Top 10 Best News Channels in India – 2021

The world of television media instigates people across the globe to walk alongside what every person or nation faces. A lot of factors determine the selection of the best news channels in India 2021 such as a state’s language preference, an individual’s choice of news segments, healthy debates, media coverage, minimum sensationalism, etc.


  • 10 Best News Channels in India
  • Best Hindi news channel in India
  • Most watched English news channel in India

The top news channels in Indian by TRP are based on the channels’ performances and their ability to reach people in the remotest corners of the country.

Over the last decade, Indian news industry witnessed a massive evolution of the live news due to the extreme propagation of the social media apps.

The rate at which viral videos are shared, news reach households and the hint of western practices in our daily lives enable us to participate in western cultures. Consequently, the news channels in India are a heterogeneous amalgam of western and eastern opinions.

Currently, channels like Zee News, NDTV India, and Aaj Tak are taking the Indian news portal by storm, each characterising itself with its unique media coverage.

Listed below are the top ten best news channels in India 2021 as observed by credible sources

  1. Aaj Tak News

Aaj-tak-news-channel best news channel in India

Aaj Tak news goes in the hall of fame for being one of the finest most-watched news channels in India.

The conspicuity of Aaj Tak’s success encouraged its owners to launch a 24-hour news programme that got plenty of time to cover local flavours, state dynamics, celebrity gossips, tech reviews and more.

After 11 months of launching the popular 24-hour news programme, it was awarded Best News Channel by the Indian news industry.

  1. Times Now News

Times Now News Channel top news channels in India by trp

Proudly declaring themselves as the most watched English news channel in India, Times Now harbors an innovative approach to Indian news. It is the abode of urbane viewers who wish to stay updated with the latest news and live debates.

Coleman & Company Limited is responsible for its inception, after which, the channel quickly secured the top positions as listed by TRP.

Previously hosted by one of the best news anchors in India, Arnab Goswami, the channel entertained international personalities such as Benazir Bhutto, Hamid Karzai, Hillary Clinton and more in the beloved programme, Frankly Speaking with Arnab.

Currently, Rahul Shivshankar is the editor-in-chief and anchor of the channel, honoring Goswami’s legacy.

  1. NDTV India News

NDTV India News Channel

NDTV India is one of those news channels in India that fulfilled citizens’ demand for an all-encompassing English news channel.

In a country like India where not one state sticks to a single language, keeping up with ethnicity and culture is a challenge.

Back in the 80s, NDTV revolutionized Indian news by not only covering local crimes and state dynamics in English but also emerging as one of the top debate shows in India.

  1. Zee News

Zee-News-Channel best Hindi news channel in India

Zee News is extremely popular among the Indian mass because of its thoughtful interpretation of the live news.

Founded in 1999, the channel has survived several allegations and controversies to emerge as one of the best Hindi news channels in India.

Functioning under Zee Media Corporation Ltd., Sudhir Chaudhary, the CEO and Mr. Subhash Chandra, the chairperson, it has pulled enterprise to great lengths in order to secure popular recognition.

Maintaining versatile news segments ever since its inception, Zee News has all the latest info about World Cup, world news and more.

  1. ABP News

ABP News Channel in India

Maintaining a clean slate ever since its emergence, ABP News continues to deliver authentic news coverage. Excelling in daily Hindi news live, ABP is revered as one of the oldest live tv channels that possess minimum corruption reports.

ABP News covers relevant government employment issues, local crimes, latest sports news and more.

Eminent personalities like Neha Pant and Dibang have further fueled it to be one of the most successful news channels in India.

  1. India Today News

India Today news Channel top debate shows in India

Previously known as Headlines Today, India Today under the TV Today Network, is the best English news channel in India 2021.

This 24-hour English news channel was launched in April 2003. Its sister channels Aaj Tak, Dilli Aaj Tak, Tez TV have contributed enough to its fast gaining popularity in the business world and current affairs.

The writer of 2014: The Election that Changed India, Rajdeep Sardesai is one of the most eminent figures in the franchise who is responsible for India Today being the most-watched English news channel in India.

  1. CNN News-18

CNN-News18 most watched news channel in India

Operating from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, CNN News-18 is comparatively new to the previously mentioned channels.

Its steady increase of followers leaves no doubt in the fact that it is one of the most successful news channels in India.

The channel has focused on diversifying its news segments, as seen in Face Off at 9, Late Night Edition, Epicenter @ 7 and more. The varied news coverage has secured its shows positions in the top 10 news shows in India.

  1. Republic TV News

Rebublic TV News Channel best news anchor in India

Republic TV was able to witness success because of the former anchor of Times Now, Arnab Goswami, a sensational TV personality.

Still in its baby years, as it was born in May 2017, Republic TV gained unrealistic success in a very short time portraying Goswami as the mouthpiece.

Securing 2.11 million impressions only within the first two weeks of its launching, it became the fastest-growing Indian TV channel.

Republic TV is known for its cheek by jowl competition with top English news channels in India like Times Now and India Today TV.

  1. India TV News

India-TV News Channel

India TV is one of the prime suppliers of the latest news in Hindi today.

Owned by enigmatic figures of Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan, India TV propels its career through top-notch investments with Mukesh Ambani, Fuse+Media and more.

Aap Ki Adaalat is the reason why the news channel has secured the top 10 position in several rankings.

  1. News X News

NewsX News Channel

One of the major contributors of News X’s eminence is its sister channels of The Sunday, The Guardian and India News.

With minimum media sensationalism, News X is one of the top news channels in India that covers relevant latest news.

From the favourite sport of cricket to Bollywood gossips, News X leaves no stone unturned when it comes to keeping the Indian citizens updated.

Wrapping up

News is the medium for the common people to be aware of what is going on in the society. But it is not limited to the update of an individual society but the entire world. It is the responsibility of the media industry to portray the unbiased and straight picture of the news in public.

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