Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Today we have decided to take you through our list of 10 most beautiful cities in the world. If you are keen on learning about the best places to live in the world then you have come to the right page.

New York, Paris, London and Tokyo are the typical destinations of the global tourists; there are hundreds of other beautiful cities which would inspire the wanderlust of the traveler inside you.

Keep reading our list of most beautiful cities in the world before you make your next travel plan.

List of 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

  1. Bruges, Belgium

10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World - Bruges, Belgium

If you have seen the movie ‘In Bruges’ then you must be familiar with the medieval charms of Bruges.

Located in the province of West Flanders, this city is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful city in the world to live.

The stunning medieval architecture, the bell tower from the 13th century, the street concerts and the lovely canals are just some of the reasons why Bruges is called the Venice of the North.

  1. Florence, Italy

florence - best places to live in the world

(Most Beautiful Places on the Planet)

Florence which is universally regarded as the world’s most beautiful place is also the seat of the Italian Renaissance.

The commercial hub of medieval Europe is known for its magnificent Renaissance chapels and cathedrals.

The birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, Florence comes with countless galleries, museums, cathedrals and basilicas, all of which are more than a few centuries old.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague-list of most beautiful cities in the world 2017

Next up in our list of beautiful cities, the cobbled streets of Prague are the perfect destination of the solo traveller.

Surely one of the most beautiful cities of the world, Prague comes with quaint streets, stunning castles and an exciting nightlife which is nothing short of hedonistic.

Nicknamed as the ‘city of a thousand spires’, the gothic, baroque, renaissance and art nouveau style buildings of Prague are some of the architectural wonders of Europe.

Some of the top attractions in Prague include the old synagogues of Jewish Quarters, St. George’s Basilica, Old Royal Palace, Golden Lane and St. Vitus Cathedral.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio-de-janeiro-List of 10 Most Beautiful Places on the Planet

The picturesque harbors, lovely beaches, thrilling nightlife and soaring peaks are a few reasons why Rio de Janeiro has found its place in our list of 10 most amazing cities in the world.

The largest city of Brazil comes with beaches, urban forest, skyscrapers, lovely neighborhoods, colorful carnivals and of course some of the best football stadiums on the planet.

Some of the must visit places in Rio include the Lapa and Santa Teresa neighborhood, Ipanema beach, the Tijuca National Park, Maracana Stadium, Sugarloaf Mountain etc.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey-the worlds most beautiful place

One of the most beautiful cities in the world Istanbul was founded back in 1000 BC. Istanbul, previously called Constantinople used to be the seat of Byzantine Empire.

After the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople, retained much of its glorious architecture and the marvellous monuments and mosques of Constantinople are a curious combination of the best of Islamic and Byzantine architecture.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, the architectural wonders of Istanbul includes the Aya Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar etc.

  1. Venice, Italy

venice-10 most amazing cities in the world

No list of best places to live in the world can be complete without a mention of Venice. Remember the first rule before you set foot in this city- if you don’t get lost in the meandering streets of Venice then you’re surely not doing it right.

Venice is so full of tourist attractions that it’s hard to decide where to begin. Take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting streets and canals and at every turn you are likely to find loads of photo opportunities.

Most tourist spots of Venice are located around the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco.

Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the tourist attractions of Venice includes the St. Mark’s Basilica, Palazzo Ducale, Bridge of Sighs, Grand Canale, Ponte di Rialto, Ca’d’Oro and many more.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona-beautiful places to visit in the world

Barcelona is not just one of the most beautiful places on earth but also one of the smartest cities in the world.

The vibrant Catalonian capital by the sea comes with magnificent architecture, breath-taking scenery, modernist architecture, an atmospheric medieval quarter and lots more to offer.

The Mediterranean climate, the avant-garde buildings, and the joyous vibe of this city makes it the much-preferred destination of global tourists.

  1. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel-list of beautiful cities

The heart of the Holy Land is not just one of the most beautiful spots on earth but also the most contested one.

In spite of the present political turmoil, people from all over the globe still flock to the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is where the Jews built their First Temple, where Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven and where Jesus was crucified by the Romans.

It would take you a lifetime to properly explore all the corners of the city. Luckily for the visitors all the important tourist attractions are concentrated in the Old City district.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt - best city in the world

The best city of the world is as beautiful as chaotic. If you have an interest in ancient history then a visit to Cairo is an absolute must.

The enormous amount of traffic, noise and pollution can take a toll on your senses but once you cross the modern part you will be confronted with a history that spans a few centuries.

  1. Fez, Morocco

which country has the most beautiful city in the world - Fez, Morocco

If you are craving for a taste of the exotic then make sure to visit the marvelous land of Fez.

Fez has the world’s largest car free zone which houses loads of architectural wonders.

Its beautiful minarets, dilapidated Islamic architecture, dome dotted skyline and laid back lifestyle this Moroccan metropolis is something you’d fall in love with.

Wrapping it up

Now that you know about the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s time for you to choose a destination, and gear up for your next trip.

Each of these cities offers all sorts of accommodations which would suit travelers with all kinds of budgets.

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