Top 10 Elevator Manufacturing Companies In India

Elevator companies in India are experiencing a rise in demand as India is witnessing a sharp infrastructure growth.

Multi-storeyed cooperate, and residential buildings are a familiar sight now. Skyscrapers represent the spatial economy and symbolize the growing power of India.

Many of the best lift brands in the world have established themselves in India. Every top elevator manufacturers have their office in India.

Lifts have become a necessity rather than a luxury for many as the number of skyscrapers and malls increases.

Elevators are the quickest way to move around in high-rise buildings. Some elevators are now being designed to improve the quality of a skyscraper aesthetically.

The cost of home elevators has decreased rapidly in the recent years. It is easier to install and get residential lifts serviced.

We have made a list of the top ten elevator manufacturing companies in India that can provide high-end Lifts and Escalator at every price.

Best Lift and Escalator Manufacturers in India

#1) Kone India:

Kone India

KONE India is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry.

KONE was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 1910. The company serves around 400,000 customers across the world. It is one of the most famous elevator and escalator manufacturing enterprises in the world and in India.

Their key customer group includes architects, building owners, builders, developers, government authorities, and consultants.

KONE offers very high- energy efficiency in their elevators. Along with high efficiency in their high volume elevator range, they also give the customers the safety and fulfil all accessibility codes.

KONE elevators have gained their popularity for their sustainability. Their product designs are highly modernized and provide added value to the lifecycle of any multi-storeyed building.

KONE’s expertise covers every aspect within the elevator industry. The company has established 1,000 offices around the globe and services 900,000 elevators and escalators globally.

Global megatrends are taken into consideration when the company designs its products.

Rapid urbanization, demographic changes like the age of the population, safety, and environmental concerns are the parameters the company concentrates on when designing a product.

KONE is the elevator manufacturer to consider when contemplating on getting a freight elevator, house elevator, or personal elevator. The company’s logo itself is ‘People Flow.’

Their talented technical team will cater to all your needs and support you through every step of installation, design, and maintenance.

KONE India’s headquarters is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. KONE is worth $22.9 billion according to Forbes. The company has 52,104 employees and has seen a 10.3% sales growth from     August 2015- August 2016.

#2) Fujitec India:

 Fujitec India

Fujitec is an elevator manufacturer with its origin in Osaka, Japan in 1948. The company has its headquarters in Japan. Their operating headquarters are in Europe, America, South Asia, East Asia, and Japan.

The company manufactures freight elevator, residential lifts, and personal elevators that are environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient with a broad range of applications.

Fujitec designs state-of-the-art elevator products that can fit any high-rise and mid-rise building.

Fujitec India Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2004 in Mumbai, India. The company has developed branches in many locations in India to cater to the increasing demands of Indian customers.

The company has a well-equipped defensive and planned maintenance service team that can take up any challenge. Fujitech even has many Japanese engineers stationed in India who have many operational responsibilities.

They have satellite stores in their regional operating areas in India so that they are always well prepared to meet their customer’s requirements. The products available are all in-line with their global standards, and they use the latest technology in engineering and installation.

The company has a worldwide network and is well aware of the cultural differences. Therefore, the products are all designed to suit Indian customers, practices, and climate.

Their product ERITO was built specifically for the Indian market. It can be defined as a small machine room traction elevator which is only sold in India. MRL-II is also only sold in India and is a machine room-less elevator.

KYUTO is a series of small machine room and machine room less traction elevators that are specifically designed for Indian customers.

The company specializes in small elevators. Many speculated the worth of the company to be around $748 million.

#3) Otis Elevator Company:

 Otis Elevator Company

The Otis Elevator Company is one of the leading lift and escalator manufacturers in India and the world. The company has been a reliable name in the elevator industry for the last 160 years.

They are one of the best lift brands and escalator manufacturers in India.

Otis is often defined as the pioneer in its field. Otis has installed their products in some of the world’s most iconic mega structures like the Eiffel Tower, World Trade Centre, Empire State Building, and Burj Khalifa.

The company has modernized its products design, safety, and aesthetics with time. Otis with its pioneer escalator technology and its comprehensive line of elevator design can fulfill all your transportation needs across any high mega-structure.

The brand is known for its aesthetic products and is committed to improving user’s experience. Otis has been operating successfully in 200 countries.

The corporate office of the brand is in Mumbai, India. They manufacture freight elevators, residential lifts, moving walks, and escalators. The company has more than 66,000 employees dedicated to servicing and designing products that would suit your every need.

#4) Mitsubishi Electric:

Mitsubishi Electric ElevatorsMitsubishi Electric is a brand which has made its bases in India after seeing the country’s economic potential and the rise of demand in lifts for homes and freight elevator. The company has been a big name in elevators and escalators business since the year 1930s.

Mitsubishi has made a name for itself for its comfortable, safe, and inspiring lift designs. Mitsubishi is also one of the largest passenger elevator companies in India at present. The headquarters of this company is in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The company came into existence in the year 1921, and since the year 1950, it came to be known as one of the best enterprises in the globe to offer elevator solutions.

Some of their most famous designs are the spiral escalator which opened up new possibilities in public space design and is also fun to ride.

The company dedicated years of effort to overcome technical, physical, and mechanical challenges involved with its design. Their other most remarkable model is their super high-speed elevator which required decades of engineering innovation and superior craftsmanship.

People experience ultra-fast, safe environment with imperceptible vibration and noise when in this elevator. The group can be defined as the future of vertical transportation.

#5) Schindler Elevators:

 Schindler Elevators

Schindler Elevators is the well-known provider of escalators, elevators, and service. The company is one of the oldest companies on this list. It was established in 1874 in Switzerland.

In the present day, the company has its branches in 140 countries around the world. They manufacture home elevators for sale, small elevators, freight elevators, and personal elevators.

The company claims to move over 1 billion people a day with their products. The products of Schindler are known for their sustainability and craftsmanship.

The company has a strong ethical standard of personal and professional conduct.  All Schindler products are known for their design to reduce CO2 emissions and cause minimum environmental harm. Their escalators and lifts are made to fit any architectural plans.

Schindler is a brand which stands for urban mobility. Their products have been changing with the modernization and urbanization of the world.

#6) Thyssen Krupp Elevator India:

Thyssen Krupp ElevatorThyssen Krupp Elevator has established itself as an important name in the lift and escalator business in the last 40 years. The company had established their branch in the country in the year 2002.

Their time and energy efficient products are known for their edgy design and their unique engineering capacities. The brand is known to design, install and service elevators and escalators around the world.

They have their presence in the residential, corporate, and industrial markets. They are one of the top passenger lift manufacturers in India.

The company can help you in modernizing your already existing system. They can provide replacement and the fastest solution related to your already present system.

Their headquarters in India is in Delhi. Thyssen Krupp is the world’s most reputed company in providing residential lifts and freight elevator. The brand has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe.

#7) Hitachi Lift:

 Hitachi Lifts

Hitachi, Ltd. has been active in the creation of elevators, escalators and moving walkways from the year 1920. They have the highest shares in the Japanese market.

Hitachi has diversified their products in many sectors. Hitachi is the master in handles installation and maintenance of vertical transportation systems like residential lifts, escalators, and moving sidewalks. Their quality and reliability have made them be admired throughout the world.

The company has brought global premium technology for India. They have successfully worked with many developers and builders in residential and corporate projects in the country. The company is now expanding its business to other countries.

#8) Omega Elevators:

 Omega Elevators

Omega Elevators is a company that specializes in manufacturing electric and hydraulic lifts in India. The company is one of India’s most trustworthy brands. The company has a huge list of satisfied customers in the country. The company estimates it has around 35,000 satisfied clients in India.

Omega Elevators is a Spanish company that specializes in installing the car elevators, rocket elevators, and capsule elevators. They are extremely popular in the European markets.

They specialize in engineering high-end vertical transport machines like the ramps, lifts for homes, freight elevator, personal elevators, and platforms.

Their elevators can transport 3 to 53 people at a time. The company claims to maintain its zero dissatisfaction rates till date.

All the components of their products are 100% tested, and no faulty machinery is given a pass. Their products follow a strict code of international standards. The company is continuously improving itself with time.

#9) Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd. :

Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd.Express Lifts Pvt. Ltd. is a unique brand of its own. This brand was established in the year 1995, and it designs home elevators that offer not just safety but also luxury and accessibility to all amenities.

They have a range of premium home elevators which meet the highest international standards of quality and servicing. Their lifts last a lifetime.

Express specialize in personal elevators with superior design and craftsmanship that are custom made to match the every client’s needs.

The company had been founded in Ahmadabad. The founding members are of engineering background. Their technical background is reflected in their product designs.

Express’ product ranges also include hospital lifts, capsule elevators, car lifts, rocket elevators and passenger elevators. The company has also won various awards for its environmentally friendly products.

#10) Schneider Elevator:

Schneider ElevatorSchneider Elevator is a company which was established in Pune, Maharashtra. They are famous for their residential elevators with custom made personal elevators which match the interior or exterior of a building.

They also make elevators that can be fitted with glass and operation panels to match with the building. The company’s modern design and outlook along with maintenance and installation service has made them a top player in the business.

Schneider Elevator is always introducing innovative technology to modify existing systems and improve aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency of residential lifts.

They mostly manufacture escalator, car lift, hospital elevator, capsule elevator, industrial elevator and home lift.

Wrapping it Up

Elevators at home and commercial buildings have become a common site.

The cost of home elevator and elevator price in general has witnessed a fall. You can contact the above mentioned elevator manufacturing companies to discuss the price ranges.

Custom made commercial elevator or residential elevators cost more. Price ranges also vary according to the specification of the lifts.

Energy efficient elevators are the best choice for residential lifts as they will save you a fortune in electricity bills and lower your carbon emissions.

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