Top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World

According to the Bloomberg Global Health Index, these are the world’s healthiest countries that offer a high quality of life. The world healthcare rankings are based on several factors and criteria that connect healthy citizen healthy nation, including variables like life expectancy, health risks, environmental factors and many others.

If a country has been ranked among the healthiest in the world, it means that it has a healthy lifestyle, a good healthcare system, better life expectancy, reduced death rates, malnutrition, clean water availability; tobacco use and so on.


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Let’s move on to check the top 10 healthiest countries of the world!

Healthiest Countries in the World

  1. Italy – Healthiest Nation in the World

Italy - First Among the Healthiest Countries in the World

It is claimed that a baby that is born in Italy can hope to become an octogenarian! If you want to lead a long and healthy life, Italy is the country to be in. All this despite it’s struggling economy.

  • The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world, which is also very sustainable. Italy’s diet contains a lot of vegetables and a generous drizzling of extra virgin olive oil. The classic Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of olive oil; lean meat with vegetables; red wine consumption; whole grains like pasta; quinoa; bread and rice; absence of processed foods.
  • The healthier lifestyles have reduced the blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels of the people living here. It also reduces mortality rates.
  • Another reason is the number of doctors. The abundance of healthcare personnel is also responsible for making Italy the healthiest country in the world.

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  1. Iceland – Second in the List of Top 10 Healthiest Countries

Iceland – Second in the List of Top 10 Healthiest Countries

You can call it the most health conscious country in the world! It is one of the healthiest places as well.

  • One of the reasons could be the healthcare that is publicly funded in the country.
  • The country has also put into place control measures for tobacco.
  • Their diet and lifestyle also play a major role. The diet is focused on healthy dairy products, like Skyr. Fresh fish and lamb are also healthy staples.
  • The water is the purest in the world, as it is a country of several waterfalls; glaciers and rivers. The water from the hot springs is used in homes for cooking and bathing. It contains several minerals and can work wonders for the health.
  • The lifestyle focuses on fitness and strength programs and intake of proteins. They are known for their gym culture. It is the country that is famed for its Vikings and its Norse Gods in the past to the CrossFit trends of today.
  • The crime rate is low, so people are more safe and secure, making them a happier and healthier race.
  1. Switzerland

Switzerland - healthiest nation in the world

  • Switzerland is one of the healthiest nation in the world having one of the most progressive environmental policies in the world.
  • The universal healthcare system of Switzerland is one of the best.
  • The climate is a major reason for its healthy people. It increases the well being among the people.
  • Nutrition is excellent and so are medical services for the people.
  • The Swiss have the habit of punctuality and doing things at the right time. They take care of their health, and believe that prevention is better than cure.
  • The scenery is gorgeous and people therefore love the outdoors, leading to a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Singapore – Most Healthy Country

Singapore - Most Healthy Country

If you live in Singapore, there are high chances that you’ll live beyond 80 years. It is also projected that the nation’s healthcare spending will be doubled by 2030, with a strong, widespread healthcare system available for the citizens. In fact, a Times article recommends the US healthcare to take a leaf out of Singapore’s book.

  • The smoking rates among adults is very low, just about 14%.
  • The diet mostly consists of carbohydrates, vegetables, hearty meat and fish.
  • Singapore has an effective healthcare system and management of chronic diseases, with excellent preventive, detection and monitoring methods put into place.
  • It has an excellent system of rules for maintaining a healthy and clean environment, making it a leader in hygiene practices of the world.
  1. Australia

Australia - most healthy countries of the world

Australia easily ranks among the most healthy countries of the world. The people here eat well but they also exercise well and that puts them on the top! It’s literally a health paradise, with its excellent climate, the food, the air quality, the medical standards, the list goes on.

  • It’s in the middle of nowhere far away in an ocean, where it is impossible to import foods, or at least too expensive to do so. Hence, they eat a lot of local natural food, that is healthy and hygienic.
  • Sports is the core of their culture, with most Australians taking part in swimming; surfing; rugby; hiking; biking and the like. They take part in muscle building activities, yoga, spin classes, outdoor running CrossFit activities, tennis. They take the stairs against the escalator!
  • Check out their shopping cart! Most of them avoid the aisles: they go for greens; fruits; lamb; eggs and avoid potato chips; canned spaghetti; cookies. To put it shortly, they are not kids at a candy store and only eat healthy food.

Note: They do binge on pizza, but enjoy a slice with healthy salads, and not a fizzy drink or a chocolate cake!

10 healthiest countries in the world


  • They also drink a lot of water.

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  1. Spain

Spain one of the healthiest place in the world

It’s the Mediterranean diet that makes Spain one of the healthiest place in the world. It’s complete, balanced and uses fresh, local, seasonal produce.

  • Olive oil is the major complement of a Spanish diet. It has excellent benefits for the heart and general health.
  • The diet mainly consists of fruit; vegetables; pulses; dried fruits; nuts, all of which contain a lot of fiber and vitamins. They also drink wine in moderation, which is a healthy habit. They also prefer homemade food to fast food.
  • Other reasons are the weather and the walking habits of the people living here.
  • Spain also has an excellent healthcare system.
  • The people are positive and cheerful as well following a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Japan – Ranks 7th in the Healthiest Countries in the World List

Japan – Ranks 7th in the Healthiest Countries in the World List

Japan has always ranked high for life expectancy, for both males and females. It has a winning combination of healthy habits and hereditary factors, due to which it ranks high among the healthiest countries list.

  • One of the key reasons could be that the diet consists of a lot of omega 3 fats from animal food, as also fermented products like natto and seafood, which prevents chronic diseases.
  • Mid day meals in schools consist of local foods that are organically grown.
  • Rice intake lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.

Note: They eat in smaller plates, resulting in smaller portions.

Healthiest Countries in the World List


  • Another reason is their active lifestyle.

Note: According to the WHO more than 98% of Japanese kids go to school by walk or bike.

  • Also, the medical system of the country relies more on prevention than cure, by using herbs, healthy practices, meditation, martial arts and other calming activities to balance the mind and body, as a basic part of its culture.
  1. Sweden

Sweden - healthiest places to live in the world

The Nordic countries, including Sweden, are the leaders with respect to exercising. In fact, Sweden ranks high for almost everything, like gender equality; tech startups; social progress, sustainability; renewable energy, you name it!



  • More than 50% of the people exercise for more than 2.5 hours a day, in spite of the cold, dark, tough conditions in winter. They walk, ride and go camping, enjoy public spaces and nature, all of which enhances their physical and mental health.
  • It’s also due to the public health care system being a highly developed one.

Note: If you want to see the doctor, you get an appointment on the same day. All treatment is also free and you get amazing services. For instance, during childbirth, the mother gets full supplies of clothes, toys etc.!

Note: Sweden is consistently ranked in the top 10 for the happiness levels, by the World Happiness Report.

  • They have an ideal work life balance, with Swedes having 15 minute breaks in their work schedule 2 times in a day.
  • Though the Mediterranean diet is without a parallel, the Nordic diet is by no means lagging. It reduces cholesterol and is conducive to weight loss. It consists of oily fish containing omega 3 fatty acids plus protein; carrots, radishes, potatoes and several kinds of berries. They also don’t consume much of red meat or animal fat, which is a plus point.

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  1. Israel

Israel - healthiest countries in the Middle East

Israel not only tops the list of healthiest countries in the Middle East, but also that of the happiest countries in the world. This is in spite of being located in one of the most dangerous locations of the world with constant threats from countries around it.

  • One reason is the Mediterranean diet, with plenty of nuts, vegetables, legumes, fruits and of course, Olive Oil and wine. It also combines some eggs; dairy and meat.
  • The Sheva minim, the seven species mentioned in Torah, are special fruits containing high amounts of antioxidants.
  1. Luxembourg – 10th Among Most Healthiest Countries of the World

Luxembourg – 10th Among Most Healthiest Countries of the World

The Legatum Institute, London, has certified that Luxembourg has the best healthcare system in the world.

  • The culture is focused on eating and drinking, with the capital having the maximum number of Michelin restaurants per capita. Major fast food chains like Chipotle; KFC; Taco Bell; Starbucks are not present.
  • It’s healthcare system is one of the best in the continent, including all basic medical coverage, where people can choose their doctors; specialists and hospital.

Wrap Up

We all have our personal bucket list. Some want to visit the most beautiful countries of the world. Still others want to taste the best food out there. But there are some others who will go to any lengths to lead a healthy life.

Check out these countries and their healthy lifestyle. It should go a long way in motivating you to be more physically fit and active.

Remember, the health of a country depends on the health of every citizen living there. Healthy citizens make for a healthy country, so let’s step on it today!

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