The Top 10 Most Creative Product Packaging of 2017

Sometimes we look at something and we just know there and then that we want it.

And product packaging is all about creating that double-take, love at first sight moment – so a consumer will stop, stare and want to own your product immediately.

Year after year, product packaging gets more and more creative, as design continues to evolve and stretch the imagination.

And 2017 has been another stellar year of intriguing must-haves – which you’re bound to want to learn more about when you see the stunning designs we’ve laid out for you below.

Here are 10 of the most head-turning product packaging designs from this year.

The Best Product Packaging

  1. CS Insect Lightbulbs

Angelina Pischikova and Anna Orlovskaya came together to create the boxes for electrical company CS at the start of the year.

These adorable boxes featured stunning drawings of fireflies, bumble bees, stag beetles, and dragonflies.

Inspired by Thomas Edison who once claimed that a firefly is an ideal cold light source, these casings were detailed and really rather beautiful.

  1. Spine Vodka

High-brow vodka brand Spine commissioned product packaging designs by German graduate Johannes Schulz who aimed to create a reduced and simple design with a conscious twist to it.

For the bottled liquor, Schulz went for a 3D effect, taking the name of the brand literally and creating a 3D transparent bottle with the illusion of a skeleton’s torso on the inside.

  1. Coca-Cola’s Lunar Cans

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, was honored in 2017 by Coca-Cola with a festive rebranding of the designs of its cans.

The simple yet stunning designs were red with gold detailing.

The main feature on it was a swallow – a symbol in Vietnam of Spring’s arrival.

  1. Nike Air

Taking the name of the sneaker brand very literally, Nike packaged their sports shoes in large air bubbles rather than standard cardboard boxes.

Berlin-based Scholz & Friends dreamed up this air-locked plastic bubble, which gave the impression the shoes were hovering in thin air.

  1. Poilu Paintbrushes

Poilu released a range of specially-dyed paint brushes packaged in cardboard holders with men’s faces on them, giving the illusion of beards and mustaches where each brush poked through.

  1. Matsukiyo Toilet Paper

In Japan, Matsukiyo designed a product packaging for toilet paper that took the embarrassment out of buying the everyday product.

The packaging featured a design of fruits, vegetables and a bottle of wine so that, when sticking out the top of shopping bag, it looks like you’re actually buying groceries instead.

  1. Starck Paris Perfume Collection

The Diamond Pentaward 2017 Best of Show award was won by Spanish-based agency Perfumes by Diseno, for their Starck Paris perfume collection.

Creating three individual perfume bottle designs in rose, moss green and stone, when together they interlinked to form one sculpture.

The designer said: “The fluid nature of the design creates a connectivity between the three fragrances, that is consistent throughout all aspects of the set.”

  1. Beehive Honey Squares

Lacy Kuhn veered off-piste with her cereal box design for Beehive Honey Squares, making it partly see-through.

Featuring an illustration of a ravenous bear on the front, the cartoon was wolfing down the Honey Squares into his mouth – which was, in fact, the window on the box.

  1. Tipsy Shot Glasses

Tipsy Wight’s set of six wonky shot glasses in a presentation box that reflected the designs inside was certainly an eye-catching example of product packaging in 2017.

Lined up and tilted in a sand-colored box with silhouettes of the glasses inside, the design worked harmoniously with the theme of the brand.

  1. Icelandic Glacial Water

Enticing the consumer to drink from it, Icelandic Glacial bottles were designed as if it were, in fact, a block of ice containing chilled water inside.

The packaging imitates ice glaciers and as a result, makes it that bit more alluring to want to drink from and quench your thirst.

Product Packaging At Its Best

These examples of design have a way of drawing in the consumer, but with a savvy flair rather than a tricky marketing gimmick.

Product packaging design makes buying more than just a mundane experience for the customer.

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