Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in the World

Direct selling companies are a great option to sell products from home. It consists of selling a product directly to the consumer, without a permanent retail location.

Some of the fastest growing MLM companies offer great opportunities for earning money to many stay at home moms, as it offers an option for direct sales from home.

MLM Business Model

Such companies don’t include any middlemen, which results in benefits for both buyers and sellers. It is a successful method of marketing these days and several companies have profited immensely from this marketing strategy.

The major portion of your income will come from signing up new recruits into the MLM system. The more they sell, the more you earn. When you buy a product, the commission goes to one who recruited you and also others in the up line.

These kind of direct selling companies are the perfect working opportunity for stay at home moms, who are on the look out for making money with a home-based job.

This post is devoted to the top 10 direct selling companies in the world today.

  1. Avon


  • Avon caters to products in the beauty, fashion jewelry, and apparel niche. This is one of the top direct selling companies.
  • Avon products market value is $1933 million as of 31st March 2017, and the direct selling company has assets worth $3419 millions.
  • It is one of the direct sales companies, but the compensation paid is both multi level as well as single level.
  • Avon was the pioneer in offering women an avenue for earning money through quasi businesses on their own. The idea was a revolutionary one.
  1. Amway


  • Amway is one of the most successful direct selling companies.
  • It sells products related to health, cosmetics, food, personal care, as well as home care products, air purifiers, insurance, dietary supplements among others.

Amway Products

  • There are nearly 3 million sales people and it consists of person-to-person sales. The company is among the most profitable direct sales companies.
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  • Their direct sales products are sold all over the world in more than 100 countries, using network marketing as well as direct selling agents.
  • Network markets get a commission on selling Amway’s products. They can also make money by recruiting another member in the down line.
  1. Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife Ltd.

  • Herbalife is one of the World famous direct marketing companies.
  • Compensation is based on multi level marketing.
  • The company sells nutrition, protein shakes, energy and fitness supplements, protein snacks and personal care products.
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  • The company has managed to remain in business for more than 30 years, as it is able to keep a finger on the consumer pulse in areas of fitness and health.
  • Those joining the MLM company can make money by promoting the product as well as by adding more users. They can bring in others into the family and tutor them on selling the product.
  • Mainly promotes products for preventing overweight, with their shakes being a best seller.

  • Another popular product is multivitamins, which you cannot buy in a local store.
  1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay

  • Mary Kay is one of the best direct sales marketing company, offering cosmetics.
  • Distributors get income by selling the products directly to others in the community.
  • They can also get sale shares when a person they have recruited makes a sale, in the form of a pyramid scheme.
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  • It offers Satisfaction Guarantee feature for the products. This means that you can exchange or get a full refund if you are not satisfied. However, the company has shown a satisfaction rate of 90%.
  • The major product categories are skin care products; make up; body and sun and fragrance.
  • The prices are reasonable and the company comes up with fresh products consistently.
  • There are special offers like free consultation for makeup or skin care and free products.
  1. Tupperware


  • Tupperware is one of the best direct selling companies offering a great MLM opportunity, with the company being around for more than 50 years.
  • Useful products for keeping food fresh and air tight.


  • Products offered include food storage containers; serving ware; cooking tools; microwave containers and so on. It has also added products related to beauty and wellness lately.
  • It enjoys advantage when compared with other MLM models, as it also has considerable retail market. So, it is not entirely dependent on its members selling the products to consumers.
  1. Nu Skin

Nu Skin

  • Nu Skin is one of the direct selling companies offering more than 200 personal care products, related to skin care and anti ageing. The anti ageing market seems to have increased with time, so the market for its products are good.
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  • Distributors get income by selling the product directly and also by recruiting other sellers.
  • Products are quite expensive but there is a money back offer.
  • You can enroll as a distributor and buy the products, reselling them and earning commissions.
  • You can also get a bonus by being a network executive and recruiting other distributors.
  1. Oriflame Cosmetics SA


  • Oriflame Cosmetics is world famous among the direct selling companies, and is based in Luxembourg.
  • Deals with beauty products and operates all over the world.
  • You can get commission through personal sales. Like other MLMs, you can also recruit another person to your team and get a commission on that person’s sales. There are other rewards like trips and car allowances. However, you have to buy one starter kit to join.
  1. Natura Cosmeticos


  • Natura Cosmeticos is the leading cosmetics manufacturer and direct sales company in Brazil.
  • Products include body care; bath and shower; skin care and hair care; baby care and fragrances. They offer Eco friendly products.
  • It ranks consistently among the top 10 direct sales companies and is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies.
  1. Belcorp


  • Based in Peru offering skin care products, cosmetics, makeup products etc.
  • You can get a commission bonus when you sell Belcorp products offering a direct sales business model. You get discounts as a distributor.
  • An entire category of products is targeted at teenagers, with a mission to control eating disorders.
  1. Vorwerk & Co


  • Unique product category related to home appliances. Vorwerk is famous for Thermomix, a kitchen appliance. It’s a kind of food processor for dicing or blending food. It can also heat or cook the food.
  • It’s a German based business.
  • You can make money with their flagship products like the Thermomix and the Koboid (a vacuum cleaner).
  • Recipe chips are offered along with the appliance. Distributors can also sell additional recipe chips for repetitive earnings.
  • You have to buy the Thermomix, become a distributor and get training for demonstration.

There are many MLM companies out there. Most of them offer nutrition supplements or skin care products. Almost all of you must have heard of Amway or Avon products or a Mary Kay product for that matter. They are among the best direct selling companies.

However, apart from the top 10 direct selling companies, there are many other new direct sales companies, which offer great direct sales opportunities.

If your heart is set on playing the game of the MLM, you can select from one of these. They offer great business opportunities, especially for women.

Each of them offers different versions of commissions, but they are basically the same MLM model.

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