Top 10 Best Furniture Companies (Brands) in India

If you are looking for new and innovative furniture designs, here are the top furniture brands in India. These are some of the best furniture companies catering to increasing demand by customers, offering new designs with options for large as well as smaller home spaces.

In bygone days, you would have to depend on your carpenter’s skills for a choice piece of wooden furniture. However, today, land areas are shrinking and people are opting for living in apartments built sky high. Equipping such apartments with fancy rose wood or teak wood is a pipe dream for most of us, due to the prohibitive costs.

Welcome to Online Furniture Shopping

The Indian furniture market is expected to cross $32 billion by the year 2019, according to the TechSci research. We are witnessing a steady increase in online furniture shopping through popular websites.

Enthusiastic young couples are reaching out for online Indian furniture, with many big players jumping into this sector. Online shops also offer many schemes and discounts that are pocket friendly when you buy furniture.

Top 10 Best Furniture Companies in India

Branded Furniture Solutions

This has opened up the doors for branded furniture solutions. There are less maintenance problems and it saves time, money and the bother. The home furniture online in India have solutions to fit all pockets and budgets.

You can also get them customized to suit your room decor after viewing the pieces at their exclusive showrooms. Let’s check out the high-quality furniture brands in India to see what the top 10 furniture manufacturers can offer.

10 Best Furniture Companies in India

  1. Damro – Number One Furniture Company in India

Damro – Number One Furniture Company in India

It is one of the best furniture brands in India. Today, there are several retail stores located all over the country along with an online site. At Damro, you can buy furniture for your office as well as your home.

There are options for solid wood furniture online, with sofas and recliners; beds and dining tables; desks and chairs and so on.

All of Damro’s furniture is created in their factories and you get free delivery and installation as well, along with a warranty for 5 years.

Website –

  1. Zuari – Among the Best Furniture Brands

Zuari Furniture - Number One Furniture Company in India

Zuari is a front-runner among the top furniture brands in India, offering exquisitely crafted furniture made from high quality material. The factory is located in Tamil Nadu.

Raw materials are imported from Germany and the UK, conforming to high standards and allowing easy mass production of a wide range of furniture options.

You can purchase a wide range of home furniture, including utility furniture like shoe racks; office furniture including workstations and storage’s as well as special projects for educational institutions or for export.

Check out the products and dimensions, the material and availability on their website. You can buy a furniture piece by locating a store in your city through the website of this best living room furniture brand.

Website –

  1. Durian – 10 Best Furniture Companies

Durian – Best Furniture Company in India

It is one of the high-quality furniture brands. Initially, the company only offered plywood, but now it has forayed into the world of aesthetic furniture making.

The most interesting part of Durian furniture is that it offers an ISO 9001; ISO 14001 certification along with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for its furniture. You can rest assured you have the best quality of furniture on your hands.

Website –

  1. Evok – Among Best Furniture Companies in India

Evok – Among Best Furniture Companies in India

Evok has a great online presence and is one of the best furniture manufacturers. You can check out the furniture designs available on the sofa manufacturers’ site. The company offers good discount vouchers and savings.

Furniture made from solid wood as well as engineered wood is available, so you’re sure to find one that fits your pocket, your style and the space available.

Website –

  1. Godrej Interio – Best Furniture Brand in India

Godrej Interio - top rated furniture manufacturers

Get the best quality of functional, stunning and contemporary designs for your home or corporate environments from one of the top furniture brands in India. You can have your smart office up and running within no time at all.

What’s more, their furniture is certified with GREENGUARD for various categories like Storage, Interiors, Home, Desking among others. You can browse online by category and check out the features.

Website –

  1. Usha Lexus Furniture – 10 Best Furniture Companies

Usha Lexus Furniture – 10 Best Furniture Companies

As with the other top brands, they offer all options for home and office, with modern as well as traditional designs of best quality furniture.

It is one of the leading players in the lifestyle market with more than 25 sprawling showrooms all over the country. It keeps up with both national and international furniture trends.

Website –

  1. Wipro Furniture – Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers

Wipro Furniture – Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers

It is a part of the Wipro Limited owned by FMCG group having branches in over forty countries all over the world. The corporate office is present in Bangalore.

Get competitive as well as high-end office furniture, like Benching; Cabin furniture; Partition systems; conference tables; Breakout zones furniture and other good quality furniture.

In fact, they can be considered the pioneers of open office architecture solutions in India. You can purchase furniture from their extensive dealer networks all over the country.

Website –

  1. IKEA – Top 10 Best Furniture Companies in India

IKEA - Top 10 Best Furniture Companies in India

One of the top-rated furniture manufacturers, the giant Swedish brand needs no introduction. It is unarguably the world’s largest furniture provider and is making an indelible mark in India as well.

They have their outlets at Hyderabad and Navi Mumbai and are planning one at Bangalore as well. There are plans to open 25 stores in various cities of India by 2025.

It also has a new AR app, the IKEA Place, which will forever change the way people buy furniture. You can visualize what your furniture looks like in your home, the street and so on.

Website –

  1. Nilkamal Ltd – High Quality Furniture Brand in India

Nilkamal Ltd - High Quality Furniture Brand in India

The furniture brand has a turnover of more than 700 crores a year. It offers molded furniture for offices and homes and is the world’s biggest manufacturer for molded furniture. There are stools, chairs, baby chairs, school benches, trolleys, racks available in various colors and designs.

Check out the official website to view details and features and make inquiries or just go to a local store located in your city.

Website –

  1. Hulsta – Best Solid Wood Furniture Companies

Hulsta - Best Solid Wood Furniture

The biggest factor going for Hulsta is that all the home furnishings are exclusively made in Germany offering timeless quality furniture with high-end furniture. There are many furniture showrooms in India having an exclusive tie-up with Hulsta, with sites present in top cities like Delhi; Mumbai; Chennai and Hyderabad.

However, the furniture cost could go up to Rs. 2 to 4 lakhs for the best sofa brands.  All home furniture is of top quality undergoing rigorous tests, setting a global benchmark for quality furnishings.

Website –

Wrap Up

India is not only a beautiful country, but also a very progressive one. It is not surprising that the Indian furniture market is replete with trending brands offering aesthetic furniture pieces within the country and even exporting them to all parts of the world.

Their top-quality furniture can be used in your homes as well as offices. Most of them are very competitive in prices and also offer eco-friendly features. With so many brand options, who will win the furniture market today? Do share your views on any other top furniture brands entrants in India.

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