An Informed Look at the Top 10 Lucrative Career Choices in America in 2019

Heading into a new year many dream of career success. Thousands make resolutions in their lives. They may involve education, financial choices or changes in their career trajectory.

No one wants to put time, energy and resources into making changes to find out they’re no further ahead.

Keep reading if you’re looking for the top 10 jobs for 2019 and the best careers to consider for the future.

Top Industries and Sectors

Many of the top jobs come from the same industries. The healthcare, technology and engineering industries are all on the top 10 jobs.


Healthcare top earners aren’t just physicians though they are high on the list.

There are other careers in healthcare that are growing in demand and potential.

  1. Physical and Occupational Therapist

Occupational and physical therapists are in high demand as baby boomers age. And as we understand the importance of body mechanics and holistic care plans.

Salaries range from about $50 000 for the lowest paid 10% and over $100 000 for the top 10%.

Even physical therapist assistants average over $50 000 a year.

  1. Biomedical Engineers

This is the perfect career for someone who loves science and wants to be on the cutting edge of medical advancement. Healthcare diagnostics, artificial organ and limb breakthroughs, maintenance, and development.

They are often responsible for problem-solving medical challenges by inventing or developing the solution or at least the best alternative medically possible,

The salary range for biomedical engineers is between $50 000 and $134 000 depending on experience, the position held and resources available to the employer for medical research.

Software, Virtual and Artificial Intelligence Careers

Technology and careers that cater to it will continue to grow in demand as we continue to see new advances every day.

  1. Security and Systems Analysts

The more sophisticated technology becomes, and the more convenient it creates, the bigger the threat to individual and company information. Over 660 large data breaches occurred in just the first half of 2018 with the information contained in more than 22 million records.

2017 saw more than 175 million records exposed they included financial, health and personal information of customers and consumers across the country.

Cybercriminals and hackers improve their skills and find the technology to cripple corporations and organizations by holding information and whole computer systems hostage with ransomware. Others like Anonymous cause extensive damage by releasing data and records online for millions to see.

Security and Systems Analysts protect organizations use the latest technology and software to combat cyber attacks and provide the best virtual customer experience possible.

Depending on where you are in the country and what sector you work in, potential wages range from $40 000 to $100 000 a year for your educated expertise.

  1. Software and App Programming and Development

Software developers offer a salary ranging from $55 000 to $ 158 000 and the demand for quality software development is only going to continue to grow.

As technology advances so does the need of every business and sector to keep up with it. If you want to compete in any sector you must deliver the best experience for clients and customers.

  1. Virtual Technology and Programs

Virtual reality has become more than just for entertainment purposes. Educators, Medical professionals, scientific fields and many other areas have found applications for virtual reality within their industry.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence software has changed the entire experience for business owners and visitors completely.

Gone is the frustration of waiting for a reply or reading through pages of F.A.Q feeling detached and unappreciated during their entire customer experience.

Business owners can provide a more personal and professional experience with an interactive quality.

Not only is it an exciting career as you push the limits and see how much a computer can learn but it offers a salary ranging from $50 000 to $127 000 across the US.

  1. Content, SEO, and Marketing Specialists

As more of the world goes online and it continues to grow as the main way of conducting business and networking it is essential for businesses and organizations from every industry to have an online presence.

An expert in Biomedicine or Legal Analyst probably doesn’t know much about building and maintaining a positive internet brand.

Every industry needs the expertise of content, search engine optimization, and online marketing specialists. They may be hired as members of the team or most often outsourced to consultants and specialists.

This high in demand career path has the greatest range of salary. Low-end salaries start around $25 000 a year while the earning potential for content and marketing specialists can reach well above $150 000.

  1. Shipping and Freight Broker Careers

The internet lets businesses market to a global audience. Whether the company is one person in a studio apartment or an international warehouse with millions of items in their inventory ready to ship at the click of a button.

Logistics, shipping, and freight strategies are a part of every company competing in today’s business world.

Salaries depend on your position and involvement in the shipping process. Independent truck drivers can make anywhere from $40 000 to $90 000 while Internation freight brokers for large corporations can earn over $200 000.

This post can help you learn more about the potential of these lucrative careers and whether it’s the right job for you.

  1. Engineering Jobs

Engineering jobs can’t all be classed together as one because they are an integral part of many industries. Rail Engineers earn an average of just over $40 000 a year while Petroleum and Aerospace Engineers can earn almost $200 000.

  1. Socially Aware and Environmentally Friendly Careers

As we deplete the available natural resources on earth every industry is pressured by conscience, consumers, science and government experts to be more environmentally aware.

Solar, wind and other alternative energy technicians are in demand and that demand will continue to grow with each passing year and new environmental issues that arise.

Sustainable agriculture careers will continue to grow as a career option with urban agricultural options needing more attention in the future.

Consumers spend more time researching the social awareness of a company than ever before. The wrong comment or campaign can go viral in this age of social media and damage a company’s reputation beyond repair.

Salaries could be anything from $30 000 to $200 000 depending on your place on the latter.

It’s Never Too Late to Find Your Passion in These Top 10 Jobs

Many of the top 10 jobs require several years of education but it’s never too late to start and there’s no time that’s better to do that then now. Education is never a bad thing. Knowledge is power and it gives you options.

To learn more knowledge check out our other blog posts on life, relationships, technology, money, and more.

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