Top 10 Hunting Bows on the Market Today

There are several hobbies you can take up to get you outside like bowhunting, fishing, and gardening. Bowhunting is a popular outdoor sport for many people.

Bowhunters makes up a large portion of the hunting population. In 2015, the Archery Trade Association found that 11.9 million Americans participated in bowhunting activities.

Whether you’re in the market for a new hunting bow or are looking to get started in bowhunting, you want to get the best bow you can.

10 Best Hunting Bows on the Market Today

  1. Mathews Halon 5

The Halon 5 is Mathews’ first dual-cam speed bow which happens to make it the fastest bow offered by the company.

The bow features substantial parallel limbs and a dual-bridge rise. It weighs 4.6 lbs and can reach IBO speeds of 353 fps. It’s also low-vibration and quiet.

  1. Bear Moment

Bear’s EAZ Hybrid cam system gives the bow an ultra-smooth draw and an IBO of 340 fps.

The Moment’s reflex riser makes the bow precise and adds strength to the bow. It also features Bear’s signature SonicStop string suppression which helps to stop the string from oscillating and reduces noise.

  1. Bowtech Reign

The Reign is relatively new to the market. Some of its most notable characteristics are that it’s powerful, quiet, has a smooth drawback, and is balanced.

It has a new Outrigger counterweight system meant for offsetting the weight of any accessories. You won’t feel like you’re sacrificing customizability with this bow.

  1. Hoyt Pro Defiant

Hoyt’s Pro Defiant shoots fast at 331 fps. With that speed, it also upholds Hoyt’s reputation for producing accurate and quiet bows.

This bow falls on the shorter end of the spectrum, measuring 30.5″ axle-to-axle. It also has several ranges for draw length and draw weight to fit any archer.

  1. Diamond Infinite Edge

Diamond Infinite Edge offers a comfortable and smooth performance.

Its draw length and weight are easy to adjust, making it a great option for kids and adults. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it’s an ideal starter bow for novice archers.

You can buy string dampeners for hunting to quiet the not-so-quiet bow.

  1. PSE Evolve

The Evolve is a prime example of PSE’s commitment to producing top-end bows.

Archers have the option for 65 to 90 percent let-off with the Evolve and still maintain full power. At 90 percent let-off, the bow still achieves 346 fps.

Other highlights include the smooth draw cycle and rigid platform.

  1. New Breed Blade

The New Breed Blade is certainly not the fastest bow out there (282 fps), but it performs well in other categories.

Testers find the Blade has a smooth draw cycle and ranks well for lack of noise.

However, it does vibrate a lot in the hand which is surprising given its slow speed.

  1. Elite Impulse

Elite’s Impulse has a brand-new two-track cam system and an updated limb pocket system.

The draw is smooth but requires a bit more force. On the release, there’s little vibration or noise.

It also ranks near the top for accuracy.

  1. Prime Rize

Prime’s Rize bow is known for having good accuracy out-of-the-box and for being forgiving.

With 285 fps, it has a smooth draw cycle and a super-strong riser. The strong components don’t add more weight or bulk to the bow, leaving it at 4.3 lbs.

  1. Obsession Def-Con 6

If you care about smoothness, you need the Obsession. It’s advertised for 360 fps, has a smooth draw cycle, and is accurate.

It’s a streamlined bow perfect for any avid bowhunter.

Find the Best Hunting Bow for You

When buying a hunting bow, you need to consider what you’ll be hunting, how fast and quiet you need it to be, and how strong you are. Of course, make sure you test out several models before settling on one.

Live life with no regrets and get the bow of your dreams today.

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