Top 10 Fun Christmas Family Traditions to Know

Exciting Christmas Family Traditions

Whether you’re a good elf or a bit of a Grinch, it’s always easy to tell when Christmas is around the corner.

One day you’re preparing the menu for Thanksgiving, and next, you’re setting up the tree! Not to mention all the peppermint mocha flavored foods and special holiday sales.

But, there are a few other telling signs of Christmas coming that touch a special place in your heart – Christmas family traditions.

A family tradition is a treat for any holiday. It’s something your family can look forward to every year as a way to get together and celebrate one another.

Not sure how to turn the holiday cheer into unique bonding moments?

Here are ten Christmas family traditions you can start this year

Fun Christmas Family Traditions to Know

  1. Do a Countdown

Are your kids still asking you when Santa is coming?

Their sense of magic and wonder is something to embrace. As such, consider getting a holiday countdown to hang somewhere in your home.

Marking the days is a fun way to start your mornings or ease into bedtime.

It’s also a chance to talk about the spirit of Christmas every step of the way. Sometimes, we forget what the holidays are all about as we’re buying gifts and filling our calendars with events.

A countdown isn’t just about anticipating Christmas, it’s about feeling the joy of it throughout your preparations.

  1. Make Your Own Ornaments

Exciting Christmas Family Traditions

One of the most popular ways to prepare for Christmas is to set up a tree.

Instead of buying everything you need from the store, why not take time to make a few ornaments of your own?

Among all the Christmas family traditions out there, this is a great way to track the memories of each year. As time goes on, your family will grow a collection of special ornaments and even

more precious memories.

You can keep them simple with paper cutouts and how-to’s or get creative with special designs.

  1. Create a Christmas Playlist

Don’t forget to put some music on while you’re setting up the tree!

This helps pass the time as you untangle lights and hook each ornament.

More importantly, it gets everyone smiling, laughing, and dancing around – and these simple moments are what Christmas family traditions are all about.

You can rotate the theme of your playlist each year, too.

There are many different takes on classic Christmas songs, from acoustic and indie melodies to country-rock jams and more.

  1. Send Christmas Cards

Once the halls are decked and the tunes are playing, it’s time to take a photo.

Sending holiday cards is an easy way to tell your friends and family you’re thinking of them. It’s also a great excuse to get everyone in your home together for the day and celebrate many Christmas holiday traditions at once.

This is your chance to express your family’s personality, too.

  1. Have a Movie Marathon

What better way to wind down from your mini photo shoot than with some Christmas movies?

A movie marathon is one of the easiest Christmas family traditions to enjoy.

All you need are seats, a DVD player or streaming service, and a couple snacks! Maybe have everyone bring a movie or a bit of food to make the occasion even easier for you.

But, don’t forget to get the Christmas PJs and cozy blankets out!

  1. Go to a Holiday Show

Some families prefer going out instead of staying in.

Attending a holiday play or special screening is a great way to get out of the house.

This doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, either.

Many areas offer a city-held Christmas event or a school play for families to attend. Keep your eye out for such occasions, and mark your calendar ahead of time.

If you don’t mind spending the big bucks, planning is even more important.

This ensures you get the best seats when you take your family to see the Nutcracker or a symphony performance.

  1. Find the Best Lights in Town

While you’re out of the house, consider taking the long way home to go in search of Christmas lights.

These may be around the town square or a personal showcase at someone’s home. Either way, lights are a simple way to feel the spirit of the season.

They embody a sense of cheer and wonder. Many people take these very seriously to create the best experience possible.

  1. Bake Christmas Cookies

Favorite Christmas Family Traditions

As great as hot chocolate and apple cider are, not everyone associates these with Christmas. They’re more of a cold-weather treat.

But, baked goods like gingerbread men and sugar cookies with decorative cut-outs are a different story. You can spread this kind of Christmas cheer from scratch or by popping a pre-made batter in the oven.

Anyways, the best part is decorating with icing once they’re ready!

It might make your kitchen a little messy, but the memories are what really matter.

  1. Celebrate the Night Before Christmas

Before you know it, the night before Christmas sneaks up on you and your family.

But, there are still a few more Christmas family traditions to celebrate. Some popular Christmas Eve activities include:

  • Allowing each person to open one present
  • Passing around secret Santa gifts
  • Making a special Christmas dinner
  • Attending a religious service

Each option has its own sense of cheer and wonder. It’s the cherry on top of all your preparations leading up to Christmas, and sets the stage to fully enjoy Christmas day.

  1. Get Involved with Your Community

The last tradition to consider starting this year is more about your community than your family.

In the true spirit of giving, consider giving back to spread cheer to those in need.

You can take your kids to volunteer at a soup kitchen or have them pick out toys to donate. Maybe just hand them your spare change to drop in caroller’s collections outside of stores and markets.

Whatever you decide to do, if you’re able, it’s great to do something.

Giving back reminds you how fortunate you are to celebrate all of your Christmas family traditions, and teaches your kids valuable lessons about life.

Share Your Favorite Christmas Family Traditions

There are endless ways to get into the spirit of the season. Try one of our top ten suggestions with your family and see how they enjoy the idea.

Did we miss something, though?

Tell us about your favorite Christmas tradition below!

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