The Top 10 Best Amusement Parks in the World

Today we are sharing our list of amusement parks around the world to help the theme park junkies plan their next visit.

Keep reading this article if you are looking forward to taking your family out for a trip to one of the best theme parks in the planet this summer.

Although most of the biggest theme parks in the world are concentrated in the United States, we have decided to provide you with a comprehensive list of amusement parks not just in the USA but from all over the globe.

10 Best Amusement Parks in the World

  1. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland - Top 10 Best Amusement Parks in the World

The first theme park to be built outside the USA, Tokyo Disneyland is without a doubt one of the best theme parks in the world.

Although it is modelled in the same style as Magic Kingdom or Disneyland, this park curiously isn’t owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Here you can explore 7 themed venues viz. the World Bazaar, Westernland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Mickey’s Toontown and Critter Country.

The best family theme park in Japan is remarkable for its vast open spaces capable of accommodating the huge crowd which regularly visits the park.

  1. Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark - best family theme parks in the world

Tivoli Garden, popularly known as Tivoli is the second oldest operating theme park in the planet.

One of the most important items in our list of amusement parks, Tivoli would offer you the feel of a vintage amusement park packed in with loads of modern thrills.

One of the best roller coaster parks in the continent, the original roller-coaster of Tivoli would take you for a mind-blowing ride through the Danish mountains.

  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando Florida

Disneys Animal Kingdom, Orlando Florida - top 10 biggest theme parks

This zoological theme park is not only the biggest amusement park of USA but also the largest theme park in the world.

Themed around nature and animal conservation, the massive complex of this park harbors 1700 animals of over 250 different species.

Some of the major areas of this park includes the Oasis, Discovery Island, Asia, DinoLand USA, Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Pandora and Africa.

  1. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park, Hong Kong - amusement parks around the world

Opened back in 1977, Ocean Park is the largest theme park in Asia and the thirteenth most visited theme park in the world.

A huge mountain divides this park into 2 areas- the Headland known as The Summit and the Lowland known as The Waterfront.

The aquarium, panda habitat, polar and rain-forest displays and the four gigantic roller coaster are some of the attractions which make it rank in our list of top ten amusement parks.

  1. Disneyland, California

Disneyland, California - best amusement parks in the us

No list of kids’ amusement parks can be complete without a mention of the best amusement park in the US.

Disneyland which opened back in 1955 is the only amusement park which was created under the direct supervision of Walt Disney.

One of the biggest amusement park in the world, Disneyland gets more visitors annually than any other theme parks around the world.

The must visit areas in Disneyland include Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Mickey’s Toontown, Critter Country and Tomorrowland.

One of the oldest rides in the park- Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the best amusement park rides you’ll ever experience.

  1. PortAventura World, Spain

PortAventura World - Spain - biggest theme park in the world

One of the best amusement parks in Europe, PortAventura has made it into our list of top theme parks because of its unparalleled theme park rides.

It features the Hurakan Condor one of the world’s best drop tower rides which provides you with a superb view from atop.

The Dragon Khan Roller coaster which comes with eight inversions has been voted as the world’s best roller coaster in several polls.

  1. Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania - American theme parks

If it is the amusement park rides you are after then make sure to visit this lovely park located in the beautiful country side of Pennsylvania.

One of the most pristine of all the American theme parks, Hersheypark with its unique selection of roller coasters draws in roller-coaster aficionados from all over the world.

Start your trip with the Skyrush the tallest and fastest roller coaster of this park which would take you down a whopping 200 feet drop through a number of spine tingling twists and turns.

Speed demons who are looking forward to go for a bit of adrenaline rush should definitely take a ride on the Storm Runner.

  1. Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea - top ten amusement parks

One of the most exciting fun parks of South Korea, Lotte World is also the planet’s biggest indoor theme park.

The outdoor park of Lotte World is known as Magic Island. Millions of dollars have been spent on recreating some of the top attractions of Disneyland.

The Pharaoh’s Fury and the Adventures of Sindbad are two rides which are definitely worth checking out.

  1. Europa Park, Rust Germany

Europa Park, Rust Germany - best roller coaster parks

The largest theme park of Germany and the second most visited amusement park of Europe, Europa Park is famous for its 13 roller-coaster rides and its globally themed areas.

The vast area of Europa Park with its high capacity roller coasters can accommodate up to 60,000 visitors per day.

One of the top theme parks of the continent, the European themed areas of the park are a sight to behold.

  1. Efteling Park, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Efteling Park, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands - largest theme park in the world

One of the best kids theme parks of the world, Efteling Park would bring to life all the primordial myths and lore.

The Baron 1898 drive coaster which takes the rider down a 90 degree drop of 123 feet is surely the most popular ride in this park.

The quaint and immersive rides of Fairytale Forest and Droomvlucht are worth checking out.

Wrapping it up

We had to leave out many important amusement parks from our list of top 10 amusement parks in the world or else the list would have been endless.

Now that you know about the best theme parks in the planet its’ time for you to book your stay in any one of the top 10 theme parks.

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