Top 10 Best Beaches to Visit Around the World

Before we talk about the 10 best beaches around the world, you need to know what kind of a traveler you are.

Do you love wide open beaches with throngs of people around or do you find solace in secluded, isolated beaches, in a world of calm waters and serene shorelines? Whatever be your preference, a beach is ultimately a beach and once you get a load of these famous beaches, you will want to hit the coast right away.

What you will learn about the best beaches in the world?

A study found that about 180 million Americans make close to two billion visits each year to the beaches along the ocean, gulf region and inland areas, but there are several other beaches across the world that can help you not only relax and rejuvenate, but also come away with a different perspective on life.

Here are a few things you will learn when you visit some of the best beaches in the world:

  • You will broaden your horizons
  • You will get to know the locals and their lifestyle and culture
  • Each beach will have a different story, waiting to be unraveled
  • You learn to appreciate the raw beauty of nature

#1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia 10 best beaches around the world

A blue beach, turquoise waters, crystal clear skies, white sands and picture-perfect sunsets, you need to see it to believe it. This Indonesian island is every traveler’s paradise.

It conjures up perfect images that are definitely Instagram-worthy. As the land meets the water, you feel a bliss that is calming and rejuvenating.

#2. Shoal Bay, Antigua

Shoal Bay, Antigua best beaches in the world

If you are an adventure junkie and love to try out new stuff, the Shoal Bay is one of the best beach destinations around the world.

Sand that looks like icing sugar is all around this stretch.

You can also try your hand out at snorkeling or diving and when hungry after your escapades, there are amazing open-air restaurants around to satisfy your appetite.

#3. Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach, California best private beaches in the world

At first, you may think what use is a beach that is literally put together from years of dumped litter, but wait, before you jump to obvious conclusions.

The Glass Beach is the result of years of glass and pottery, broken down by the waves.

Today, jewel-like stones adorn this beach, making it part of the best beaches in the world that travelers can head to for a once in a lifetime experience.

#4. Oahu, Honolulu

Oahu, Honolulu Where are the best beaches in the world

This is one iconic beach that had to be added to our 10 best beaches in the world list.

There’s sand, there’s surfing and a whole lot of fun waiting to be explored here. It is said to be one of the best places to try your hand at surfing and we totally agree.

#5. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados best beach destinations around the world

If you are more of a free-spirit and love the rugged side of nature, the Bathsheba shoreline is sure to catch your fancy.

As one of the best beaches in the world, it is ideal for photographers as well as surfers looking to catch the perfect picture or ride that perfect wave.

#6. Harbor Island, Bahamas

Harbor Island, Bahamas the best beaches in the world

You can actually call it one of the best private beaches in the world. With sexy locals, amazing atmospheres and a sizzling vibe, it is ideal for a family as well as couple getaway.

The sun, breeze, palm trees and sand will certainly bring out the best in you, in more ways than one.

#7. Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Treasure Beach, Jamaica best beach holidays around the world

You will hit a jackpot heading to Treasure Beach. It six-mile coastline gives way to a number of coves, four of which are open to travelers.

Entering this wonderland will help you see why it makes for one of the best beach holidays around the world.

You can enjoy fishing, swimming and even snorkeling along these untouched shorelines.

#8. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico the best beaches of the world

If you ever face a dilemma and ask yourself, where are the best beaches in the world? You most certainly have to think about Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico.

Palm trees, lush vegetation, serene waters and a still lagoon, you will come home a fan of the place.

#9. Greenfield Beach, Australia

Greenfield Beach, Australia Beach lovers paradise

The beach is surrounded by a dense gum of trees and a small sandstone cliff. Beach lovers will truly love this place for its blue-green waters, mesmerizing environs and hippy vibe.

It is around 310 miles north of Hyams Beach.

You will fall in love with this one-of-a-kind beach as along with the other standard activities one would normally indulge in at the beach, you can also try bushwalking, bird watching and enjoy a beach side barbecue.

#10. Bora Bora, Polynesia

Bora Bora, Polynesia the best beaches around the world

Search for the best beaches in the world and you are sure to come across Bora Bora.

Sunbathe along the shore or swim the waters that have a color that resembles peppermint mouthwash while the breeze, sand and scintillating surroundings transport you into a magical world.

There are also beach resorts that surround the area. It is an ideal beach for a fun filled, romantic and memorable holiday.

To Sum Up

Although these beaches make up our top 10 best beaches to visit, there are many other coastlines waiting to be explored.

The best beach destination ultimately rounds up to your preferences and interests.

You can’t head to a beach that is bustling with life and energy, if you are someone who prefers their own company just as someone who loves people will feel deserted and bored in a place that is secluded from the world.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to a beach that boasts of white sand, blue waters and a balmy climate and do us a favor and refrain from asking: “Where can I find white sand beaches?

We have just listed out some of the best, but don’t stop at just these; after all, there is an entire world full of possibilities to explore and choose from.

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