over-heels for his gorgeous hazel coloured eyes, his cute smile, and his gentle personality
  • His co-workers described him as very down-to-earth and polite. It is definitely not a surprise that his attractive looks and gentle personality has fetched him the title of the most handsome boy of the world in 2017, despite all his male competitors.
  1. Ian Somerhalder

Ian Joseph Somerhalder - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Ian Joseph Somerhalder is an American model, actor, and director.
  • He is best known for his roles played in the TV series ‘Lost’ (as Boone Carlyle), and ‘The vampire diaries’ (as Damon Salvatore), and also for being the most handsome boy of the world this year.
  • He was born on 8 December 1978, in Louisiana, United States.
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  • Ian has always remained in the headlines, and has a huge fan following across the world for his work and his looks.
  • He said to have a perfect face, and a perfect haircut. His charming eyes have made every woman want to gaze into them for eternity.
  • With his looks and his catchy personality, it is no surprise that this guy made it to the list.
  1. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is an English actor, producer, model, and musician.
  • He was born on 13 May 1986, in London, United Kingdom
  • He started his career by playing Cedric Diggory in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, and is extremely popular for his work in the ‘Twilight’ series
  • He has such an immense fan following, that his work in Twilight made people fall in love with vampires!
  • His looks and mesmerizing personality have driven women all over the world crazy. Needless to say, this charming gentleman is one of the most handsome boys across the world in 2017.
  1. Tom Cruise

 Tom Cruise - Top 10 Most Handsome Boys in the World

  • Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, professionally known as Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer, and has constantly appeared in the list of the most handsome and good looking men.
  • He was born on 3 July 1962, in Syracuse, New York, United States
  • He started his acting career with the movie ‘Endless Love’, and has constantly managed to win the hearts of his fans
  • Needless to say, this stunning and sexy man has an immense female fan following across the globe.

Wrapping it up

These are the top ten most handsome men in 2017, according to Forbes and other online sources.

These most handsome boys are simply just good-looking, attractive, and have a striking and gorgeous personality. They are simply the perfect examples of what you can call a gentleman.

It is not false when women say that they can just gaze at these attractive men for hours at a stretch without falling in love with them.

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