The Changing Face of Today’s Workplace: Top 10 Modern Office Design Trends For 2019

To attract the best employees to your office, it has to have a pleasing atmosphere.

Gone are the days of drab, neon-lit rows of cubicles. The Millennial-based tech boom has changed the way offices will look forever.

Trendy workspaces are no longer the exception, they are what’s excepted.

These office space makeovers aren’t simply about frivolous aesthetics. A lot of these trends actually help boost employee performance. That’s why you need to make sure your office is keeping up with modern office design trends.

If you can get the best employees excited to work at your office, then you’ll get the most out of them. The best employees working at their highest potential is how businesses succeed in this competitive market.

Take a look at the top modern office design trends for 2019!

  1. Free Range Work Spaces

A “flexible workspace” allows employees to work wherever they want to. There are no assigned seats or corner offices. Instead, people work wherever they please.

This has a major impact on the furniture you’d buy to outfit a flexible workplace. Every piece should be modular, in that it can be moved and turned into something else. This freedom will make it so your employees feel equal by being less stifled in a cubicle.

Free-range workspaces can also be seen in cooperating work buildings like Kettlespace and WeWork. Learn more about this comparison today.

  1. Free Your Mind Spaces

It’s not just workspaces that need freeing nowadays. Employees are also looking for ways to free their minds. Many modern office spaces now have meditation rooms.

This is a segregated, private room that allows your employees to relax or meditate during the day. The positive benefits of daily meditation have been proven to boost employee productivity.

By giving them this safe space for zen they’ll feel seen and supported.

  1. The Outside Is Now In

Another way to ramp up the zen vibes in your modern office space is to add more nature inside. Biophilic design is based on the thinking that humans need connections with nature to thrive. Being cooped up inside a stuffy office all day can become depressing.

You don’t need to fill your office with huge trees. Natural light, flowing water, and plants will help create a soothing, green-friendly feel around your whole office.

If you let your employees stop and smell the flowers, they’ll return the favor with high-quality work.

  1. Going Ergonomic

Everyone has heard the warning that “sitting is the new smoking”. It’s true. Sitting for too long does have negative health effects on your body.

That’s why many bosses are encouraging their employees to say no to sitting. Ergonomic chairs help employees sit up straight and fight the effects of slouching. They basically turn sitting into standing while saving energy.

Height adjustable desks also give employees the option to stand all day and sit when they need to. This is a great way to show you care about your employee’s long term health.

  1. Work Is Where The Heart Is

This may sound counterproductive to work, but a lot of businesses are trying to make their office space feel more like home. This is a great way to make a stressful work environment feel more relaxing.

In some places there are even nooks for napping.

Allowing employees to be comfortable and rested at work means they’ll be able to be there longer and have better output.

If they feel at home in the office then they won’t miss their own homes as much.

  1. Different Areas For Different Tasks

Activity-based floor plans are made so that employees will move to different rooms depending on what they’re working on. Activity-based offices are split into five different sectors.

There’s an office area, privacy area, lounge area, and meeting area.

By segregating people based on what they’re working on nobody will get in each other’s hair. This is the perfect hybrid of the old closed office space and the wide open free range model.

  1. Acoustics Under Control

Modern office design is not just about the visuals. Audio plays just as big a role in creating a productive and trendy space. That’s why most modern offices work hard to fine tune the acoustical qualities of their rooms.

These open spaces mean everyone will be talking at the same time. This can hurt communication between employees. Special attention needs to be paid to using sound absorbing materials and walls.

  1. What’s Old Is New Again

Fads are always coming back in and out of style. To take advantage of this evergreen trend, you should juxtapose old style with modern looks.

A lot of modern office space is built out of old mills and warehouses. Instead of hiding the historical wooden beams and bricks, endorse them!

  1. Art Equals Inspiration

Nothing is more inspiring to an employee than feeling like their job has a sense of purpose. People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

This creates a great atmosphere for team building.

One way to inspire people is through artwork. Hanging up inspirational pieces that play into the company’s goals gives employees something to strive for. Images from your company’s history or visions of the future works wonders too.

  1. Be On Brand

Above all, you want your modern office design to represent your company. Don’t be something you’re not. But also, don’t cut yourself short!

Your business might be a lot hipper than you give it credit for. If you show that in your office space, you will get more employees that appreciate your brand.

Keep Your Employees Happy By Keeping Up With Modern Office Design

Don’t let your business become stale. Keep up with modern office design and attract great job candidates.

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