Top 10 Best Refreshing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

With spring long gone, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll be looking to cool off by sipping on some of the best drinks for summer heat. With ever-rising temperatures, healthy summer drinks are essential to surviving sweltering heat, sweat, exhaustion, dehydration, and heat strokes.

The advent of summer for folks who barely get enough sun is as relieving as the news of comforting rain for people living in the hottest places all around the world. But don’t be mistaken—summer heat can spell disasters no matter where you are.

Slipping into cotton clothing, opening up an umbrella, or going for a dip; all of these are excellent ways to battle summer heat. But if you want them to be effective, you’ll have to stay hydrated at all times.

There’s nothing better than water to maintain your bodily fluid levels. But since its summer, and you’re already pulling out all the tricks up your sleeve to stay cool and refreshed, having a go at refreshing summer drinks is justified.

The best drinks for summer that are mentioned below can be whipped up at any restaurant or pub. But why do you want to make your wallet lighter when you can make them on your own? Yes, you heard that right.

They’re practically easy drinks to make at home for summer hydration. On the bright side, you’ll be garnering plenty of praises for the concoctions you’ll be dishing up for your friends and family.

Mixology 101: Here’s What You Will Learn About Preparing Best Drinks For Summer

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10 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks To Invigorate Your Body and Mind

The family of summer drinks is divided into two: the first group consists of health drinks that contain zero alcohol, while the other has a bit of kick in it to offer a slight buzz. This article concentrates on the former.

The alcohol-free group can be categorized into mocktails, iced teas, and juices that contain a blend of the freshest herbs, fruits, veggies, and other ingredients.

They do a wonderful job of raising your energy levels and keeping you alert at all times. Here’s a look at 10 such tasty drinks that aren’t spiked.

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever

 Strawberry Fields Forever - Best Summer Drink

There are depictions of strawberries in romantic settings, but the fruit is actually neglected by many. They look great at the supermarket, on a shelf, in your fridge but they’re usually overshadowed by other cousins in the berry family.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s light, fruity fragrance when blended with a few more ingredients labels the ignored fruit into one of the top summer drinks.

Get a blender and dump 2 cups of fresh strawberries, three-quarter cups of water, generous amounts of ice (2 cups), a teaspoon of lime juice, and four tablespoons of sugar.

When you’re done, a pink-hued slushie awaits that needs to be garnished with sliced strawberries and lemons, and had right away.

  1. Iced-Tea With A Twist Of Lemon

Iced-Tea With A Twist Of Lemon

Refreshing drink recipes such as this is not only easy to make, but is loved by everyone. Buy some red tea from the grocery store and brew it as described on the instruction label. Once you’re done, add some honey to it, give the whole mixture a good mix and let it cool down.

Then take a pitcher and add some ice and lime juice before pouring the tea into it. Top it off with some club soda and a garnish of freshly-cut lime slices.

  1. Lavender Coconut Lemonade

Lavender Coconut Lemonade

What drink would come to your mind if someone were to ask you about summer drinks, non-alcoholic, and tangy? Lemonade, of course!

Well, now you are going to take the same classic from best summer drinks and transform it. Start off by taking one-and-a-half (approximately 9 lemons) cups of lime juice, 4 cups of water, 7 to 8 cups of coconut water, and one-and-three-quarter cups of sugar.

Put everything in a pitcher and shake vigorously until the sugar is dissolved. You can also use a blender do the same. Take some lavender extract and add it to the mix according to your taste.

  1. Lemonade Raspberry Spritzer

Lemonade Raspberry Spritzer

Fresh summer recipes for any occasion would be incomplete without a spritzer—a lemonade raspberry spritzer to be precise.

Begin preparing your spritzer by muddling four raspberries. Once you’re done, add a tablespoon of raspberry jam, and a blotch of limonata. Mix everything up, fill up your glasses with ice, pour the mixture, and garnish with mint, lemon slices, and lime juice.

  1. Thyme and Pineapple Iced Tea

Thyme and Pineapple Iced Tea

One of the best summer drinks that beats the heat every time is an iced tea. Well, not just any iced tea. What you’re witnessing here is an iced-tea loaded with the goodness of pineapples and the aroma of fresh thyme.

Get some green tea (about 8 bags) and 2 sprigs of thyme, and let them steep in hot water. You must stir the mixture every 4 minutes for the flavors to infuse. Let the mixture cool, and then pour into a pitcher containing freshly cut pineapples and cold water. Serve with ice and garnish with thyme and lemon.

  1. Fruit and Fizz

Fruit and Fizz Drinks

Beverage recipes for summer cannot get simpler than this. Fill your glass with ice to its brim and add two parts of club soda to it followed by one part of apricot nectar. Then garnish the entire drink with freshly sliced nectarines.

  1. Iced Tea and Apples

Iced Tea and Apples

Here’s another iced tea that beats other summer drink recipes by a mile. How do you begin? Well, with tea of course. 8 bags of hibiscus red or black tea that needs to be steeped in hot water. While it steeps, don’t forget to stir twice, every 4 minutes.

Once the mixture cools, add apple juice and cold water before adding lots of ice. Finally, garnish with sliced apples.

  1. Strawberry and Lemon v2.0

Strawberry and Lemon Drink

A strawberry and lemon mix is one of the best refreshing drinks which might require a little more investment of time and money than the other drinks on the list.

You’ll need to blend a cup of water, hulled strawberries, and lemon juice first. Then transfer the mix into a bowl and add 6 cups of cold water to it. Top it off with sliced strawberries and ginger ale.

  1. Reworked White Tea

Reworked White Tea

Cold drinks recipes that include white tea top the list because they’re soothing and good for health.

Take 4 white tea bags and let them sit in warm water until the extract cools down.

In another vessel, add half cup sugar to a cup of water and boil. Also, add 2 sprigs of tarragon to it after turning off the heat.

You should let the mixture be for a while the flavors of tarragon steep. Finally, add more tarragon syrup and serve with ice.

  1. Speckled Spritzer

Since its summer, cool drinks such as a spritzer with kiwis and lemonade are the way to go forward.

You’d want to start with 6 kiwis and three-fourth cups of sugar before blending them to a puree. Then take two cups of lemon juice with one cup of water and mix with the kiwi puree. Let the blend sit in the refrigerator until it cools down completely.

While serving, take half-cup of the kiwi blend and dunk it in the glass. Then fill it up with ice and pour seltzer water to fill up the glass.

Wrapping Up

A cool drink to make isn’t like rocket science anymore. You can get all the ingredients from a local store nearby.

Having said that, you always have the freedom to experiment because you never know what’s around the corner—you might be just an ingredient away from creating fantastic summer drinks.

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