Top 10 Best TV Shows of all Times

In an age when it’s harder than ever to sit through a TV programme, the fascinating TV series are only thing which still keeps us glued to the television set. If you are wondering how to spend the boring summer afternoons then keep reading this article to find out about the best TV shows of all time.

In today’s post, we will talk about some of the most watched TV series worldwide which is sure to make your summertime a lot more exciting one.

Most Popular TV Shows of all Time

  1. Band of Brothers (2001)

Band of Brothers - Best TV Shows of all Times

With an IMDB rating of 9.5 this HBO miniseries tells the story of the exploits of the Easy Company during their entire campaign in Europe.

One of the highest rated TV shows of all time, Band of Brothers remains one of the most striking representations of a true story during the World War 2. Right from the first episode you’d start to sympathize with the characters.

  1. True Detective (2014-)

True Detective - Best TV Shows of all Times

True Detective is a seasonal anthology series on HBO which tells of a different investigation story in every season.

After the immense success of the first season starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, two more seasons have been aired.

One of the best TV dramas of all time, every episode of this stylish series is a treat for the discerning viewer.

The stellar storyline, the superb script and the magnificent acting are reasons enough for you to watch this one.

  1. Fargo (2014-)

fargo-tv-series - Best TV Shows of all Times

One of the best TV shows of the decade, Fargo is a TV series which is based on the crime classic by Coen Brothers.

The minimalist treatment, the subtle performances, and the small town setting set this movie far apart from any other contemporary crime drama.

The best part about Fargo is that every season gets better than the last one. One of the top rated TV shows of all times, Fargo comes with an IMDB rating of 9.0.

  1. The Walking Dead (2010-)


There have been zombies around in movies since the 1930s but it was not until Walking Dead that people started to take them seriously.

A very important part of your list of TV shows to watch, Walking dead is one of the most popular TV shows of all time.

Set in a cruel post apocalyptic world, Walking Dead tells the story about survivalist ethics in a world torn apart by the un-dead.

  1. Sherlock (2010-)

Sherlock - Best TV Shows of all Times

BBC’s take on Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly one of the most watched TV shows of all time. Sherlock Holmes is our evergreen detective who has been freely reinvented by countless writers and directors.

In the series Sherlock, we find Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson solving crimes in 21st c London.

The bromance between Holmes and Watson including the countless sexual innuendos make for a rather interesting watch. This witty and fascinating crime series is one of the most watched TV shows of this decade.

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  1. Twin Peaks (1990)

Twin Peaks - Best TV Shows of all Times

The best TV shows of the 90s, Twin Peaks was certainly far ahead of its time. As expected from David Lynch, this is one of the most bizarre crime dramas ever created for TV.

It tells the story of the various residents of a tranquil small town near the Canada border who are beset after the gruesome rape and murder of a teenage girl.

If you are looking forward to a dose of surrealism on the small screen then Twin Peaks is just meant for you.

The best news is that this series has made a comeback after 25 years and still now fans are confused about what exactly is going on.

  1. The Sopranos (1999-2007)

the-sopranos-season - Best TV Shows of all Times

The best television series drama ever created, Sopranos is a dark and offbeat drama about a New Jersey gangster of Italian descent.

Unquestionably the most popular TV series on HBO, Sopranos unparalleled description of the old-school mafia would hook the viewer right from the very first episode.

One of the top rated American TV series of all times, The Sopranos is perhaps the most fascinating representation of the Italian mafia in New Jersey.

The remarkable performance of James Gandolfini would keep you glued to the screen until you have watched the end of it.

  1. The Wire (2002-2008)

The Wire - Best TV Shows of all Times

Even almost a decade after we left the crime scene of Baltimore, no other television series even comes close to the incredible achievements of this outstanding crime drama.

Certainly, the greatest TV shows of all time, The Wire should be on the top of any list of top TV shows.

One of the most watched TV series worldwide, each season of The Wire deals with an institution in the city of Baltimore and its relationship with the law enforcement agencies.

The subjects of its five seasons are- illegal drug trade, the docks and seaport, the bureaucracy and the government, the schools and system of education and the print media.

  1. Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad - Best TV Shows of all Times

The best TV dramas of all time, AMC’s Breaking Bad surely needs no introduction. If you don’t find the first season interesting enough, just watch till you watch the second.

This is one of those TV series which gets better with every episode. It tells the story of Walter White a chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine cook and his aide Jesse Pinkman. Packed with dark comedy, gruesome murders, surreal scenes and incredible dialogue, Breaking Bad is one of the best TV series ever created.

  1. Game of Thrones (2011-)

Game of Thrones - Best TV Shows of all Times

No list of top TV series can be complete without a mention of the king of all TV shows (or should I say the Queen?)

The Battle of Bastards episode of Game of Thrones is one of the most watched single TV episode.

According to fans the world is divided into two kinds of people – those who watch GOT and those who don’t. This top notch medieval fantasy is a must watch if you belong to the second group of people.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know about the best TV shows to watch, all you need to do is start watching them in case you still haven’t.

We have touched upon all the greatest achievements on the small screen in our comprehensive list of top ten series.

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