Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas to Start Making Serious Money Online

Did you know the average blog posts published daily is over 5 million?

It’s no wonder that with so many blogs standing out and making money from a blog can be confusing and intimidating.

Have you been wanting to start a side blog that will make you some serious money online?

Keep reading for 10 blog niche ideas to get you started.

Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas to Start Making Serious Money Online

There’s a lot of blog niche ideas you can choose from when starting out as a new blogger. To make money through blogging you want to enter a market that is thriving to give yourself a bigger chance for an audience in that niche to find you. Once you figure out your niche the next step is writing and finding time to write.

  1. Travel

Online travel sales are expected to grow to 817.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. With that said you don’t need us to tell you that travel is a profitable industry and a profitable blog niche. Here are a few sub-niches you can focus on:

  • Personal travel blog
  • Adventure travel blog
  • Food travel blog
  • Camping travel blog
  • Region-specific travel blog

The key to the travel niche is to be unique so that you can stand out. Some ideas on how to make money with a travel blog include affiliate commissions from hotel reviews, affiliate commissions from travel gear you use or creating a travel guide e-book to sell.

  1. Lifestyle

In order for this blog niche to make money, it’s important to pick a sub-niche of lifestyle. Some sub-niches you can choose from include homesteading, survival, organization, and gardening.

The way to monetize this niche are ads, printable, and e-books. The key in this niche is that you can’t write about just anything. You have to be solving a problem or write about a topic that people are passionate about in order to gain traction.

  1. Health & Fitness

This is a niche that you can get a lot of traffic from but have to understand the best way to monetize to not miss out. In the beginning, the best approach is affiliate marketing to give your audience the option to buy what has worked for you. Eventually, you can recommend gym gear you love, a healthy cookbook e-book or an online workout plan.

You have several options in this niche including but not limited to supplements, yoga, meditation or health care.

  1. Sewing

This niche is huge on Pinterest which is one of the best places to promote and share a blog. This niche fuels other creatives with the love of sewing. There are a lot of people that love sewing or crocheting but not too many out there putting out content.

With a huge audience and not many bloggers to choose from this is a great space if you love sewing.

  1. Parenting

This is a profitable niche because there are thousands of products just for parents. It’s also a universal niche because moms are everywhere in the world. Different options for monetizing this niche include ads, product recommendations, e-books, and affiliate marketing.

  1. Newborns

This niche is similar to the parenting niche but sometimes more profitable because of so many first time parents. Newborns come with a ton of different products. The reviews and recommendations are endless.

There is a chance to use affiliate links to everything from strollers to bottles.

  1. Food

This niche can be tricky to make money with but it can be profitable due to a large amount of traffic.

The audience here is usually looking for recipes but with enough people finding your recipes and staying on the site ads revenue from sites such as mediavine and Google Adsense can add up.

  1. Fashion

This industry generates billions of dollars making this niche very profitable. The potential to have online sales from those that visit the blog are high.

With fashion there are many sub-niche ideas including the following:

  • Makeup tutorial blog
  • Jewelry blog
  • Men’s fashion blog
  • Women’s shoe blog
  1. Personal Development

This blog can be profitable as long as it’s very specific about how it’s helping someone. Offering something broad such as how to have a better life won’t really be helpful.

Different ideas on how to help someone are teaching about how to get rid of specific bad habits such as procrastination or how to overcome anxiety or depression.

  1. How to Make Money

This is one of the easiest niches to make money with because so many people want to learn how to make extra money. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into this niche and pretend to have the knowledge to share with others about making money online.

The audience for this niche knows they have other options so if you can’t demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about they will go elsewhere. As a newbie in this niche, it’s best to treat it as a blog journey where you bring others in as you grow and learn how to make money.

Letting people follow you from Day 1 will help you connect with your audience and grow a loyal fanbase that won’t leave because they have witnessed your growth. Once your traffic and audience grow you can publish courses and books to make money with this niche.

Is This The Year You Start Your Blog?

So, is this your year to start your money-making blog? Keep in mind you don’t have to limit yourself to the above blog niche ideas. Make sure you choose a niche that has an audience and a niche that you are genuinely interested in as well.

Once you have your blog all set up make sure you check out our articles with blogging tips to help you feel like a pro.

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