Top 10 Jobs Where Women Are Paid Less Than Men

It’s no secret that women across the globe are paid less than men in many chosen professions.

In fact, the gender pay gap has fast become a hot topic in today’s society, with a number of social movements championing equal pay between the sexes.

Despite the fact that women represent almost half the American workforce, holding more college degrees than men, the pay gap remains at 20%.

So, what are the most common professions with the widest pay gap between men and women? Find out more in this blog…

10 Jobs Where Women Are Paid Less Than Men

Did you know that female US Attorneys are paid 44% less than male counterparts?

Based in the United States, these are some of the top 10 jobs where women are paid less than their male counterparts.

  1. Personal Financial Advisers

Statistics show that women typically earn an average of 61.3% of what men earn in this exact same profession.

To date, this is the widest earnings gap between all occupations which were reviewed for the gender pay gap study.

In a nutshell, women are paid less than three-quarters of male employees in this occupation.

On average, males in this position earn $1,637 per week, while female employees bring in an average of $1,004 per week.

While this is still a high-paying profession, employees also bring in an additional means of earnings with commission and bonuses.

It was also found that men are most commonly the recipients of these additional wages.

  1. Physicians and Surgeons

The second-highest gender pay gap was found between male and female physicians and surgeons.

On average, both female physicians and surgeons earn 62.2% of male counterparts in these positions.

Male physicians and surgeons are known to earn a weekly average of $2,002, while females in this occupation are significantly paid less, earning $1,246 per week.

Additionally, male doctors are known as the third highest earners among men, yet female doctors only rank as the 13th among women.

Despite this, physicians and surgeons, whether male or female are among the sixth highest earners in the United States.

  1. Commodities and Financial Service Sales Agents

Women employed in the securities, commodities and financial sales sectors earn just 65.1% of male employee salaries.

Statistics reveal that male employees in this profession take home approximately $1,356 per week, with female employees bringing in just $883 in comparison.

That is a gender pay gap of less than two-thirds of male employees in this field.

Typically, this profession is still rated as one of the highest earning professions in the US, regardless of gender.

  1. Financial Managers

As Financial Managers, women are paid less than men quite considerably, with women in this position earning an average of 67% of a man’s income.

With close to 1.2 million people employed as Financial Managers throughout the United States, women typically outnumber men in this field.

Financial managers make-up a large portion of the American workforce, with women seemingly at the helm of it all, aside from their paychecks.

Men earn an average of $1,671 per week, while female counterparts take home an average of $1,127.

  1. Top Executives and CEOs

It is not uncommon knowledge that female CEOs and top executives typically earn less than their male ”equals” in this position.

In fact, this has been the norm in the United States for the past several decades.

Most commonly, female executives and top CEOs earn an average of 70% of male salaries in the same position of authority.

Throughout the United States, there are approximately three times as many men in these positions as women.

This gender pay gap also exhibits the second-highest ratio among all 10 jobs listed here, with men earning an average of $2,246 and women, $1,572 per week.

  1. Retail Salespersons

Salespersons within the retail sector also form a large portion of the American workforce, with over 1,8 million people occupied in this position.

Typically, the largest gender pay gap appears in positions of authority or high earnings.

But when it comes to retail sales jobs, these are among the poorest paying jobs for women.

Women earn an average of 70% of a male’s weekly income, taking home just $491 per week, compared to $698 for men.

The median pay for both sexes, however, was just $596 per week – making this occupation one of the lowest paying among them all.

Women also make up a small minority of salespeople in the United States, representing only 40% of the entire workforce.

  1. Human Resource Managers

More than three-quarters of the American workforce employed as Human Resource Managers are women.

This constitutes one of the highest female workforces in a particular position within the United States.

Despite this, the gender pay gap is stark, with women earning only 71% of a male’s salary in the very same position.

On average male Human Resource Managers take home $1,827 per week, with women earning $1,300 in comparison.

This is one of the highest paying positions for men among the 10 jobs listed here, yet over 75% of this workforce is occupied by women.

  1. Bartenders

You may not have guessed it, but there are also more females employed as bartenders throughout the United States than men.

It’s not by a huge margin, but approximately 52% of all bartenders in America have been recorded as female.

Aside from this, the pay gap is still considerable between men and women, with women earning 72% of a male employee’s weekly salary.

Bartending and hospitality related jobs are not always well-paying positions, with employees being among the lowest paid on this list.

Men earn an average of $634 per week, while women bank just $459 per week.

  1. Real-Estate Brokers and Sales Agents

Despite the fact that this sector is female dominated, the gender pay gap is one of the worst in the country.

With over 55% women employed as a broker or real estate agent, women earn an average of $726 per week, with men taking home an average of $991.

On a whole, less male-dominated work sectors tend to show less of a gender pay gap within the United States.

However, this is definitely not the case when it comes to the real-estate sector.

  1. Truck Drivers and Salespeople

The workforce within this sector is significant within the United States, with over 2.6 million people employed as either truck drivers or truck salespeople.

In 2014, it was recorded as one of the largest occupations in the United States.

This industry is heavily male-dominated, with just 4% of the workforce represented by women.

Experts claim this could be the contributing reason to the large gender pay gap within this sector.

This is also one of the lowest-paid occupations on this list, with men earning a weekly average of $739, and women just $545 per week.

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