Top 10 Ideas for Cheap Family Holidays

Top Ideas for Cheap Family Holidays

The average American family spends $4,580 when going on vacation. Unfortunately, the cost of your vacation often needs to be multiplied by four (or however many people are in your family). And that can make going on holiday an expensive exercise.

Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the best cheap family holidays. It’s definitely possible to have an incredible vacation on a budget, and we’ve got some of the top holidays that can make it happen.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Traveling on a Budget

It’s possible to have an incredible family vacation without cleaning out your savings account.

Often it simply comes down to being savvy about the destination you choose. It’s also a good idea to begin researching well in advance so you can go ahead and book the cheapest possible flights and accommodations.

Here are the top 10 ideas for cheap family holidays

  1. Take a Staycation

Whether you visit a few local city hangouts, a national forest, or a historical site, booking an accommodation close to home will give you a holiday experience without much of the expense associated with travel.

Look for cheap tours and attractions and ask the hotel if they have discounts for people who live locally. Groupon, Travelzoo, and LivingSocial all offer staycation deals. And these deals often include large discounts on everything from activities to food and hotels.

  1. Be Active

When you’re looking for cheap family holidays, one of the best things you can do is get as active as possible. Most of the events and attractions we pay for on holiday are passive activities.

When you have a family, activities like visiting theme parks, seeing a play, going to the movies, or catching a baseball game quickly become expensive. But they don’t always make it easy to work on some family bonding. That’s why it’s a good idea to create an active itinerary.

Go for a bike ride through the town you’re visiting, take a hike through a national park, or head to the beach. These activities give you more time to connect and talk with your family.

  1. Avoid Hotels

Hotels are often one of the most expensive parts of a family vacation. And often they don’t even offer many amenities. Instead, find lodging that will offer your family more than just a bathroom and bedroom.

Airbnb is a great choice since it provides you with many different options for accommodation. You can browse based on the amenities you’re after, and you’ll often save money on food since many options include access to a kitchen.

FlipKey, HomeAway, and VRBO all offer similar services. Just make sure you read reviews before you commit to anything.

  1. Choose a Package

You may assume it’s more cost-effective to search separately for the best deals on accommodations, cars, and airfare. But it turns out that booking a full package can make it much more affordable for those looking for cheap family holidays.

Online travel sites have a variety of different options. But travel agents can often put together a package that’s both cost-effective and stress-free since they’re doing all the hard work for you.

  1. Use a Club Store

This may seem like a weird way to book a vacation. But club stores like Sam’s Club and Costco have holiday-planning services. They can also get great deals on tickets for attractions.

Even if you don’t have a membership for these clubs, you can browse through the options on their websites. If you find a great deal, it’s often worth signing up for the membership to receive a large discount.

  1. Choose a Different Beach

We all love a beach holiday. Sun, sand, family time, and relaxation all add up to a great experience. But choosing the premium beaches will cost you — especially if you’re thinking about popular holiday destinations like Southern California or Miami.

Instead, consider the beaches in Galveston, Texas, or visit the gulf shore of Alabama. Other great beaches include the coastlines of Washington and Oregon or the coast between Northern Florida and South Carolina. These beaches have more affordable activities and food, along with inexpensive accommodations.

  1. Visit a Dude Ranch

If you really want an experience to remember, you can find cheap family holidays at dude ranches and working farms around the country.

Sure, this is a seasonal vacation, but your kids will love collecting eggs, horseback riding, feeding animals, and learning about life on the farm. You’ll often earn your keep while doing chores on the farm, making it a cost-effective holiday.

  1. Take a Cruise

While cruising may seem expensive at first glance, it can actually be a remarkably affordable way to travel. That’s because all of your accommodation, food, transport, and entertainment is included in your cruise fare.

If you plan your cruise in advance you can get some great deals. You can also pay a deposit and then pay off the rest of the cruise throughout the year.

  1. Choose Flash Sales

The United States Travel Association offers a series of flash sales each year. You can save up to 60% if you’re a savvy shopper, with unbeatable deals available.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the giveaways between April and May each year. The association releases a deal calendar so you can be prepared for the deals you’re interested in.

You’ll also need to be able to purchase immediately, as the best deals sell out in minutes.

  1. Go All-Inclusive

If you’re willing to travel in shoulder season, or your kids aren’t yet at school, you can grab a great deal on all-inclusive resorts.

This can be an excellent option if the whole family really just wants to relax. These resorts include kid’s clubs, so your kids will have an amazing time while you lie on the beach. And since they’re all-inclusive, you won’t need to worry about putting your hand back in your pocket once you’ve paid for the holiday.

Ready to Book Your Cheap Family Holidays?

As you can see, it’s completely possible to have an amazing family holiday without breaking the bank.

The above cheap family holidays will give you plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories with your kids while keeping your finances healthy.

Need help with your finances? Check out some of our money-saving tips here.

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